A Place To Bury Strangers live _19_10 @Fuzz Club (Supporting Act: Bambara)

28 Oct


When God decides about the apocalypse, he will use sound material from this gig. Both bands have an orgasmic relationship with noise and their gigs turn up to be more chaotic than the universe at its first days.

Bambara is the band that A Place To Bury Strangers demanded to support them in their tour. Their sound is slightly psyhedelic with post punk touches, sometimes bringing to mind the Swans. They are heavy, raw and savage and this can be confirmed by the broken snare drum of their drummer Blaze Bateh just in the middle of their third song. Aren’t those enough to convince that they are the next big thing for noise rock?


APTBS released a mini-lp covering Dead Moon, called “Strange Moon” exclusively for the record store day, but apart from a couple of songs, their performance was basically a flashback to their first two albums. “Keep Slipping Away“, “Missing You” and “I Lived my Life to Stand in the Shadow of your Heart” tend to be live favourites and those who’ve seen APTS on stage know why…


Oliver Ackermann’s guitar suffered enough not to make the whole gig, both guitar and bass massive pedals were working in full, completed by a stunning light show. This band was born to play live and this is confirmed by the unstoppable tours every year since their fist lp. Can’t wait for their next live around…

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