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TBP – Universe of Emotions


You’ve got hard rock for the masses. You’ve got hard rock for domestic use. You’ve got hard rock for the charts. You’ve got hard rock for the grey ponytail haired guys who follow the Scorpions around the globe. But you’ve also got hard rock that gives you butterflies in your stomach and can transport you better than a jumbo jet.

And that’s the kind of hard rock/heavy metal TBP are digging into. This is the personal project of Mario Contarino who is a drum addict from Rome and leads the band from his desktop due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. That doesn’t stop him from composing groovy and dreamy instrumental tunes. Sometimes flirting with progressive, TBP have enough stock of talent to take you through a journey accompanied by colossal riffs, virtuoso solos, and exquisite melodies.

Universe of Emotions” corresponds perfectly to it’s title. Get on board and enjoy the trip..

For more on TBP, you can follow them here at Facebook and Spotify.

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New Zero God announces new release

coming soonThe forthcoming New Zero God limited-edition release will be a multicolored 7” vinyl single and will be titled “Destination Unknown” … More info coming soon!

(© 2013, Photo by Georges Lab | Artwork by Dimitri Steves)

Recorded at “The Rat” and engineered by Panos Rat Christoforou, the band recently wrapped up production at Zoom Recordings with sound engineer Chris Manolitsis. Chris worked as a sound engineer with the Flowers Of Romance on the “Dorian Grey” album and the “Love Means Death” EP.

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The Drowning Season – Drum Machines and Amphetamines

It is hard being a musician nowadays. Music costs an arm and a leg and doesn’t pay enough.

On the other hand, it is even more difficult to do what you please and take the bad feelings out of your system.

There is a special feeling when you’re on stage, when you record a new song, when you drive to the other side of the country with your bandmates just to meet new friends and old fans to play your songs for them.  It’s true, there is a lot of shit in this so called “show-business”, but there’s also a healing side to it.

And time matters.
The longer you do it, the more you get.
It is not about the money, it is about your soul.

I suppose The Drowning Season falls into this category.  A gothic rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2000.

Their latest album, “Drum Machines and Amphetamines” was released in 2011, following their releases “Six Hollow Perfect Things” (EP), “Hollow” (album – 2002), “New Disease” (EP) and “Curse” (album – 2009).

Throughout the years, The Drowning Season opened for bands such as The Mission (UK), The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Gene Loves Jezebel, Stromkern, The Azoic, Assemblage 23, and many more.

They travelled to Philadelphia, Chicago, and New Orleans to perform on stage.

On “Drum Machines and Amphetamines” Matt Slowikowski (vocals, programming), Michael “Chewka” Marchewka (guitars), and James Bahleda (bass) present us with pure guitar-driven gothic rock.

Resurrection” opens the album, without hiding the band’s intentions for powerful guitar riffs and ghost stories about past relationships.  Although one could say that Matt Slowikowski’s singing on this album, is heavily influenced by Wayne Hussey of the Mission, “Resurrection” is not one of those songs…

The Visitor” finds guitarist Michael “Chewka” Marchewka playing a guitar riff on the edge of heavy rock while on “Rage of Angels” the band is more focused on their old school goth roots (the keyboards help a lot with the atmosphere of this track).

Returning to the rockier side of the band, Marchewka comes up with a very nice guitar riff on “Isolation” only to be gradually softened by the keyboards which give a haunting touch to the song. One of the best tracks of the album.

Dust Till Dawn”, that follows, gives a nice idea of the lyrical atmosphere of the album: “Fallen angels standing guard / Drift off to sleep as heaven falls hard / Never knowing the world they had was gone / Throwing halos, never caught…

Hair Bender” and “Absolution”, both raw and aggressive, make their point, while on “Shade” the band reveals an 80’s musical background influenced by the English goth scene.

The last two songs of the album are “Another World” and “Crossroad”.  The first one leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, as it is supposed to do, while “Crossroad” is a pure gothic rock track.

A couple of things I’d like to mention here:

– I find it interesting that most of the songs have a length of about 2.30 to 3.30 minutes (only the opening track is 4.40).

– Instead of long intros, interludes, and all the tricks other goth bands use to make a song longer, The Drowning Season are rockier, straight forward, and radio friendly.

– Michael “Chewka” Marchewka is not the typical gothic rock guitar player and he throws many different guitar styles into his melting pot, so don’t expect to listen to any Sisters/Mission/Nephilim copy-cut.  He uses a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a lot of other ingredients.

All in all, “Drum Machines and Amphetamines” is an interesting album and we are waiting for their new EP “Tomorrow’s Gone”…

You can visit their official site HERE.

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Les Fleurs du Mal – Concrete Ravings


Les Fleurs du Mal is a Swedish dark/new wave band formed back in 2009 by Alex and August Grim. Though, they don’t percieve dark music the Scandinavian or the central European way. They follow the british heritage, emphasising the melodies rather than the compositions’ atmosphere. In terms of lyrics, you’ll vainly search for fallen angels, broken hearts and chilly forests; they prefer to talk about politics and personal deadlocks and they proudly gain a place next to the Astronauts and the Chameleons.

Concrete Ravings” is their first full length attempt after one ep and two digital maxi singles all by Malicious Release. Eleven tunes that take you back to pure guitar melodies and strong and steady basslines with straight and raw vocals bared from tenor lines and echoes.

No, it’s not a trip with your time machine. It is rather a reminder that positive punk is alive and kicking. Enjoy!

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An interview with Nine Day Decline


Nine Day Decline is a fresh name in the post-punk goth scene. Since their formation in 2012 they have recorded several tracks live in the studio and have toured across the UK. The Nine Day Decline trio consists of Baz Dedhevan – vocals/bass (Dead Heaven/Sputnik 2/Counting the Mad/Shadowplay), Steve Williams – guitar (Altered States/All Living Fear/Christian Death/Section 3), and Mark Walledge – drums ((Dead Heaven/F.O.C/Tuesday Painters/Other Victorians).

Baz Dedhevan talked to us about the present and the future of Nine Day Decline:

You all have a long history in the post-punk goth scene with bands such as Dead Heaven, Altered States, All Living Fear and others, however those projects seemed to be short-lived. I hope that Nine Day Decline are here to stay.

All of those bands exist or existed in their own right.  Their longevity will hopefully live on beyond their formation.  I can only really comment on Dead Heaven, which ran for nearly 13 years before it’s hiatus. I believe that the 3 of us all hope that NDD will run it’s natural course and not burn out prematurely.

What new are NDD striving to bring to the scene?

I’m not sure if it’s a case of bringing something new to the scene.  In my opinion, we are taking the postpunk goth sound back to it’s initial state, a kin to what Bauhaus, Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Banshees did in the late 70’s/early 80s.  Anything new will be a result of our years of experience and learning.  Essentially, it’s a very British sound, unlike the bastardised nu-metal goth with it’s U.S. tinges, and as a 3 piece band, there’s only so much we can do, but we aim to do it to our full ability.


I think you really enjoy playing live. How important are live performances to you?

We’ve played 6 shows so far this year, and I believe that the live setting is where we shine.  The chemistry and sheer power of our sound HAS to be experienced live, for that’s where the passion and emotion shows it’s true face.  Each of the gigs has been very different to that last, each one an event in it’s own right. Blood sweat and tears, as the theory goes.

Are you planning a release soon?

We’ve recently recorded a “100% live” session in the studio, and these songs are currently being used to help spread the word of NDD, in the form of promo videos, and tracks to appear on podcasts and internet radio.  We will no doubt be recording the debut album soon, and hopefully capture the raw emotional energy of our live performance.

Watching “Fall from Grace” I liked the gimmick with “Lucretia” at the end of the song. You have also covered “The Fan & the Bellows” by the Chameleons. What other bands have influenced you?

Ha ha ha! That ‘gimmick’ was initially used with humour, but by the time we performed our debut gig, it remained as the closing part of the show. It may stay, it may not.  We’ve also covered “Lowlife” by Altered States in our set, to pay respect to the band as pioneers of “smashed up” music.  Comparisons are bound to be drawn, but we strive to deliver something heartfelt, albeit familiar.  We wear our influences like a crown of thorns. Personally, it’s not certain bands that influence my writing, most of my lyrics are based on people that I know, situations I’ve been in, or maybe just a sentiment that I’m feeling.  The music comes from sparks, usually thrown in by Steve, which we jam and then arrange as a structured piece.


Things in the music industry are not easy, especially for newcomers. In what way does it affect a band’s future?

It’s hard to say at the moment. To be honest, we’ve found it pretty easy so far. Gig offers are flooding in, and we’re trying to commit to as many as we possibly can (personal lives permitting).  There’s an abundance of good bands on the live scene to do shows with, so we’re really spoilt for choice at the moment.  We are trying to remain self-sufficient, with no external management/promotion team dictating our path.

As far as I know, you are making the most of the social media to spread the message. Does it really help to come closer to new fans and audiences?

It is essential, totally.  Social networks have become the quickest, easiest, and most successful means for promoting a band, and letting people know about shows/releases.  The world is a tiny place now.  For example, in our ‘followers’, we have reached the U.S, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Greece and so on, and it’s still early days.  The UK remains our main stomping ground, but it’s great to know that our music has travelled around the world.

Tell us about the band’s future plans. I guess they include more live shows.

Yes, more live shows, and hopefully we’ll secure some higher profile support slots (we’re chasing a few at the moment). Also, the possibility of travelling abroad has been mentioned, so we’ll see where that takes us. Recording the debut album is a must.  We need to document these songs before we move on to the future set.  In the main, we will hopefully continue to develop as a band, and continue to spread our name and music to as many people as will listen.

Thank you very much Baz for the interview!

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Jon Brookes dies age 44

main_jon brookes

Charlatans drummer, Jon Brookes died yesterday August 13 age 44. He was following treatment for brain tumor in hospital.

Brookes was diagnosed with brain tumor after collapsing on stage in Philadelphia, three years ago that lead to the cancellation of the rest of their tour. Last month the band stated that he had recovered well from a second surgery.

He was a founding member of the Charlatans.

This is the second time mourns the loss of a member after keyboardist Rob Collins died in a car accident in 1996.

Rest in peace Jon Brookes…


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Nine Inch Nails – Lollapalooza 2013 (full concert)

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Robin O’Brien – Dive into the End of the World


There are hundreds of female singers/songwriters in the music industry but I bet that only a few are as important as Robin O’Brien. This lady loves music with passion and she sounds so devoted to her melodies that you believe she would barely breath away from them.

You have to go back at least two decades to the No Wave movement to find such passion and recall names like Lydia Lunch, Liz Phair or perhaps Cindy Dall. But what makes O’Brien different is that she is not intrenched into a specific style. Although she shows a preference for folk music by both sides of the Atlantic, she doesn’t hesitate to amplify her guitars for what we fools say, alternative rock. All mantled by a sweet and wonderful voice, so lyrical that sounds like existing from the beginning of time. An expert of home recording, she can entrap the warmness even through the cables of her pc.

Dive into the End of the World” is an album that will soften your mornings and sweeten your evenings. You won’t literally dive into the end of the world, you will dive into a dreamy world of magic and calmness instead.


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