DeathBlack Flowers – The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow

01 Jul


The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow” is the title of the third release of indie band DeathBlack Flowers from Wichita, Kansas USA.

Christopher Flores, Eric Harrison and Todd Wooland released the mini albums “Killing the Divine Animal” and “V.V.V.V.V.” in 2013 giving us a first idea of their style. (Κeyboard player Jedediah Ghouled is their fourth on and off member who also has a track named after him on their latest 8 track album).

DeathBlack Flowers seem to be very active in the local Wichita scene, and they perform live almost every month.

Their sound is dreamy deeped-in-reverb effects with a very melancholic twist to it.

The album opens with the uplifting tempo of “You Among Dreams” and continues with the tribal beat and the distorted bass of the track “The Trance of Golden Eyes”, which, in a strange way, has a touch of U2 to it.

With “From Me to Your Blood”, the band lowers their pace. Things turn more gloomy as the guitar sound merges with the keyboard carrying the listener to a slow, hypnotic dance.

The “Invisible Ghost” takes up the pace again. This is dream pop.

The Flame, the Fall” sounds like the other side of the band. Yes, still in the same dreamy mood but with powerful guitars and a nightmarish atmosphere.

Serpent My Son” and “Long Mistaken Past” are flirting with post rock while the album closes with “The Song of Jedediah”.

Although DeathBlack Flowers are still a local band, I believe the time that their fame will cross the borders of Kansas is not far.

You should check them out on the following links:



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