CTRL – ALT-Fest – DELETE – The Alternative Solution

04 Aug



tribe4mian - CTRL ALT-FEST DELETE 2014
As everyone knows by now, Alt-Fest has been cancelled and many have been left with non-refundable transportation and lodging expenditures as well as unfulfilled holiday/vacation plans.  Bands have also been left hanging, as have the many vendors, traders, artists, contractors, and a multitude of others who had been scheduled to perform/provide services throughout the Alt-Fest event.

In light of all this, and at breakneck speed, a movement has begun to salvage as much of the weekend as possible.  Although not in its original format, this looks to be a promising alternative solution to something that was washed down the drain without a Plan B.

We’ll keep you posted throughout the week with as many updates as possible and do suggest you visit the CTRL – ALT-FEST – DELETE Facebook Page for the final word on all scheduled replacement events, locations, and times, as well as which band(s) will be playing where and when.

To provide accuracy in what we envision to be rapid postings, we’ll be doing a lot of modified pastings of updates, and we’ll try to find a clear and concise way to get it all out to you.

If you’re a band and were originally scheduled to perform in Alt-Fest and wish to take part in this salvation, please contact any of the hosting organizers or drop a line on the Main Event Page.

Here’s the official announcement of the reason and the plan with hopes that a trashed event can be resurrected from the ashes and that a lot of heartbreak will be alleviated by the efforts of a few.

DATE:  15 August through 17 August
15 August at 7:30 pm to 17 August at 11:25 pm in UTC+01


‘Following the unfortunate demise of Alt-Fest, we as a collective of alternative music fans, musicians and general wasters, have decided to try and make the best of a bad situation.

We are well aware of the fact people have spent a great deal of money on this festival including travel, hotels and expenses. So we have decided to put on our own festival spanning many venues across Kettering.

We already have a great deal of bands and artists confirmed and it’s shaping up to be a great event, including bands due to play at the now-defunct Alt-Fest, and some very special guests!  In light of all the money that has already been spent on this we are not going to charge any admission. We only ask for an optional donation towards the bands playing on the day.

Details of venues, times and bands confirmed to follow over the next few days as more gets added.’


DAY 1:  15 AUGUST 2014:


tribe4mian - The Cureheads

The Cureheads – Facebook Page

LOCATION:  The Prince of Kettering

The Cureheads will headline Friday night wrapping up an amazing lineup with a good old Cure sing-a-long featuring Ron Howe (The Cure’s sax player).

Support for the Friday night Cureheads gig will be local heroes The Replicats.

tribe4mian - The Replicats

The Replicats – Facebook Page

Click Here for THE CUREHEADS Facebook Event Page

DAY 2:  16 AUGUST 2014
Local Alt-Festers Stormbringer will be playing on Saturday along with several other Alt-Fest originals including Kremated and Sinnergod.

We also have some industrial/goth DJs lined up for your pleasure and we are currently working on trying to help out with accommodation requests and family themed events.

Under 18’s are welcome at venues during the day, but no under 18’s after 7 PM (I believe, due to licensing regulations.)’  <- If this applies to you, we advise you to check out the cemented-in-stone venue rules.  We’d hate to see a bunch of kids with no place to go because facts were not verified.

SPEAKING OF KIDS, this was also posted (but not by one of the Event Hosts, so, again, we advise you to check out and/or confirm anything and everything when it comes to any event, especially ones involving children):

‘Hey there, Ctrl-Alt-Fest- Deleters!
The guys and gals of Kettering have been working hard again today, to bring you a great weekend of entertainment in the town following Alt-Fest’s demise – Just check out the new band announcements.

As Alt-Fest were supposedly offering a family/child friendly zone, we have had queries as to what we can offer for the young alts.

The weekend happens to be a great weekend in Kettering for the kiddies; The Market Place have ‘Kettering by the Sea‘ on Friday and Saturday during the day. Please check the link for details, and the weekend will be week 4 on the schedule at this link:

The annual Kettering Carnival will also take place on Saturday. The procession will make it’s merry way through Kettering town, heading into the centre and arriving at its final destination, at Kettering Pleasure Park. I believe the Pleasure Park will have fun and games and a small funfair going into the evening. There will also be a family jam happening at one of our venues. Children will also be welcome in the venues during the day, but licensing regs will not allow children at night. We also have Wicksteed Park, a local attraction with a playground and loads of rides, but these rides do come at a cost. Please check link:

tribe4mian - CTRL ALT-FEST DELETE 2014 (home)

CTRL – ALT-FEST – DELETE Main Facebook Event Page


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