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Kommunity FK – Seeking Drummer

Kommunity FK - Logo

Kommunity Fk, part of the original pioneers of the goth/deathrock movement in America, is on the prowl for a new drummer.

Patrik Mata

Patrik Mata

Along with a resume, applicants must submit their bio, a current photo, and an .mp3 sampling of their talent.  Touring experience is a must, as is the applicant’s own professional drumming equipment and mode of transportation.

Full details can be found through the Kommunity FK page at Facebook.

Following on the heels of their recent tour through Mexico, including headlining at the Batcave Festival 2014 in Mexico City and at the Huesos Y Sangre Festival, the band is gearing up for a whirlwind tour.

If you think you have what it takes to be the newest member of this groundbreaking ensemble, get your stuff together and send in your request for consideration to:

Sherry Rubber

Sherry Rubber

Heavily influenced by William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, and David Bowie, Patrik Mata created Kommunity FK in the midst of the LA punk explosion in 1978.

Thirty-six years later Mata has his own recording studio, Vision & The Voice Studios, and Kommunity FK continues to tour the national and international circuits.

You can visit them at their Official website, Kommunity FK for a complete history, discography/videography, and tours.

Kommunity FK is a part of the Deadfall Artist/Band Management, UK, roster and Dark Independent Bookings, Belgium. Inquiries for bookings can be made by sending an email to Damian Gibbs via or

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Liquid Grey – Arsenic Dreams

by Fondas SumerSon

After last year’s appetizer, the 4 track ep ”Love Under Will”, Liquid Grey return with their second full length album, entitled “Arsenic Dreams”. We are talking about a 65 min. release, including 15 songs, as the band decided to include the ep songs as bonus tracks. A wise decision, as the songs were too good to be only available as a digital download.

Let’s take it from the start. It was a long time since I listened to something so fresh & modern and at the same time so close to the old school goth rock sound that I love. In this album, Liquid Grey are combining their goth metal influences from Tiamat’s “post Wildhoney era” & Sundown’s “design 19”, with the sound of classic goth rock legends like The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim. Special mention must be made to the haunting singing of Mr. Grey and his unstoppable riffs and solos in every song! Goth Rock mastermind Tom O’Connell (ex-Garden of Delight, The House of Usher, Traumtanzer) is responsible for the top class mixing and mastering.

The lyrics are very inspired, covering a wide range of subjects from the occult (Love Under Will) to the dark and mysterious side of man. Many great artists have contributed to this wonderful release, starting from the guitar work of Nikolas Perlepe (5 Minutes) and Constantin Stellakis (Poison Days), along with the additional female vocals of Sanna Salou (Blazing Star) and last but not least the brilliant duet of D M Kruger from the Descendants of Cain with Mr. Grey on “Dance Alone”, which is one of the best songs I’ve listened to this year.

Every song has something special to offer in this brilliant album: “Night Calling” with its Mission-like intro and its mind blowing refrain, “Get my Kicks” in which you can find some Danzig influences from their “Lucifuge” era, “Give me the Rain” which includes a “Nephilim-tribute” part at the begining and at the end of the song and of course “Hunger” which is made for the dancefloor and it’s their second official video clip.

Liquid Grey have definitely released one of the best albums of 2014. These guys are here to stay and we are going to hear a lot from them in the future. Join them on their dark trip!

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THE MISSION – At War With The Gods

The Mission - At War With The Gods (Cover)


A written documentary of the first 25 years of the English band THE MISSION is about to be released.  Written by Alex Daniele, the book, THE MISSION – At War With The Gods”, chronicles the band’s early footsteps and humble beginnings through their reformation in 2011.

The limited-edition book is a whopping 350 pages packed with over 200 rare and exclusive photographs.

Painstaking attention to detail was made over the course of several years as Daniele compiled information, images, interviews, and tidbits from those who, at one point or another, walked beside The Mission’s members.

Contributors to the book’s contents include Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler, Mike Kelly, manager George Allen, Cinthya Hussey, producer Steve Whitfield, and a who’s who list of other notables.

Included in that list is our very own New Zero God singer, Mike Pougounas, who is credited as “the singer of the Greek band The Flowers Of Romance that was produced by Wayne Hussey”.  Indeed, back in 1995, Hussey and Pougounas teamed up on the 5th studio release by The Flowers Of Romance.  “Brilliant Mistakes” was recorded in The Mission’s Bristol Studio, “Swirlsound“, as well as in the AthenianIn Studio“.  Wayne Hussey not only produced, but also provided backing vocals, loops, and additional guitars for what would become The Flowers Of Romance’s most successful album. Steve Whitfield, the sound engineer for The Cure and The Mission UK, was in charge of mixing the album. [More on The Flowers Of Romance, “Brilliant Mistakes” HERE.]

This limited-to-1000-copies edition will be hand-numbered and pre-orders are filling quickly.  According to my conversation with Daniele, a major chunk of the stock has already been sold and he’s working feverishly as the countdown to release winds down.  For those outside the UK/Euro zone, full information and purchasing details will be made public after the 27th of May, 2014.

To read more or to place a pre-order, click HERE.

Book Credits:

Alex Daniele [Ascension/Italy]

Alex Daniele [Ascension/Italy]

© 2014 Sand Castles Productions.

Written by Ascension Promotions | Edited by Danny Tartaglia and Graham Chisnall | Final editing by Danny Tartaglia | Artwork concept by Alex Daniele

Cover concept by Cinthya Hussey and Candy Rosenbaum | Cover photo: ‘The Mission – Sinners Day’, copyright © Roger op den CampBack cover photo: ‘The Mission in Spring 2013’, copyright © Rhory Danniells


World Goth Day – GREECE

Mike - Rockstories - WGD2014 (Cover)

The date inches closer and preparations for planned events are now in full-throttle mode. It’s that time of year where the darkest shadows step out into the limelight. When all that black, all that makeup, and all that hair crimping swirls together in unison under the same set of stars the world over.  The day when the world’s goth scene gets to celebrate its own being and makes its global presence known.

WORLD GOTH DAY celebrations…

…and they’ve now reached all the way to… Greece!

RockStories - Grand Opening 09 May 2014 - Inside View

RockStories – Grand Opening 09 May 2014 – Inside View

Join us on the 22nd of May (this Thursday) at Rockstories where Mike Pougounas (New Zero God, former The Flowers Of Romance and Nexus) will be spinning the greatest tunes as you join in on the international festivities.

RockStories is the ONLY place in Greece where you’ll have the chance to be part of the biggest day of the goth year.

WGD is the creation of Masters of All Ceremonies, DJs Cruel Britannia and Martin Oldgoth, and has seen a multitude of international press coverage. Articles have been written in Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine, Intravenous Magazine, CNN, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian, to name a few.  For a complete listing and links to stories, click HERE.

World Goth Day – GREECE – Event Details – HERE

Official World Goth Day page of international events – HERE

Come… It’s time to get your goth on!!!

RockStories - Grand Opening 09 May 2014 - Overflow Outside

RockStories (09 May 2014)

Mark your calendar:

TIME:   21:00
PLACE:  RockStories
Λουδοβίκου 5, Πειραιάς

Τηλέφωνο 210 417 8852
Πλησίον Ηλ. Σταθμού

Looking for more?  Click HERE to read our previous posting on World Goth Day events with lots more links!

For your convenience, the World Goth Day banner is always running along the tribe4mian sidebar so you can check back whenever you like without having to hunt down the link.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to click on S.O.P.H.I.E.!

World Goth Day - May 22

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Gotham Sounds Festival Vol. II

goth fest

by Fondas SumerSon

When I returned from Germany last December, after the Nephilim/Nuns tour, I felt like I had left my mind there… I wanted to return as soon as possible.

Gotham Sounds Festival vol. II was the perfect opportunity, as this year’s fest was really promising. Two days of high class goth/wave music, including some of the best bands of the underground goth scene.

The first day’s line up was made up by Arts of Erebus, Aeon Sable, The Spiritual Bat and Soror Dolorosa. I was really excited as I am a big fan of three of these bands and curious, at least, to see the rest. Plus, I never had the chance to see any of them live on stage. When we arrived at Area 51, there weren’t so many people yet, but the numbers increased rapidly. My guess is that 180 people, or maybe a few more, had gathered to witness the first day of this great event.

After a small delay the lights went out. Thick smoke covered the stage and “Death shall have no dominion” filled the concert hall….. Arts Of Erebus were on stage! Although I have been a very devoted fan of these guys for years, I never had the chance to see them play live up to that day. So I was a bit curious about their live performance, because I totally loved the vocals of their former vocalist Damian. I have to admit, though, that I equally liked Raven’s vocals on the band’s new album and I wanted to see him perform. He definitely exceeded my expectations. He was really amazing on stage, performing the songs even better than in the studio recording. Michael did a great job on the guitars, Tommy played really strong bass lines and Stephane filled the songs with haunting keyboards. Of course I should not forget to mention their brilliant slide show, which fitted their performance perfectly. The only thing that I would change, was the fact that they didn’t play any songs from their previous releases (probably because of the limited time they were on stage), but after the gig the guys reassured me that this is going to change in future shows. A brilliant performance overall.

Their setlist:
Death Shall Have no Dominion
Edge of Insanity
Spark of Hope
Point of no Return
The Wanderer between Life and Death
Shadow of Life
Insight in Darkness
Requiescat In Pace
The Die Is Cast

After a very small break, darkness fell upon the hall and Din tah Aeon came on stage first, playing some “demented” solos that led to the intro of “Aequinochtium”… Nino Sable followed with very slow footsteps and with his head covered… That was it… Their ritual had just begun! According to my opinion, aeon sable is a controversial band, as they can’t be categorized easily. Their sound has a basis of old school goth rock and on the same time is enriched by new wave elements and even steps into dark (even black?) metal. Now add the really astonishing guitar work of Din tah Aeon and the outstanding performance of Nino Sable to all the above and you might get a taste of Aeon Sable’s mystical world. Nino is not just singing, he is performing a theatrical act or a musical ceremony. He was changing t-shirts depending on the song, he was dancing all the time on stage, he communicated perfectly with the audience and he even went off stage to dance with the fans (including me) during their much praised hit “dancefloor satellite”. One of the highlights of their show – except of course playing their other mega hit “tenfifteen”- was that they played “Exodus”, a song from their debut album, which was never played live before. Generally, I think that this band has a lot to offer to dark music in the future and Artaud Seth was perspicacious enough to offer them a contract in his label, Solar Lodge.

Their setlist:
Algorithm of None
At the Edge of the World
Visions (new song)
Secret Flower
Dancefloor Satellite
Praying Mantis

Another small break until The Spiritual Bat appeared on stage. To tell you the truth I never had the chance to listen to their tunes enough, so I wasn’t really familiar with their songs. They reminded me of Faith and the Muse and Siouxsie and the Banshees in a more Bat Cave and Post Punk version. Not bad at all, but definitely not my kind of sound. They were very static on stage, especially their guitarist, but I guess that this is their style and nevertheless people seemed to enjoy their performance and the guys really appreciated it. A good band.

Last break of the evening and it was time for the headlining act of day I … The mighty Soror Dolorosa from France. From the very first time I listened to them about five years ago, I was impressed instantly and became a big fan. Their sound stands somewhere between the Sisters of Mercy and the Cure, somewhere between up tempo goth rock and depressive, slow tempo new/dark wave. Their big advantage is, definitely, their charismatic frontman Andy Julia. He is taking them to a higher level with his performance. Through thick smoke and red lights, Andy came on stage leather-clad and started to sing the first lyrics of “Hologram” …The audience was absolutely focused on him. All band members were great on stage and performed the songs in a perfect way… even better than the studio versions. The setlist consisted of all kinds of songs, including all their big hits, a couple of new ones, as well as some less commercial songs, just for the hardcore fans’ delight. It was my first ever time to see these guys play live and after the gig I realized why they have conquered Europe so fast, becoming a big name in the dark underground scene in such a short time.

Their setlist:
A Dead Yesterday
The Figure of the Night
Low End
Silver Square
Sound & Death
Beau Suicide
Scars of Crusade
Autumn Wounds
In a Glance
The End

So after a few last drinks and commemorative pics with old friends, we headed over to the hotel, dead tired but so delighted, also knowing that the second day of the Fest was to follow.

Next morning, after having our breakfast with Andy and Herve from Soror Dolorosa (which gave us the chance to discuss last night’s gig), we left our hotel in order to explore a little bit of Dusseldorf. Of course we managed to be back early enough to get some rest, as we had a long night ahead of us.

At 20:30 Sweet Ermengarde hit the stage. I was so anxious to see these guys live on stage, because they are one of the best Nephilim-influenced bands (and I do like the Nephs, in case you haven’t noticed ), without copying them. This band has definitely released the best album of 2013, if you ask me. They have a great line up, consisting of talented musicians and the addition of Mike York (ex- Garden of Delight, Kalt) as the second guitarist, made them even stronger! So the lights went off and Mike York came first on stage, followed by the rest of the clan. “In the Time” was their opening song. Their singer Kuba, without moving and dancing too much, delivered the appropriate dark feeling. The Nephilimesque bass lines of Lars, led us back to the old goth days and generally the whole band was more than outstanding on stage. Since they were the first band of the day, they didn’t play for long, but managed to perform their excellent debut album in its entirety in a 45 min set, dropping out only two songs. Of course, they played their well known hits “Kisses” and “A Promised to Fulfill”. Special mention must be made to the new song “A Tooth by a Tooth” from their upcoming album, characterized by a fantastic Mission-like guitar…Mike’s doing perhaps? I could have not imagined a better way for the band to end its performance, than playing my favorite song “Necropolitan Rest”. This made the audience dance a lot.

Their setlist:
In the Time
Raynham Hall
A Promise to Fulfill
For this Moment
A Tooth by a Tooth
Near Dark
Necropolitan Rest

So after a small rest, it was Red Sun Revival’s turn… I can’t be objective about this band, as I am totally addicted to their tunes. This was the only band of the fest that I had seen on stage twice already. They released the best album of 2012, according to my opinion. We are talking about a band that delivers pure romantic goth music in a unique way, expressed through Christina’s violin, Matt’s great guitars, Panagiotis’ gothy bass lines and of course their multi talented frontman. Rob, as always, was very expressive on stage, even if he was a bit static. He was singing with passion every song they played. They didn’t have enough time to play their whole debut album, so they left a couple of songs out of the set. Still, they managed to play two new songs from their forthcoming ep, both of them being masterpieces. Especially “Mistakes” is going to be their new club hit I guess… just brilliant! Last but not least, special mention should be made to the mosh-pit during their much loved anthem “my child”. It was really fun to see people in the first rows jump all together, hugging each other… Great moments!
Their setlist:
Without You
Running from the Dawn
Lost for Words
My Surrender (new song)
Mistakes (new song)
Forgive us Now
My Child
Nothing to Hide

After this great performance the time was right for some beers and chatting with band members, cds signatures etc, so I missed most of Winter Severity Index’s performance. Actually their music style of minimal-wave was not my cup of tea at all. Nevertheless, I saw a lot of people enjoying their tunes.

It was almost midnight and it was The Last Cry’s turn to come on stage. I have to admit that these guys are one of the main reasons that I traveled to Germany. I am a big fan of their music for years and even if I have traveled to London several times, I never had the opportunity to catch them live on stage. Therefore, I was very excited that this time I would get to see them at last. I had watched some videos on YouTube and I knew what to expect concerning their live performance, but -believe me- if you haven’t seen them on stage, LIVE in front of you, you can’t understand the meaning of “The Last Cry Live Experience”. Andrew Birch can be easily placed among the top 5 frontmen of the dark/goth underground scene nowadays. He was performing every song with such a brilliant and unique way. He was so hyperactive on stage and was driving the audience to dance and jump around all over the place! Tim on guitars and Chris on bass were the perfect companions to this outstanding show. The band played a full show of over an hour, including most of their hits from both releases and of course the 2 new songs from their current single which were both in the excellent goth/wave direction that we have come to expect. They closed their magnificent gig with the title track of their debut album, during which all the fans in the front rows (including me), were jumping and singing all together…. What a brilliant way to end this really great gig!
Their setlist:
Broken Hearts
Falling Away
All you Gave me
Virtual Fix
To Dream Next to You
Life of Lies
No Resistance
Haunting me
Living in Grey
This Future has no Face
Prison of Dreams
Walking on the Edge

The festival was reaching its end, with only one band left to play. Uni Form from Portugal was the last act of this really great 2-days festival. I really had no idea about these guys and had never heard of them before. Even though they came on stage around 02:00 am and a lot of people had already left the venue, I decided to stick around and watch them play. I confess that even if their post punk style was not my kind of thing, these guys were quite interesting. They had a very nice video wall which helped them a lot in presenting their songs and making the audience follow them into their dark world. They reminded me of Joy Division with a modern approach. Quite decent performance that left everyone satisfied, leading a lot of people to their merchandise stall.

So after one more night full of goth excitements, we returned exhausted to our hotel at around 04:00 o’clock in the morning…
Gotham Sounds fest Vol. II was definitely one of the best festivals experiences I had across Europe. So many bands, from so many different countries, performing together in celebration of goth/dark music. Congratulations to Ralf Djwahni for putting so much effort in organizing all this. I really hope he is already making plans for the next one. I know I am. Until the next time ….LONG LIVE THE GOTH ROCK UNDERGROUND !

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World Goth Fair at Second Life

World Goth Fair at Second Life

World Goth Fair 2014

Once again, the time has come to get your virtual goth on at the WORLD GOTH FAIR 2014! As the days inch closer to WORLD GOTH DAY, things are revving up at a hectic pace. Events are being planned on a global scale (HERE) and the World Goth Fair at Second Life is preparing for another major fundraiser for our beloved S.O.P.H.I.E.

For the second consecutive year, you can also look for the NEW ZERO GOD logo the next time you visit the WGF 2014. This year, the NZG logo will be used on virtual hoodies for avatars, for sale exclusively in gachas on the sims.

Here’s a look at last year’s licensed and exclusive World Goth Fair Band T-Shirts, posted on the SL FREEBIE HUNTERS BLOGSPOT:

SL Freebie Hunters Blogspot

The World Goth Fair is an annual Second Life event, officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. WGF 2014 will take place on three sims: Cursed (adult), Sium (moderate), and Port Seraphine (general). In addition to New Zero God, you can purchase hoodies featuring the logo of bands such as Grooving In Green, Strap On Halo, Angels of Liberty, The Hiram Key, Rhombus, Vendemmian, and many more.  A complete list of participating bands can be found, HERE, or by scrolling to the bottom of the post.  We’ll try to keep our own listing here updated as warranted.

Produced by CURSED EVENTS, the team consists of Axi Kurmin, Lokii Violet, Sonya Marmurek, Nephilaine Protaganist, and CruelBritannia. Proceeds of all sales go to S.O.P.H.I.E.. with last year’s WGF 2013 raising nearly $4,000.00! If you’re a member of Second Life, see all the details, HERE.

Are you getting YOUR Goth On?  Let us know and we’ll post it up!

You can tune into CLUB GOTHIKA PRESENTS CRUEL BRITANNIA, AFTER HOURS AT CLUB GOTHIKA every Thursday from 2-4 PM (SLT) with all the details found, HERE.

World Goth Day - May 22


Complete listing, to date, of bands participating in the selling of hoodies at Club Gothika:

Ad.Ver.Sary | Antigen | Shift | Angels of Liberty | Angelspit | Assemblage 23 | Bella Morte | BlakOpz | Calling All Astronauts | Carnival Star | Caustic | Covenant | The Cruxshadows | Die Sektor | The Eden House | Everything Goes Cold | Faces of Sarah | FGFC820 | The Gothsicles | Grooving in Green | iVardensphere | The Last Cry | The Last Dance | The March Violets | The Mekano Set | New Zero God | Panic Lift | Pretentious, Moi? | Rhombus | Skeletal Family | Strap-On Halo | Vendemmian | Voltaire | XP8 | You Shriek

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