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Background Noise Suppression


Background Noise Suppression is a five piece act formed in early 2005, in Thessaloniki – Greece by Kostas Karantzios (Vocals), Elias Panagos (Guitars) and George Xenos (Drums), with help on bass by Kostas Kapetanakis.

From its first year of existence, the band made a lot of live appearances in Thessaloniki and other cities, the most important being the support appearance to the legendary New Model Army in Thessaloniki, in April of 2006.

During the summer of 2006, Background Noise Suppression recorded their first single release, titled ‘Made Out Of Ocean’ which was included (partially re-recorded and re-mixed), in the double RunDevilRun label CD-compilation ‘Little People.. Big Noise’ (RDR006 2007). During that summer of 2006 Johnny Papaioannou became the dedicated bassist of the band, contributing his riffs and inspirations to the whole musical image. Lazaros Sitsanidis (keyboards) and Evripidis Papadopoulos (guitar) joined the band soon afterwards to finalize the band’s musical frame and identity. This new boost to the band’s sound, gave the band the opportunity to create an improved new style and songs which accompanied the band during the gigs in Thessaloniki and other major cities in Greece (Serres, Kavala, Larisa, Athens etc).

The band participated in numerous live presentations and interviews – Rainbow FM89 radio interview and unplugged performance, ERA 958 radio interview and unplugged performance, Coca Cola Soundwave Festival live performance, ET3 TV Oxygono show interview and live performance, ANT1 TV Radio Arvyla TV show live performance and many live gigs in Thessaloniki and other cities, including support gigs to The Wedding Present and New Model Army once more. At that time, a music video for the single “Made Out Of Ocean” was also released – plus a video of the ANT1 TV appearance for the unreleased single “Nothing“.

Recordings for Background Noise Suppression’s debut LP were also held around 2007-2008 for a release under the RunDevilRun label, which were never completed, though. Lazaros Sitsanidis leaves the band to move abroad and the now 5-piece band starts recordings from scratch in 2011 for an independent self-released debut LP. Their self-titled album is finally released in October 2013 in 12” vinyl format consisting of 8 songs, accompanied by a CD version of the album which includes “Made Out Of Ocean” and “Nothing” as bonus tracks.

A good album for every post punk lover !!!

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New Zero God live @ After Dark


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Canis Lupus – Shape of the Ghost


I wonder how many good bands never had the chance to release their music on CD or a record.

Swedish gothic rock band Canis Lupus is one of them.

They were formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2006 after several line up changes.

In 2013, Gothic Music Records released the album “Shape of the Ghost” giving the chance to Canis Lupus to release their music to the rest of the world.

The album holds 9 tracks, from their demos: the tracks “Sedative”, “Levitation” and “Close your Eyes” are taken from their demo “Lights May Pass“.

Shine My Light”, “Alone”, “Black Magic Dance” and “Mantra” are taken from the demo “Chasing the Gods“.

The track “Calling” is taken from their demo “Deceiver” while “Symmetry” is a 2006 version of the track which was originally featured on the “Deceiver” demo.

“Symmetry” was also featured on the compilation “Demobanken 2006” and was the last song the band every recorded….

If you’re a fan of old school Gothic Rock, this is the perfect album for you.
The album is limited to 1000 copies, digipack with a 20 page booklet.

You can order it from HERE

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