Stereo Juggernaut – Disco Smack

25 Jul


Stereo Juggernaut are three Londoners whose aim is to disturb your ears as well as your consideration about music. First, you must bypass the Daft Punky cover; there is no option for glossy beats and vocoders. Stereo Juggernaut are playing the drums, the guitars and the keyboards.

Then you have the content. So you think you can come to a conclusion after listening to “Defeated by the Sea” about another industrial band which sticks raw riffs on obsessive keyboards.

Next is “Sign in and Out” which could indeed come out from HIM’s playlist but not. This band is not made to decorate teen girls’ rooms.

December Came” starts as a dark winter theme and develops to a nu metal piece, enough to make Linkin Park jealus.

Fallen” sounds like the blues played by andorids with vocals that penetrate your speakers, “In the Night” recalls the NWOBHM and finally “Fade Away” is a tearful ballad, perfect for Saturday night lonely strolls.

Confused eh? Well, that is what Stereo Juggernaut had in mind when making “Disco Smack“. And that is what makes them special.

You can download the album HERE

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