The House Of Usher – Reincarnation

26 Sep

The House Of Usher is a German Gothic Rock band formed in 1990 by Jörg Kleudgen and Markus Pick.

coverTheir catalogue of releases is huge:
1993: Relic (Split Single), Black Sunday (MCD)
1994: Stars fall down (CD)
1996: Succubus(MCD), Zephyre (CD)
1997: Earthbound (MCD)
1998: To sow a storm (Vinyl Single), Black Sunday Chronology (CD)
1999: Cosmogenesis (CD), Cerebral Darkness (off. Bootleg CD)
2000: Burning Gates (Split Single), An Eve with Discord (off. Bootleg CD)
2002: Inferno / L’enfer (CD), Engrammaton (off. Bootleg CD)
2004: Hegemony (Split Single), Il Canto dell’Oscurità (off. Bootleg CD)
2005: Sanctuary (Split Single), Radio Cornwall (CD)
2007: Conspiracy (Split Single), When our Idols fall
2009: Angst
2010: Necrologio (DVD)
2011: Dark Prophecy (Free Single), Pandora’ s Box, Awake at Mercurian Dawn

Last time we mentioned Jörg Kleudgen was on the All Hallows Eve post.

Now The House Of Usher return after many line-up changes, with the single “Reincarnation” ( “I Won’t let It End (The Wedding Dance)” as a b side).
This single is a limited to 500 vinyl copies edition and can be ordered directly via Equinoxe-Records for 10,- Euros (shipping within Germany) and 12,- Euros (shipping abroad). Shipping and packaging is included in the prices. Orders can be made in dropping an e-mail to:

“Reincarnation” is a wonderful song with a catchy chorus, Missionesque guitars and aetherial vocals.
B-side, “I won’t Let it End” is a dreamy dancy tune made to take the listener to a distant land.

“Reincarnation” gives an idea about what will follow on the band’s forthcoming full length album, “Inauguration”.

Apart from singer Jörg Kleudgen, Tom O’Connell (Traumtanzer/Garden of Delight) on guitars and keyboards (who also mixed, produced and mastered this release) and Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde) on drums and bass.

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