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The Daughters of Bristol – The Leaving

coverThe Daughters of Bristol are a goth rock band founded in 2002 and based in Seattle, Washington. The group’s only main stay members are Joseph Ronin (vox, guitars, bass & programming) and Edward Nicholas (guitars, bass & programming). Aaron Brown (guitars, bass & programming) joined them in 2009.

The group has released 5 studio recordings: “Voyage” (EP – 2005), “Jones Hall” (Album – 2007), “Woman at the Side” (EP – 2009), “Holts Summit” (EP – 2010), “The Ave” (Album – 2012) and their new single, “The Leaving” is out today, just in time for the Halloween.

The Daughters of Bristol were featured on various music compilations, and their song “Dance Among The Dead” was played in the independent movie “Haunt”.

“The Leaving” comes in three different versions. The A side, the extended version and a rough acoustic version.

If you enjoyed the previous releases of the band, prepear yourselves to find them experimenting with a slightly different music style…

With its catchy hook on the keyboards, “The Leaving” is a sweet new wave diamond that could find its place next to bands such as Bell Hollow or B-Movies.

An excellent choice for lovers of new wave.

You can find it here.

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A Place To Bury Strangers live _19_10 @Fuzz Club (Supporting Act: Bambara)


When God decides about the apocalypse, he will use sound material from this gig. Both bands have an orgasmic relationship with noise and their gigs turn up to be more chaotic than the universe at its first days.

Bambara is the band that A Place To Bury Strangers demanded to support them in their tour. Their sound is slightly psyhedelic with post punk touches, sometimes bringing to mind the Swans. They are heavy, raw and savage and this can be confirmed by the broken snare drum of their drummer Blaze Bateh just in the middle of their third song. Aren’t those enough to convince that they are the next big thing for noise rock?


APTBS released a mini-lp covering Dead Moon, called “Strange Moon” exclusively for the record store day, but apart from a couple of songs, their performance was basically a flashback to their first two albums. “Keep Slipping Away“, “Missing You” and “I Lived my Life to Stand in the Shadow of your Heart” tend to be live favourites and those who’ve seen APTS on stage know why…


Oliver Ackermann’s guitar suffered enough not to make the whole gig, both guitar and bass massive pedals were working in full, completed by a stunning light show. This band was born to play live and this is confirmed by the unstoppable tours every year since their fist lp. Can’t wait for their next live around…

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New Zero God – Destination Unknown Single (Digital)


New Zero God are back with a new single today, eleven months after the release of their second album “MMXIII”. The single is called “Destination Unknown” with “Forever Today” as a b-side.

“Destination Unknown” is a melodic post-punk piece with raw beats and dreamy guitar melodies togged by vocalist Mike Pougounas‘ lyrical spins.

“Forever Today” is a bit more atmospheric with catchy riffs and steady vocals which could also stand as an AA side.

The single will be released on vinyl sometime until the end of the year, so for those who can’t wait you can find it HERE

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Arcane Winter – Radiate EP

Arcane Winter - Radiate (EP 2013-1007) - Front CoverAfter the release of “Cold Europe”, Arcane Winter returns with a second digital EP titled “Radiate”.

6 post-punk tracks that carry the wisdom the band members, gained through their years of experience with their former bands.

Guitarist Trevor Bamford was founder of the bands Every New Dead Ghost, and Midnight Configuration. He also has a side project called Death Party UK.

Bassist Nick Hopkinson was a Midnight Configuration member and he also played with the Realm and Lupine.

Charley Perkins was playing the drums for the bands Three Second Rule, Uncle Vulgar, an early punk band The Tribe and a punk covers band The Skanx.

Singer Piers Sixx was in a band called DeadBlackWhite and has been on the last few Midnight Configuration albums as a keyboard player.

iTreason” that opens the EP has a strong flavor of the early 80’s. Guitars that are influenced by the early Killing Joke albums and lyrics attacking the political system of the UK.

A Star In The West” continues with its haunting and electrified atmosphere while lyrically it is dealing with English occultist and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley.

Now this is where mysticism and political messages begin to mix. On “Arise and Decline” , while Bamford, Hopkinson and Perkins create a soundscape of tensed rythms and distorted guitars with reverb Sixx merges the international political situation with the part that Priests played in it and God’s absence.

Flirting with industrial, “Kerosene” has an hypnotic feel to it. Reverbed snare drums, mid tempo, the bass creates a wall of sound, the guitar stays in the background while the lyrics are dealing with the politics…

Wolf In The Ship Fold” follows with its catchy guitar riff. I find this track to be my favorite one maybe cause it has a Southern Death Cult touch. Is it the guitar riff that gives me this impression? I am not sure…

Last track of this EP is titled “Horsefly”. This is the most aggressive song of this release. Since there is a video clip, there is nothing to be said about the track, so I am posting it here.

Arcane Winter is a post-punk/goth band from Nottingham having been dubbed “gothic grand guinol“. They mix traditional positive punk political attitudes with a gothic sensibility to sublime effect.

You can order this release from iTunes or from the band’s site

The band’s debut EP, Cold Europe, is available through Amazon and iTunes

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Digital Angel – Affirmation of Life


Once you search for Digital Angel in the web, you will come across a company which trades applications and digital games. It is unknown if this band from Poland took its name from but it fits perfectly to the music these six guys do. Digital for the heavy synth interference and their influences like the Sisters of Mercy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant etc, and Angel for the atmosphere.

Affirmition of Life” is their second album, after 2010’s debut “On the Side of the Angels“. Their two guitars are responsible for the wall of sound that leads directly to the Fields of the Nephilm and the Sisters in their stadium rock era. Keyboards bring balance to the sonic outcome and transfer it back to the present where dark music claims a place in the dance hall.

What you get with this lp is gothic rock nostalgia and contemporary body movement. Two things that Digital Angel are doing good.

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New Model Army – Between Dog and Wolf

New Model Army was formed in 1980 in Bradford, Yorkshire by singer/writer/guitarist Justin Sullivan, drummer Phil Tompkins (who left within a few months), and bassist Stuart Morrow.

AlbumArt_{6CB17694-50E7-4F0F-BEB2-766A41A908BA}_LargeIt is necessary to mention here that the band’s main influences were Punk Rock and Northern Soul, among others.

Thirty-three years, 13 studio and 6 live albums, numerous singles and EPs, as well as 5-6 New Model Army compilations later, the band returns with their long-awaited new album titled “Between Dog and Wolf”.

Keeping their promise for something ‘very different’, the new album discovers new musical paths for the band using folk, punk, and northern soul elements, atmospheric soundscapes, and many other surprises for the listener.

“Between Dog and Wolf” was mixed by Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens Of The Stoneage, Bad Religion, and Soundgarden) in Los Angeles.

First thing’s first:  For this album, drummer Michael Dean uses a custom built aluminum drum kit.  It not only gives a great “clean” sound to the recording but it also, because of this new drum sound, looks like Dean explores lots of interesting new rhythms which give a touch of World music to the album.  “Qasr El Nil Bridge” is one of those songs with its strong Middle Eastern flavor (this bridge connects downtown Cairo to Gezira Island and the Zamalek district – Egypt) mixed with an Andalusian flamenco atmosphere.

On this album, bassist/multi-instrumentalist Ceri Monger replaced Nelson who left the band for personal family reasons.

“Between Dog and Wolf” opens with the song “Horsemen” based on a galloping drum rhythm and backed by female vocals that add a smooth atmosphere to the song.

With the organ opening for “March In September” we feel a Northern Soul touch thanks to the violins in the background. A slightly distorted bass is added and the structure of the song is revealed little by little with guitars following…

The next track up, “Seven Times”, could become a classic NMA track but “Did You Make it Safe?” finds Sullivan to be in great shape lyrically.  I find “Did You Make it Safe?” to be one of the best moments of the album.  A passionate performance and a genius composition…

Dean comes up with another tribal rhythm on “I Need More Time”, slowly building the structure with a great bass line by Ceri Monger while Sullivan whispers “I need more time to make good all the promises I made to the world when the world was moving slower”.  The stressful atmosphere gradually increases to the final crescendo by the guitar and organ.

Back to their favorite melodies with “Pull the Sun”. A whole different New Model Army galaxy with an absence of guitar sounds… which soon appear in the next song, the folkish “Lean Back and Fall”.

Knievel” is a song about the lust of humans to witness another man risking his life… and on this occasion Sullivan uses the name of American daredevil Evel Knievel who suffered a lifetime of 433 broken bones and ultimately failed a jump over Snake River Canyon.  “Did they come to see a man fall or to see him fly?” is the question… and what would one do for money?

Just like the title of the song implies, “Stormclouds” carries a sonic rain ready to break out with the guitars’ distorted breath lifting the listener higher and higher.

The title track “Between Dog and Wolf” sounds like a wolf growling.  It sums up the general idea of the album’s music orientation finding the band experimenting with samples, a vibraphone, guitar feedback, and a distorted bass line.

Tomorrow Came” sounds closer to the NMA sound we know more than the rest of the songs of the album, while “Summer Moors” is a beautiful ballad.

The album closes with the song “Ghosts”. An excellent choice to close a perfect album…

As the band states: “Meanwhile, BBC/Channel Four director, Matt Reid, has been putting together a documentary film about the group and trying to keep pace with all the events and changes that have happened during the filming process. A planned cinematic release will coincide with the release of the album.”

You can order the album from HERE


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NFD – Reformations

714coajd-cL._SL1200_5 years after the release of their last album, London-based hybrid Gothic Rock band NFD (originally Noise for Destruction) return with the mini album “Reformations”.

Led by singer, guitarist Peter ‘Bob’ White (formerly of Sensorium), NFD was formed by musicians of successful bands.
Apart from White, founding member Tony Pettitt, bass player of The Eden House (formerly of Fields of The Nephilim), Simon Rippin (formerly of Nefilim, Sensorium and the re-formed Fields of The Nephilim) released : “Break the Silence” (EP – 2003), “No Love Lost” (album – 2004), “No Love Lost: Live and Unleashed” (album – 2005), “Light My Way” (single – 2006), “Dead Pool Rising” (album – 2006), “When the Sun Dies” (single – 2008), “Deeper Visions” (EP and album – 2008)

The NFD line up on “Reformations” holds Cradle Of Filth lead guitarist James McIlroy, guitarist Chris Milden and drummer Luca Mazzucconi (both of Lahannya joined the NFD ranks in 2009) plus Peter ‘Bob’ White and Tony Pettitt.

Seven powerful tracks, including a cover on Pink Floyd’s ‘One Slip’ (originally penned by David Gilmour and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, the Pink Floyd album gets its title “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” from a line of this song’s lyrics).

Now or Never”, the opening track of the album, breaks out like a thunder proving that this band takes no prisoners.

On the same pace, “The Rapture” leaves the listener breathless while “Remain In Chains” is the best track for headbanging thanks to a its guitar riff and its melodic chorus.

Tony Pettitt’s bass takes the lead on “The Highwayman”, soon to be doubled by the guitar and build a song on a galloping rhythm…

Things cool down a bit on “The Unknown”, keyboards become more obvious with atmospheric pads and violins adding to the guitar phrases until the solo breaks out.

A smooth violin line opens “What Will Be Will Be”, an atmospheric track built on melancholic guitar phrases.

“Reformations” is a well crafted, well produced 32 minutes mini album, a first taste of the full length album ‘Waking The Dead’ which is due to be released during the next months.

You can order it from HERE

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DIE KRUPPS – The Machinists of Joy

After genre-defining releases in the 90s and 80s the band, which the media tried to categorize as
Electro, EBM, Industrial, Crossover and even Metal, Die Krupps return with brand new material.


Die Krupps have opened the gates once again to their factory, after some years of running tests
and high maintenance. The machinery has been oiled and greased – first works have already been
delivered to an expectant fan base:
Both ‘Risikofaktor‘ (Risk Factor) and ‘Industrie-Maedchen‘ (Industrial Girl) reached the pole position
in the German Alternative Chart (DAC), where they stayed for several weeks.
Now it’s back to top form, with the first new prototype leaving the assembly line: “The Machinists of Joy”.
The album title hints at its content, referring to the Krupps´ Top 10 Billboard-Hit from 1989:
Machineries of Joy“. As the title implicates, the electro machinery rules the new Die Krupps 
sound. However, the rigorous riffs of guitarist Marcel Zürcher’s are effectively well placed in the songs.
Die Krupps continue to deliver Metal Machine Music – an attitude which is underlined by the
clever Artwork-Quote.
It is not a Lou Reed clone, but frontman Jürgen Engler, who is depicted on the album sleeve! It is an
homage to the Velvet Underground-singer’s seminal work, with Metal Machine Music having been a
major influence on the early Die Krupps.
But relax! The listener will not be exposed to proto-industrial noise, but can enjoy the pure essence of
Krupps: Machine Music, hard, danceable, sometimes epic, spiked by well-aimed guitar attacks and
the relentless hammering of the steelophone! The music is paired with often sarcastic lyrics, well
ahead of what nowadays seems to be the standard norm of political correctness.
In their songs Die Krupps take a critical stance on the war and industrial machinery (“Nazis auf
Speed/Nazis on Speed” , “Schmutzfabrik/Factory of Dirt“) , increasing de-humanization (“Robo
Sapien“) or the conditions in their respective fatherlands (“Im falschen Land/In the Wrong Country“)
– however, they also celebrate the joy of work (“Machinist of Joy”, “Part of the Machine“) and the joy
of intimacy (“Eiskalter Engel/Icy cold Angel” , “Industrie-Mädchen”). They also provide some sarcastic
comments on the tragic dynasty of the Krupp/Essenbeck family (you might want to watch Lucino
Visconti‘s ‘The Damned’ again for reference).
Although Die Krupps can be easily located in the so-called „dark“ scene, they have a wide-spread
base of appreciators due to the band´s long history and various musical stages.
The new record presents the full spectrum in all its facets.

image005These 13 songs are not just for the Industrial-Dancefloors, they should also be heard at rallies and
protest marches, on the barricades and in the workers canteens! While Kraftwerk sing about
Neon Light and Showroom Dummies, Die Krupps topics are Factories of Dirt (Schmutzfabrik) and
Angels of Steel (Engel aus Stahl)… in their native country they have been called the blue collar
Krafttwerk. This could be explained by geography – as both bands originated from the city of Düsseldorf.
Die Krupps continue to sing in German and selectively in English, given the fact that Die Krupps
are among the few successful Industrial-Exports of German origin. The base of the machinists has
also become very international. The album was conceived on the production axis Austin – Hamburg – Düsseldorf – Spain.

The album will be available on CD, limited double digi CD, Box and vinyl edition.

The limited edition digi2CD will contain an exclusive BONUS-CD.
Die Krupps believe that Bonus-Tracks have to be unique – that is why they have included
some very special tracks on the limited edition of “The Machinists of Joy” which refer to
the origins of Engler and Dörper – both had been active in the Düsseldorf Punk scene long
before the first Krupps release “Stahlwerksynfonie” (1980). Included are – among others:
A collaboration with Punk-Pioneers Metal Urbain from France (“Panik“), and one track with
Wolfgang Flür, ex member of that other band from Dusseldorf called Kraftwerk…
It should also be mentioned that Eric Debris of Metal Urbain  is responsible for the great
front cover shoot/artwork and the band photo montages.

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