Arcane Winter – Radiate EP

17 Oct

Arcane Winter - Radiate (EP 2013-1007) - Front CoverAfter the release of “Cold Europe”, Arcane Winter returns with a second digital EP titled “Radiate”.

6 post-punk tracks that carry the wisdom the band members, gained through their years of experience with their former bands.

Guitarist Trevor Bamford was founder of the bands Every New Dead Ghost, and Midnight Configuration. He also has a side project called Death Party UK.

Bassist Nick Hopkinson was a Midnight Configuration member and he also played with the Realm and Lupine.

Charley Perkins was playing the drums for the bands Three Second Rule, Uncle Vulgar, an early punk band The Tribe and a punk covers band The Skanx.

Singer Piers Sixx was in a band called DeadBlackWhite and has been on the last few Midnight Configuration albums as a keyboard player.

iTreason” that opens the EP has a strong flavor of the early 80’s. Guitars that are influenced by the early Killing Joke albums and lyrics attacking the political system of the UK.

A Star In The West” continues with its haunting and electrified atmosphere while lyrically it is dealing with English occultist and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley.

Now this is where mysticism and political messages begin to mix. On “Arise and Decline” , while Bamford, Hopkinson and Perkins create a soundscape of tensed rythms and distorted guitars with reverb Sixx merges the international political situation with the part that Priests played in it and God’s absence.

Flirting with industrial, “Kerosene” has an hypnotic feel to it. Reverbed snare drums, mid tempo, the bass creates a wall of sound, the guitar stays in the background while the lyrics are dealing with the politics…

Wolf In The Ship Fold” follows with its catchy guitar riff. I find this track to be my favorite one maybe cause it has a Southern Death Cult touch. Is it the guitar riff that gives me this impression? I am not sure…

Last track of this EP is titled “Horsefly”. This is the most aggressive song of this release. Since there is a video clip, there is nothing to be said about the track, so I am posting it here.

Arcane Winter is a post-punk/goth band from Nottingham having been dubbed “gothic grand guinol“. They mix traditional positive punk political attitudes with a gothic sensibility to sublime effect.

You can order this release from iTunes or from the band’s site

The band’s debut EP, Cold Europe, is available through Amazon and iTunes

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