Robin O’Brien – Dive into the End of the World

01 Aug


There are hundreds of female singers/songwriters in the music industry but I bet that only a few are as important as Robin O’Brien. This lady loves music with passion and she sounds so devoted to her melodies that you believe she would barely breath away from them.

You have to go back at least two decades to the No Wave movement to find such passion and recall names like Lydia Lunch, Liz Phair or perhaps Cindy Dall. But what makes O’Brien different is that she is not intrenched into a specific style. Although she shows a preference for folk music by both sides of the Atlantic, she doesn’t hesitate to amplify her guitars for what we fools say, alternative rock. All mantled by a sweet and wonderful voice, so lyrical that sounds like existing from the beginning of time. An expert of home recording, she can entrap the warmness even through the cables of her pc.

Dive into the End of the World” is an album that will soften your mornings and sweeten your evenings. You won’t literally dive into the end of the world, you will dive into a dreamy world of magic and calmness instead.


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