Cliff and Ivy – Springtide of Pure Reason

27 Jun


Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Cliff and Ivy is a 6 piece act that currently released a new 6 track EP titled “Springtide of Pure Reason”.

This is their second release after their debut album “Equilux” that was recorded in L.A. and came out in 2012 through All Ears Music.

I must point out here that all tracks of “Springtide of Pure Reason” were produced by Mark Kramer (who’s known for playing with Butthole Surfers, John Zorn, Shockabilly) producer of bands such as White Zombie, Urge Overkill, GWAR and many others.

Cliff and Ivy’s recording and tour lineup includes Don Bolles – (drummer, 45 Grave, The Germs, and author) featured on drums, Cliff Monk – bass/vocals, Ivy – lead vocals, Stephanie Feris (Stephinfection) – backing vocals, Scott Feris (Alaska Thunderfunk) – guitar, John Erving Scott – keyboards (LA/Cali tour dates), and Unfinished Symphonies – keyboards (East Coast tour dates).

The EP opens with a clean and explicit version of the post punk track “Get Up”, a song with a very smart keyboard line that lifts it to a higher level.

Lost Your Soul”, that follows, takes the band into dark waters. Well crafted guitar, spooky keyboards, mesmerizing vocals… A great track.

A minimalistic piano line opens “Superclass” creating a contrast between the easy-going chorus and the almost industrial attack of the verse.

As “Transplant” begins, the piano moves back, creating a soundscape while Cliff Monks’ distorted bass takes over.

Ivy is mostly doing a spoken word thing like spitting out the words of a manifesto. She sings on the low notes in the choruses while Stephanie is doubling her by doing the higher notes with a lot of reverb…

Add the keyboards to this and you have a great combination. It is not so obvious on tracks like “Get Up” that opens the EP or “Radiant” that closes it, probably because both songs are fast, punkish, and guitar driven.

Although “Lost Your Soul”, “Superclass”, and “Transplant” present us with a Goth band of a unique style, “Get Up” could possibly become a dance-floor hit.

Cool huh ?

You can buy their album HERE.
Click HERE to get in touch.

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