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Sub 7 and The Undead – Sneak Peek

It has been a long time since I’ve been brought to my knees… A mighty long time.

Sub 7 and The Undead - Symphony In Blood

This was just passed over to me.  I would normally take a day or two before posting something to properly digest and fairly give my opinion on a piece that took time to put together.

Today, I feel no need to digest.  It’s that good.  It’s that powerful.

I’ll let the track speak for itself.  Jump here to Soundcloud and judge “She Cried Like The Moon” for yourself.

Sub 7 and The Undead (2)Sub 7 and The Undead hail from the mystical town of Salem, Massachusetts. The very same town that conjures illusions of dark swirling clouds with a crisp air billowing behind it.  A town where hysteria grabbed hold of her residents and innocent souls were sent to the gallows in the hopes of eradicating the devil’s handiwork.  Accusing pointed fingers and damnation without validation.  You can’t help but feel a shiver run down your spine as you walk the cobblestones of time.

And out of the shadows emerges Alistar Ian Darkwater, a dark and alluring being whose mere presence brings you back to the days of the Witch Trials.  His aura beckons both the bold and the unsure.  With his faithful coven surrounding him they transport you into their realm as you journey through the eons of time to another dimension where your darkest fantasies are brought to life.  Where you yourself are unsure of your next footstep.  Seductive vocals enticing you to journey further than you would normally dare…

Kayla Breton, aka... Guenivier Cul de Luf

Kayla Breton, aka… Guenivier Cul de Luf

We are now just footsteps away from the band’s forthcoming release, “Symphony In Blood“.  And on this unusually perfect-weather day, we are transported in time as we allow ourselves to melt into the melody, vocals beckoning, ‘just one more footstep’…

The newest addition of female vocalist, Kayla Breton, aka Guenivier Cul de Luf, harkens the soul’s passions over the edge of reality and into a cult-like state of being.

The album will be released within the next two months. Trust that we will be posting more as the date comes closer.

For more on Sub 7 and The Undead, go HERE to read our previous posting on tribe4mian.

Click HERE for the official website of Sub 7 and The Undead.

Sub 7 and The Undead

Sub 7 and The Undead – Official Site

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Cliff and Ivy – Springtide of Pure Reason


Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Cliff and Ivy is a 6 piece act that currently released a new 6 track EP titled “Springtide of Pure Reason”.

This is their second release after their debut album “Equilux” that was recorded in L.A. and came out in 2012 through All Ears Music.

I must point out here that all tracks of “Springtide of Pure Reason” were produced by Mark Kramer (who’s known for playing with Butthole Surfers, John Zorn, Shockabilly) producer of bands such as White Zombie, Urge Overkill, GWAR and many others.

Cliff and Ivy’s recording and tour lineup includes Don Bolles – (drummer, 45 Grave, The Germs, and author) featured on drums, Cliff Monk – bass/vocals, Ivy – lead vocals, Stephanie Feris (Stephinfection) – backing vocals, Scott Feris (Alaska Thunderfunk) – guitar, John Erving Scott – keyboards (LA/Cali tour dates), and Unfinished Symphonies – keyboards (East Coast tour dates).

The EP opens with a clean and explicit version of the post punk track “Get Up”, a song with a very smart keyboard line that lifts it to a higher level.

Lost Your Soul”, that follows, takes the band into dark waters. Well crafted guitar, spooky keyboards, mesmerizing vocals… A great track.

A minimalistic piano line opens “Superclass” creating a contrast between the easy-going chorus and the almost industrial attack of the verse.

As “Transplant” begins, the piano moves back, creating a soundscape while Cliff Monks’ distorted bass takes over.

Ivy is mostly doing a spoken word thing like spitting out the words of a manifesto. She sings on the low notes in the choruses while Stephanie is doubling her by doing the higher notes with a lot of reverb…

Add the keyboards to this and you have a great combination. It is not so obvious on tracks like “Get Up” that opens the EP or “Radiant” that closes it, probably because both songs are fast, punkish, and guitar driven.

Although “Lost Your Soul”, “Superclass”, and “Transplant” present us with a Goth band of a unique style, “Get Up” could possibly become a dance-floor hit.

Cool huh ?

You can buy their album HERE.
Click HERE to get in touch.

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Kommunity FK – Rescheduled Show

This just in via Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK:

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Live 2014-0720We are postponing our performance event that was supposed to be THIS Sunday, June 29th at Club Obscure.

We have confirmed to reschedule it for Sunday, July 20th at Club Obscure, 624 Social Club, 624 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, California.

All Tickets purchased will be honoured.

All Advance Tickets will be honoured as V.I.P. PLACEMENT for the upcoming CLAN OF “XYMOX / KOMMUNITY FK – THE RETURN US” tour event.

All apologies but this rescheduled event will kick your ass.

So, there you have it, folks!  Be there on the 20th of July.  If you’ve already pre-purchased your ticket, you’ll get the VIP treatment!

For more on Kommunity Fk, visit them at:

To see the original posting with detailed information on the rescheduled show, driving directions, and venue details, go HERE.  (REMINDER:  The date of the show listed on this link has been rescheduled to JULY 20!)

Kommunity FK Official Website

Kommunity FK Official Website

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The March Violets – DNA Lounge, San Francisco

tribe4mian - March Violets - DNA Lounge 2014-0625 b

After a truly adventurous few days, The March Violets have made their way down to California.  They’ll be playing TONIGHT in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge, so, if you’re in the area, please do make it a point to drop on by for what promises to be a night to remember!

They’ll surely have lots of tales to tell, having driven the majestic Highway 101 from PortlandOregon and visited The Redwoods of California as they wind their way down the West Coast of the USA during their current “Into the Sun Tour“.

And, to shake things up a bit, here’s a video for your viewing pleasure.  My favorite “Dandelion King“, with a twist:  The March Violets – ‘Dandelion King (MGT Extended Remix)’.  MGT will be playing with The March Violets on Saturday, June 28th at the Soda Bar in San Diego, and again on Sunday, June 29th when they play at Part Time Punks @ The Echo in Los Angeles.

The March Violets – ‘Dandelion King (MGT Extended Remix)’.  Remix production and additional guitars/programming by Mission/Peter Murphy guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite. Extended video, original footage directed by Ash Pears and Richy Lloyd.  Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California USA

The Remix was featured on the limited edition double CD ‘Made Glorious‘ album.

Play Loud, Play Purple!

The March Violets - Official Website

The March Violets – Official Website


King Dude, A Night of Athenian Magick

tribe4mian - King Dude

By Fondas SumerSon

King Dude is one of the few “non-goth rock” acts that I am listening to a lot, to the extent of feeling addicted to his music. Still, I never expected to see him live on stage at my country. Therefore, when I heard that “III shades of black” booked him for a gig in Athens, I was really surprised and was counting the days for this event. The addition of Skull & dawn along with the newcomers The Love & Suicide Death Club made the line up even more interesting!

Since the next day was a working day, I didn’t expect that a lot of people would show up for the gig, but I was so wrong. Over 100 people were there, maybe more. I can’t imagine how many more would have attended the gig if it was to take place on Friday or Saturday!

At around 22:00 o’clock, The Love & Suicide Death Club started the “hell-ish” night. This was their first ever gig and people seemed to enjoy their tunes. Basically you can classify them as dark Americana, blended with dark wave and bits of alternative/indie rock, especially on vocals. The highlight of their performance was the closing track of their set, during which they were joined on stage by Manos Six from :Skull & dawn: for a cover version of the Blood on the Saddle’s classic “Endless Highway”.

After a small break the flag of the American South was tied up to the microphone and :Skull & dawn: conquered the stage. I can’t be objective about this band since I am a big fan and follower of them for years. Their tunes stand somewhere between dark Americana, country, doom (even metal some times). They are quite unique in what they are doing and that’s why they have built a strong fan base. They were once again absolutely FANTASTIC playing some of their classics, along with cover versions and a brand new song called “Born Dead” which left me speechless…

We were approaching at midnight and King Dude with his hand in a sling (which didn’t seem to bother him at all) came on stage. With the lighting of three black candles, the Demon King (as his is often called by his fans) commenced the “ceremony”. He is a phenomenal dark artist, combining influences from Apocalyptic folk, Americana, Country and Blues in a perfect way, making it all part of his fiendish music. He was in a high mood, full of energy, maintaining a great sense of communication with the audience throughout the show. He played for almost one hour and a half, performing all of his hits along with cover versions and a couple of new ones. The highlight of the gig was definitely the moment when he invited :Skull & dawn: on stage to assist him in performing the opening track of his last album, called “Fear is all you Know”. Pure Magick!!

After the gig, he stayed in the club, talked to the fans a lot, signed cds and was photographed with them. A really nice and down to earth guy, besides an exceptional artist.

King Dude setlist:

Lord I’m Coming Home
Jesus in the Courtyard
Witch’s Hammer
Vision in Black
Devil Eyes
Spiders in her Hair
Barbara Anne
Rose Mary (new song)
Silver Crucifix (new song)
Lucifer’s the Light of the World
No One is Here
Fear is all you know ( feat. :Skull & dawn: )
The Tower (Legendary Pink Dots cover)
Born in Blood
You can break my Heart



The March Violets – A Purple Tinted Wander

tribe4mian - The March Violets 2014

Once again it looks like the West Coast of the United States is THE place to be for phenomenal shows not to be missed.

After a successful jaunt in April where they headlined Chicago‘s 20th Convergence Festival, the UK‘s The March Violets have arrived for their Into The Sun Tour, A Purple Tinted Wander Down The West Coast“. Earlier today they were in studio revving themselves up for tonight’s show at El Corazon in Seattle, Washington.

The March Violets - West Coast 2014 - Studio

(Photo credit:  Studio supplied by the illustrious Suction Seattle)

This will be The March Violets first time cruising the coastline with their original lineup and there’s plenty of stops along the way to satisfy the most purplest of show-goers.

June 21 – Saturday – Seattle

El Corazon
109 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98109


June 22 – Sunday – Portland

Church Of Hive @ Star Theater
13 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209


June 25 – Wednesday – San Francisco

DNA Lounge (Death Guild Presents)
375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco CA 94103


June 27 – Friday – Las Vegas

Scarlet @ LVCS
425 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101


June 28 – Saturday – San Diego

Soda Bar
3615 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104


June 29 – Sunday – Los Angeles

Part Time Punks @ The Echo
1822 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026


And in other March Violets news:

The March Violets - Made Glorious

For those of us who are unable to make it to the western part of these United States (and for those who can but just can’t get enough), it was recently announced that the first proper March Violets studio album is now available to the general public as a download.

As most of you are aware, there was a time when you could sign up via Pledge Music to sponsor the making of “Made Glorious“.  In addition to the collector’s signed limited-edition of the double CD release with an extra CD of unreleased tracks and remixes, there were offers being made for exclusive and extremely limited merchandise… t-shirts, badges, artwork, posters…

tribe4mian - The March Violets

Although all of this is non-attainable now, you can still get in on the music, which is part of what makes The March Violets oh-so-very-purple. Visit them at their official Bandcamp page where you can easily and securely place an order for the digital version of “Made Glorious”.  A truly remarkable album and well worth the three-year effort.  A notation should also be made here that this is THE album that ran away with the first place award for Terra Relicta’s 2013 Dark Album of the Year.

It should also be noted that the excess funds raised during their Pledge Music “Made Glorious” run was distributed among three charities.  How could you not love them… 🙂

We have more MV news coming up, but we’ll focus on one side of the globe at a time. Keep your eyes here for lots of goodies to tantalize your taste buds!

Play Loud – Play Purple! 

The March Violets - Official Website

The March Violets – Official Website


World Goth Fair 2014 – The Final Tally

A big high-five to the organizers of this year’s World Goth Fair at Second Life!


The total raised for S.O.P.H.I.E. through the sale of band hoodies came in at £1760 (roughly 2,954 USD | 2,183 EUR)! Another banner fundraiser for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation! Thanks to everyone who participated… over 1000 hoodies were sold! 🙂

More info: The whole event, in a nutshell @ tribe4mian, HERE.

World Goth Fair final tally and details, HERE.

S.O.P.H.I.E. – The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, HERE.

Don’t forget:  You can tune into CLUB GOTHIKA PRESENTS CRUEL BRITANNIA, AFTER HOURS AT CLUB GOTHIKA every Thursday from 2-4 PM (SLT) with all the details found, HERE.

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Kommunity FK – LIVE and New Songs


For those of you living in and around Los Angeles,  (all others, stick around, there’s more news being posted here, as well!)…

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Live 2014-0629

Our dear friends at Kommunity FK will be headlining as they take the stage for a very special Grand Opening Celebration of the newest deathrock club!

Sunday, June 29, 2014, at 8 PM, PDT.

624 Social Club
624 W. Whittier Boulevard
Montebello, California 90640

Ages 18+

RSVP can be made on the Club Obscure Grand Opening Event page at Facebook, HERE.

Driving directions can be found, HERE, courtesy of Bing Maps.

The evening’s lineup is as follows:

With DJ Sets by:
ROCCOHORROR (Robert Miranda)
D.j. Virtigo
Dj-Dark Chrystal
Ralphie Nigmatic (Helter Skelter, Zerøx)

The best in Death Rock, Dark Wave, Old School Industrial, Goth, Punk, Post-Punk, EBM, and Synth will be played all evening long!

Kommunity FK - photo by Leipzig

Kommunity FK – photo by Leipzig

Can’t wait till then?  Well… we found the perfect remedy to satisfy your hunger and lust for the pioneering LA Punk explosion’s Kommunity FK!

Two new Kommunity FK tracks have been posted to the Nimbit Music website from their new LP, “Thee Image & Thee Myth“.

Click HERE to preview and purchase, “DOLL OV THEE UNDEAD” and “THEE NEW TRIBE“, and as with all of Patrik Mata and Sherry Rubber‘s creations, make sure you play it at maximum volume!



Kommunity FK – Official Website | Facebook

The 624 Social Club – Facebook