King Dude, A Night of Athenian Magick

23 Jun

tribe4mian - King Dude

By Fondas SumerSon

King Dude is one of the few “non-goth rock” acts that I am listening to a lot, to the extent of feeling addicted to his music. Still, I never expected to see him live on stage at my country. Therefore, when I heard that “III shades of black” booked him for a gig in Athens, I was really surprised and was counting the days for this event. The addition of Skull & dawn along with the newcomers The Love & Suicide Death Club made the line up even more interesting!

Since the next day was a working day, I didn’t expect that a lot of people would show up for the gig, but I was so wrong. Over 100 people were there, maybe more. I can’t imagine how many more would have attended the gig if it was to take place on Friday or Saturday!

At around 22:00 o’clock, The Love & Suicide Death Club started the “hell-ish” night. This was their first ever gig and people seemed to enjoy their tunes. Basically you can classify them as dark Americana, blended with dark wave and bits of alternative/indie rock, especially on vocals. The highlight of their performance was the closing track of their set, during which they were joined on stage by Manos Six from :Skull & dawn: for a cover version of the Blood on the Saddle’s classic “Endless Highway”.

After a small break the flag of the American South was tied up to the microphone and :Skull & dawn: conquered the stage. I can’t be objective about this band since I am a big fan and follower of them for years. Their tunes stand somewhere between dark Americana, country, doom (even metal some times). They are quite unique in what they are doing and that’s why they have built a strong fan base. They were once again absolutely FANTASTIC playing some of their classics, along with cover versions and a brand new song called “Born Dead” which left me speechless…

We were approaching at midnight and King Dude with his hand in a sling (which didn’t seem to bother him at all) came on stage. With the lighting of three black candles, the Demon King (as his is often called by his fans) commenced the “ceremony”. He is a phenomenal dark artist, combining influences from Apocalyptic folk, Americana, Country and Blues in a perfect way, making it all part of his fiendish music. He was in a high mood, full of energy, maintaining a great sense of communication with the audience throughout the show. He played for almost one hour and a half, performing all of his hits along with cover versions and a couple of new ones. The highlight of the gig was definitely the moment when he invited :Skull & dawn: on stage to assist him in performing the opening track of his last album, called “Fear is all you Know”. Pure Magick!!

After the gig, he stayed in the club, talked to the fans a lot, signed cds and was photographed with them. A really nice and down to earth guy, besides an exceptional artist.

King Dude setlist:

Lord I’m Coming Home
Jesus in the Courtyard
Witch’s Hammer
Vision in Black
Devil Eyes
Spiders in her Hair
Barbara Anne
Rose Mary (new song)
Silver Crucifix (new song)
Lucifer’s the Light of the World
No One is Here
Fear is all you know ( feat. :Skull & dawn: )
The Tower (Legendary Pink Dots cover)
Born in Blood
You can break my Heart



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