Don Campau – Just Passing Through

27 Jul


Don Campau holds a very special place in the underground scene.

He is a musician since 1969, he is a radio host since the early 80’s and he is mentioned in wikipedia as one of the hundreds of American artists who “…recorded numerous albums available only on cassette throughout the late ’80s and well into the ’90s.” (click HERE to read about the Cassette Culture)

Well, Don still composes and releases his own music on CDs. You can either download them for free or buy them from HERE.

He took part in the documentary “Grindstone Redux” (click HERE for more information) and his radioshow “No pigeonholes” is open to all musicians (click HERE to listen to his show).

All this activity got him in touch with a vast number of musicians and friends…

Last year he released the album “The Best of Don Campau Vol. 2 (2000-2009)” and now he returns with a new one, titled “Just Passing Through”.

A number of very interesting people are helping him on this album, such as Bryan Baker on drums, guitar, bass (he is best known as the publisher of GAJOOB, a little zine and website about the art of homemademusic and the people around the world making it. He also helped start Tapegerm, which is a community of artists collaborating on music by exchanging source files online.)

Barry Phillips plays the cello, mandolin and takes care of the mixing on “Secret Shoes”. (Barry has an astonishing list of releases featuring the 3-cd set “SHANKARAGAMALA – students of Ravi Shankar” that was produced by him under the direction of Ravi Shankar). Click HERE for Barry Phillips.

Arzathon (Ralf “Gypsy” Bevis) took care of the music production of the funky flavored song “Sinking Down”. (Arathon is an original and complex audio sculpted psychedelic project founded during the 80s by Ralf ‘gypsy’ Bevis, founder of Rodent Tapes. Some pieces are heavily influenced by early krautrock infectious grooves but the whole musical signature consists of audio sculpted psychedelic electronic epics covered by harmonized acid rockin dynamics. Largely improvised and dangerously lysergic sounding experience.)

Robin O’Brien is doing the back vocals on “Prepare This Heart (For Reaping)” (you can read about her solo album “The Apple in ManHERE).

Robin has a new album too. We will write about it one of the next day…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information about Greg Gray, Joe Menichetti, Al Scheller and Chris Campau.

“Just Passing Through” starts with the punk rock track “I’m Here” (Campau featured it on his last album too) and closes with the ambient track “Just Passing Through” and its romantic lyrics.
In between there are 12 hard rock and electronica songs as well as jazz ballads.
The album is professionally mastered with handmade, handstamped covers.

I believe this is Don Campau’s best release.

Click HERE for this album or click HERE to visit Don’s bandcamp.


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