Soror Dolorosa – No More Heroes

24 Jul

soror dolorosa pic

Soror Dolorosa is a post-punk band from France that was formed in 2001.

Their debut EP was titled “Severance” (2009) and their first full length album followed under the title “Blind Scenes” (2011).

No More Heroes” is their new album, released in 2013.
According to them, “In a glance to the Strangler’s No More Heroes’ album out in 1977, Soror Dolorosa gave this title to this release because of a certain detail appearing on the photo session Andy Julia (Vocals) made for the cover Art, where a badge with No More Heroes appears on an old leather jacket…

The album opens with an excellent post-punk track titled “Silver Square”.
“Silver Square” is a song that could be written in the early 80’s although the powerful chorus brings us to the 00’s thanks to the distorted guitars of Nicolas Mons.
This is one of the best tracks of the album.

Sound & Death” confused me a little as the guitar work reminded me of Chris Isaak’s sound on “Wicked Game”. There is a touch of Americana here. It’s a nice ballad with Andy Julia singing with passion every single word.

In the same mood and with a well crafter dreamy guitar is “Dany” that follows.
The guitar melodies work very well with the vocals creating a soundscape of pain and desertation.

Figure Of The Night” present us with the Gothic Rock side of the band.
As the song progresses, it becomes obvious that Soror Dolorosa are mostly interested in melodies that would help the vocals show.
This is a band that uses the guitars and the vocals as a lethal weapon while drummer Frank Ligabue and bassist Hervé Carles are staying behind, providing the basics.

Hologram” is the best example. A down tempo, a lament and an aggressive guitar that bites likes a snake at places.

Motherland” comes to drag out the listener from the darkness of “Hologram” and bring things to light.
It works perfectly as if it was following any other song it wouldn’t have the effect it has now.

A psychedelic beginning and down to the “Wormhole” we go.
Dreamy guitars, mid tempo, far away from Gothic Rock and post-punk, the band experiments with different music genres.

A powerful song follows, titled “A Dead Yesterday” that mixes 90’s melodies with 80’s bass lines and a nice guitar solo played with bottle neck.

The track “Exodus” closes the album.

“No More Heroes” proves that Soror Dolorosa can’t be pigeonholed.
This is a band that is constantly experimenting with different rock genres and one should listen to them with open ears and mind.

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