Blodwen – When Autumn Ends (ep)

06 Apr

Blodwen - When Autumn Ends - Artwork

Blodwen is a four-piece band coming from Indonesia. They have already released a debut album (“Black Symphony“) back in 2010, before two of the original members departed. However, two years later they were back again to release the five-track ep “When Autumn Leaves“.

Blodwen means “mountain white flower” in welsh, a name that points the orientation of their music: atmospheric epic metal with opera vocals by Bernice Nikki. Along with the folk and medieval scales which gifted guitarist Alexander Lexy follows, you get a dark yet impressionable combo free of senseless brutality and pretentious melancholy. Take for instance, “Blue Romance” a wonderful ballad which kicks off from Clannad’s soundscapes and develops into a theatrical epic, or the closing track “Riverfall” a power but delicate metal theme.

According to the rumors, they have started recording material for their next album. “When Autumn Ends” is an excellent appetizer, so we can’t wait for the main course!

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