Sub 7 and The Undead – Sneak Peek

28 Jun

It has been a long time since I’ve been brought to my knees… A mighty long time.

Sub 7 and The Undead - Symphony In Blood

This was just passed over to me.  I would normally take a day or two before posting something to properly digest and fairly give my opinion on a piece that took time to put together.

Today, I feel no need to digest.  It’s that good.  It’s that powerful.

I’ll let the track speak for itself.  Jump here to Soundcloud and judge “She Cried Like The Moon” for yourself.

Sub 7 and The Undead (2)Sub 7 and The Undead hail from the mystical town of Salem, Massachusetts. The very same town that conjures illusions of dark swirling clouds with a crisp air billowing behind it.  A town where hysteria grabbed hold of her residents and innocent souls were sent to the gallows in the hopes of eradicating the devil’s handiwork.  Accusing pointed fingers and damnation without validation.  You can’t help but feel a shiver run down your spine as you walk the cobblestones of time.

And out of the shadows emerges Alistar Ian Darkwater, a dark and alluring being whose mere presence brings you back to the days of the Witch Trials.  His aura beckons both the bold and the unsure.  With his faithful coven surrounding him they transport you into their realm as you journey through the eons of time to another dimension where your darkest fantasies are brought to life.  Where you yourself are unsure of your next footstep.  Seductive vocals enticing you to journey further than you would normally dare…

Kayla Breton, aka... Guenivier Cul de Luf

Kayla Breton, aka… Guenivier Cul de Luf

We are now just footsteps away from the band’s forthcoming release, “Symphony In Blood“.  And on this unusually perfect-weather day, we are transported in time as we allow ourselves to melt into the melody, vocals beckoning, ‘just one more footstep’…

The newest addition of female vocalist, Kayla Breton, aka Guenivier Cul de Luf, harkens the soul’s passions over the edge of reality and into a cult-like state of being.

The album will be released within the next two months. Trust that we will be posting more as the date comes closer.

For more on Sub 7 and The Undead, go HERE to read our previous posting on tribe4mian.

Click HERE for the official website of Sub 7 and The Undead.

Sub 7 and The Undead

Sub 7 and The Undead – Official Site

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One response to “Sub 7 and The Undead – Sneak Peek

  1. Dawn

    July 20, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Love it!!! I love the fact that you use my picture!! Hope to see more soon~


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