Joy/Disaster – Broken Promises

02 Sep

joy disaster pic

Joy/Disaster is a French quartet from Nancy, formed in 2005 as a post-punk outfit.

Their releases J.D. (2006), “Staygatow” (2010), “Primary Care” (CD,EP – 2011), “Sickness” (CD – 2012) and their constant stage presence with a strong fan base gathered around them in a lot of countries around France and, lately, in Latin America.

Their new album is titled “Broken Promises” due to be released on October 4, 2013.

Combining elements of punk rock and hard rock, Joy/Disaster managed to produce a great album that holds its best song for closing the album, a ballad titled “Day of Funerals”.

The first single of the album goes by the title “Broken Promises”, balancing between alternative and heavy rock with a dance feel to it.  However, “Black Flag” was the first song I listened to when the band posted a video of the song on YouTube.  It’s a catchy tune with powerful guitars and a nice hook to it.  These two tracks, along with “Angels” that opens the album, are the ones closest to Joy/Disaster’s post-punk roots.

From that point on, Nico (Guitars & Lead Vocals), Simon (Guitars & Backing Vocals), Soupa (Bass & Backing Vocals), and Julien (Drums), add some more heavy rock elements to the melting pot.  I guess they followed a certain strategy during the album production, so that the listener will slowly get into their heavier tunes.

Paradise” holds the first sonic attack with hard rock rhythm guitars and hard rock drum kicks.  “Desperate” has a U.S. influence to it and it changes from calm psychedelic verses to hard aggressive choruses till the final outbreak of a galloping rock beat.

The track that follows, “My Dirty Bride”, is a mixture of ‘70’s punk rock with hard rock thanks to a guitar hook the band uses instead of a guitar solo.

The band’s mood changes, visiting again their post-punk roots on the songs “Poltergeist” and “Recycle Bean”.

Where is God” is another beautiful tune that takes us to the closing track, “Day of Funerals”. My favorite one, as already mentioned…

“Broken Promises” is a well produced album full of melodies, well-crafted guitar and bass lines, as well as excellent drum rhythms.  This is an album that can be appreciated by fans of different rock genres as it can’t be pigeonholed.

Keep a note for the release date of the album: October 4, 2013.

The band is set to tour from October/November and onwards…

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