Terminal Gods – Machine Beat Messiah

24 Jan


(by Fondas SumerSon)

Less than a year since their 7’’ “Lessons in Fire”, Terminal Gods are back with a new 12’’ vinyl ep. The band was formed in 2011 and has released a cd-ep, two 7’’ vinyls and one 12’’ vinyl (plus 7 different t-shirt designs). Considering all this, one can easily admit that Terminal Gods are currently the most productive band of the UK Goth/alternative scene.

Their new ep called “Machine Beat Messiah” includes 6 nasty and powerful songs, made for the dancefloor. Of course you can’t categorize them as a typical “Goth” act. They blend their Goth rock sound with a lot of rock, punk and garage elements and the result is absolutely fine!

The ep is opening with the Mission/Sisters like tune “Machine Beat Blues”, followed by “Persona” (it will remind you a bit of The Marionettes) which is a powerful Terminal Gods tune. Next they slow down a bit with “The Resurrection Man” and they continue with the rock-ish “Snakebite Smile” which is my favorite song on this release. Harmonica is added to the song intro, giving a southern touch on this one. Their next two songs -“The Wheels of Love” and “King Hell”- are going to become classic tracks in the future and will be placed among their all time favorite hits. Especially “King Hell” is one of their top tunes so far in terms of lyrics and music!

These youngsters are back with another great release. Don’t pass them by, they deserve a lot.

Buy it from HERE:

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Posted by on January 24, 2014 in Goth, etc.


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