Liquid Grey – Arsenic Dreams

26 May

by Fondas SumerSon

After last year’s appetizer, the 4 track ep ”Love Under Will”, Liquid Grey return with their second full length album, entitled “Arsenic Dreams”. We are talking about a 65 min. release, including 15 songs, as the band decided to include the ep songs as bonus tracks. A wise decision, as the songs were too good to be only available as a digital download.

Let’s take it from the start. It was a long time since I listened to something so fresh & modern and at the same time so close to the old school goth rock sound that I love. In this album, Liquid Grey are combining their goth metal influences from Tiamat’s “post Wildhoney era” & Sundown’s “design 19”, with the sound of classic goth rock legends like The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim. Special mention must be made to the haunting singing of Mr. Grey and his unstoppable riffs and solos in every song! Goth Rock mastermind Tom O’Connell (ex-Garden of Delight, The House of Usher, Traumtanzer) is responsible for the top class mixing and mastering.

The lyrics are very inspired, covering a wide range of subjects from the occult (Love Under Will) to the dark and mysterious side of man. Many great artists have contributed to this wonderful release, starting from the guitar work of Nikolas Perlepe (5 Minutes) and Constantin Stellakis (Poison Days), along with the additional female vocals of Sanna Salou (Blazing Star) and last but not least the brilliant duet of D M Kruger from the Descendants of Cain with Mr. Grey on “Dance Alone”, which is one of the best songs I’ve listened to this year.

Every song has something special to offer in this brilliant album: “Night Calling” with its Mission-like intro and its mind blowing refrain, “Get my Kicks” in which you can find some Danzig influences from their “Lucifuge” era, “Give me the Rain” which includes a “Nephilim-tribute” part at the begining and at the end of the song and of course “Hunger” which is made for the dancefloor and it’s their second official video clip.

Liquid Grey have definitely released one of the best albums of 2014. These guys are here to stay and we are going to hear a lot from them in the future. Join them on their dark trip!

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