Canis Lupus – Shape of the Ghost

06 Nov


I wonder how many good bands never had the chance to release their music on CD or a record.

Swedish gothic rock band Canis Lupus is one of them.

They were formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2006 after several line up changes.

In 2013, Gothic Music Records released the album “Shape of the Ghost” giving the chance to Canis Lupus to release their music to the rest of the world.

The album holds 9 tracks, from their demos: the tracks “Sedative”, “Levitation” and “Close your Eyes” are taken from their demo “Lights May Pass“.

Shine My Light”, “Alone”, “Black Magic Dance” and “Mantra” are taken from the demo “Chasing the Gods“.

The track “Calling” is taken from their demo “Deceiver” while “Symmetry” is a 2006 version of the track which was originally featured on the “Deceiver” demo.

“Symmetry” was also featured on the compilation “Demobanken 2006” and was the last song the band every recorded….

If you’re a fan of old school Gothic Rock, this is the perfect album for you.
The album is limited to 1000 copies, digipack with a 20 page booklet.

You can order it from HERE

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