Deadfall: Darkness Descends

18 Jul

DEADFALL- Darkness Descends (Cover)

Deadfall is a band management company in the UK representing Alternative/Gothic/Electronic bands and artists from all over the world. Deadfall started in January 2013 with the aim to help bands with promotion, booking gigs, and finding them the right record/distribution deal. Currently their roster has over 20 bands from all over UK/Europe and as far as USA, Costa Rica and Argentina.

In a very short time, Deadfall decided to put together a free compilation, under the title “Darkness Descends”, in order to help the bands of their roster gain more promotion.

As reviewing each and every track of a compilation would have no point, we decided to present each band and give you the links to download this compilation as well as visit their websites…

  • Cryogenica’s “Dying a Little Death” is the opening track. Cryogenica is a 3 piece London-based, electro-rock band formed in 2006. So far they have three releases that you can order directly from their WEBSITE.
  • Salvation AMP is a German band Gothic Rock band. Their track “Stormclouds” that follows, is taken from the album “Hidden Faces”. You can read about this album HERE or visit the band’s BANDCAMP.
  • The third track of this compilation is “Zodiac Mind” by Dawn Of Oblivion. A long standing Swedish Gothic Metal band with many releases. You can read about them HERE  or get in touch with them directly HERE
  • Grooving In Green’s “King Mediocre” is taken from the band’s album “Stranglehold”, released in 2012. You can read about this album of this English band, HERE and visit the band’s site HERE.
  • Last Dusk comes from Costa Rica, and “Evocation” is taken from their EP “Trismegistus”. You can find a review HERE and get their EP HERE.
  • The Drowning Season is a Baltimore, Maryland, gothic rock band formed in 2000. So far they released 2 EPs and 3 albums that you can order from their WEBSITE. Their track is titled “Tomorrow’s Gone”.
  • Aeon Sable is a German duo whose debut album is still fresh and is titled “Per Aspera Ad Astra“. You can find their website HERE. The track on this compilation is titled “Dancefloor Satellite (Reactive Black Nemesis Remix by Rotten)” and my guess is this is a special remix for this digital release.
  • The next track is also a remix especially for “Deadfall: Darkness Descends”. It is titled “In Dreams We Trust (Rat Mix)”. The band is New Zero God from Greece and you can find details about them HERE. You can order their releases from the following LINK.
  • A strong dose of electronic sounds and distorted guitars await for the listener on the next one. The Arch were formed in Belgium in 1986 and you can read all about them HERE.  Their track is titled “Kafkaia” and you can always go HERE to follow them.
  • One more band from London follows. The Faces of Sarah and their track “Misery Turns”. The band was formed in 1999, had a number of releases out and opened for bands such as The Mission, NFD, Theatres des Vampires and Killing MirandaYou can follow them by visiting their website HERE.
  • Amnesia” is the title of the band Erato that follows. This is the second band of the compilation, that comes from Belgium. The band was formed in 1993 and since then, they released four albums. Their website is HERE.
  • London based Global Citizen, that follows, finished 2011 on a high with big profile slots supporting genre heavyweights KMFDM and Front 242 in London and winning ‘Best Album‘ for their second long play release Nil By Mouth (Glory & Honour Records) in the 2011 Awards. They were formed in 1999 , and during 2012 the band raise their profile performing at festivals the likes of Dark Waters, Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT), Spiders Web, DV8Fest and Whitby Goth Weekend (WGW), as well as further high profile support slots with Cruxshadows, Seabound, Sulpher and ToyahTheir song is titled “Don’t Make It Slow” and this is the link to their official WEBSITE.
  • We wrote about Last July HERE. Their track is the one that closes this compilation and it is titled “Deadfall”. Their WEBSITE can keep you informed about their activities.

As you can realize all these bands are keeping themselves busy with live shows and releases, making “Deadfall: Darkness Descends”, a starting point for those who are curious about today’s Gothic scene.

The artwork is by Nay Rabenschwarz and you can download the whole compilation for free (or name your own price) from HERE.

To book any of these bands get in touch with Deadfall at:

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