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Stupid Bitch Reject

CoverStupid Bitch Reject is a French duo from Paris, consisting of Ophelia SBR and Franck SBR.

They were formed in 2012 and released their self-titled debut EP in 2013.

Cold Insanity Music decided to re-release this EP in 2014 as a foretaste of their forthcoming full-length album.

The 5 songs of the EP, “Bean Niochain”, “Side By Side”, “Inside My Asylum”, “Only”, and “How It Tastes” evolve from gothic to an ethereal dream-pop style, dominated by Ophelia’s voice and Franck’s dreamy guitar sounds.

Stupid Bitch Reject carry the quality of great female-fronted bands of the past, such as the English All about Eve or the Norwegian, Bel Canto.

So, if you happen to be in this music style, Stupid Bitch Reject is perfect for you…

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Christine Plays Viola – Vacua

Christine Plays Viola - Vacua

Christine Plays Viola is a four piece Italian Dark Wave band formed in Pratola Peligna in 2008.  On March 22, 2014, they released their second full-length album, titled “Vacua”.

Inspired by the “Black Paintings” of Francisco Goya, “Vacua” holds 15 strong compositions, although I am of the impression that the band was inspired by the “Black Paintings” even before recording their EP, “Leocadia”, which was released in 2013.  I feel this way because Leocadia Weiss was Goya’s companion and her name was given to a mural by the painter as one of his series of 14 “Black Paintings”.

Rightfully so, 3 out of the 15 songs of “Vacua” come from the EP “Leocadia”: “Leocadia”, “Whoosing Dissolution”, and “Scattered In The Dust”.

The album opens with the haunting soundscapes of the instrumental “Awakening of the Damned”  followed by the tribal rhythms of “Wrapped In Spiral”.

Slaughter of the Black Sun” holds a cute new wave melody on the verse played by Fabrizio Giampietro’s guitar and keyboards, while singer Massimo Ciampani’s vocals on the final verse of the atmospheric “In Silence Withdrawn” takes the song to another level..

Desio Presutti appears to be a bass player that any new wave band would trust with his nicely crafted bass lines.

Giampietro’s guitar style reminds me of bands such as the Sad Lovers & Giants, or The Chameleons, and I think he is the catalyst of this chemical reaction going by the name Christine Plays Viola, since he also plays the keyboards…

Melancholy pours out of “Vacua” with songs like “Rejecting the Limitations of Fate”, and “Appointment with Death”,  while mysterious figures are dancing on air to songs like the instrumental “Sublime Ravings”.

Christine Plays Viola is a band whose new album, “Vacua”, takes the term “Dark Wave” a few steps ahead.

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Red Sun Revival live @ Death Disco 1 March 2014

by Fondas SumerSon

The long anticipated gig of Red Sun Revival in Athens-Greece was a blast ! In 2012 the guys released one of the best albums (Running from the dawn) and thanks to the Ashes From Azrael team, we finally got the chance to see them live at Death Disco.

The event started with THE ILLUSION FADES, who played a best-of show including some of my all time favorites like “Fear of Love”, “Blue Angel”, “Valentine” & “Dark Rain”. The band was in great shape and they managed to thrill the audience with their excellent Goth rock/metal. Hopefully a new release will come from them soon !

Their setlist:

13th Day

Dead White Snow

Blue Angel

Fear of Love

The End

Christmas Song

Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover)


Dark Rain

Around 23:30, Red Sun Revival appeared on stage and instantly captured the audience with their romantic, atmospheric Goth rock. Their songs were communicated to the fans in the most perfect way. Their performance was captivating: perfectly played melodic guitars by Matt, mesmerizing electric violin by the beautiful Christina, excellent bass lines by Panagiotis and of course, Rob’s sentimental and powerful vocals. Pure Goth Rock perfection!

They played their debut album in its entirety (their most loved club hit “My Child” spread waves of enthusiasm, leading to a small mosh-pit in the front rows), plus the four brilliant songs of their forthcoming ep, which is to be released soon. No doubt, this was a gig to remember… Thank you guys !

Their setlist:

Without You

Running from the Dawn

Lost for Words

Mistakes (new song)


Broken (new song)

Wide Awake

Forgive us Now

My Child

Last Chance


Here’s my Surrender (new song)

Embers (new song)

Nothing to Hide

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