Full Steam Metal Racket – UPDATE v.02

07 Aug

tribe4mian - Full Steam Metal Racket - Update v.2

Things are really beginning to shape up now… and it’s amazing how much can be accomplished in the matter of a few days.  Of course, none of this has been an easy feat for any of the various organizers and hosts for an out-of-the-blue event being held in just a few day’s time.

I tip my hat in recognition of all their hard work and I do hope you’ll make it out to some, if not all, of the amazing lineups and activities being planned for what is sure to be a jaw-dropping weekend of merriment and fun.

And with that, I do believe that it’s time to take all the prior activities and merge them together into one posting here.  With the frequency of updates and added events/shows, I can’t very well ask you to run around to several postings to try to tie it all together.  Hospitality counts.  Consider this my tea and cookies being served to you. 🙂


FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:  Full Steam Metal Racket PLAN B The Steampunk Experience that was at Alt-Fest Plus

DATES:  15 August at 6:00 PM – 17 August at 11:00 PM in UTC+01

LOCATION:  Llanfyllin Workhouse, Llanfyllin


HOSTED BY:  BB BlackDog and Neon Tiger Productions UK


Trains to Welshpool available.
For more travel information, click HERE

For information on on-site and/or nearby accommodations, click HERE

Link to the Workhouse Charity site, HERE

A note from your hosts:

Rising like a glorious phoenix from the ashes of the ill-fated Alt-Fest, the Full Steam Metal Racket festival follows in the DIY ethos of the true punk movement.

Created by and for the Steampunk and metal communities, this exciting new event will showcase a delightfully eclectic mix of musicians and performers – appearing on two stages in the spectacular surroundings of the mid Wales countryside.

There will also be a host of activities and an artisan market – as many as possible of the delights that were promised for The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest have been rescued and transplanted into this new home.

As Part of the Whole Alt-Fest Event we were running “The SteamPunk Experience”. With its demise, we’re still running an event.

– 2 Stages:  The Black Rose Stage and The S.O.P.H.I.E. Stage
– A Games Area, a separate Market/Workshop Area

CURRENT LINEUP AND TIMES:  Come back often to check as we’ll update as more acts are added.

MARKET AND DEMONSTRATIONS:  Open from 10:00 AM each day

YOUR HOSTS FOR THE WEEKEND:  Montague Jacques Fromage assisted by Maureen, and Lieutenant Jager Scnitzel


    An intimate indoor space for up to 150 people, The Black Rose Stage is inside the beautiful, historic Dolydd buildings. Spaces are very much first come, first served so you’ll need to be fairly quick off the mark.  First Come, First Served
    Out in the courtyard, The S.O.P.H.I.E Stage offers space for a much bigger crowd who are prepared to brave the elements!  Again, though, spaces are first come, first served.

We have organised the running orders so that the stages will host alternating sets, with a short break between, so our guests don’t need to choose between artists, as they might at other festivals.


– FRIDAY – 15 AUGUST 2014:

  • 12:00 Midday – Start of Registration
  • 19:00 A Ash Mandrake
  • 20;00 B Dark Patrick
  • 21:00 A Needle poppets
  • 22;00 B Skreamer
  • 23:00 A The Late Night Burlesque show

– SATURDAY – 16 AUGUST 2014:

  • 13:00 B Red Ruff
  • 14:00 A Fashion Show and Talk
  • 16:00 B The Dark Design
  • 17:00 A King Bains
  • 18:00 B The Mysterious Freak Show
  • 19:00 A Gladstone
  • 20:00 B BB Blackdog
  • 21:00 A Wattingers
  • 22:00 B Frenchy and The Punk
  • 23:00 A Mr BadAxe followed by The Dark Disco

– SUNDAY – 17 AUGUST 2014:

  • Lord Monty’s Bizarre Bizarre from 12:00 till 18:00
    – Featuring
    Scarlet butterfly
    – Accoustic session by Jager Schnizel and friends
    Daniel Mulheur (Monoclepop)
    Montague Jaques fromage and the Steampunk Funk Bizarre



tribe4mian - Steampunkfunk Bizarre

STEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE with Montague Jacques Fromage III

International Purveyor of Victorian Funk, Rap and assorted lyrical conundrums.

NOMINATED in 2 Categories:
– Steampunk Chronicle’s People Choice Awards 2013
– Best Solo Musician and Person to Watch in 2013

Often combining Victorian subject matter with a danceable funk backbeat, LMJ3/”Lord Monty” has created an entirely new Steampunk sound that offers a delicious confection of funk and soul interlaced with an occasional touch of Diesel. American pioneer/international performer of Steampunk Funk, the faux-Frenchman will be in MC and performance mode throughout the weekend.

Official Website | ReverbNation | Number One Music |
Montague Jacques Fromage – Facebook | Steampunkfunk Bizarre – Facebook

GLADSTONEtribe4mian - Gladstone

Northampton‘s finest Steampunk Rock

They are:
– Gordon “Spook” Stoker. Collector of Macabre stories and artifacts, undertaker to the restless dead.Singer of songs and teller of tales.
– Paul “Shovel hands” Hutchins. Professional pig wrestler. Bassist in ordinary to Queen Victoria.
– Dave Evil. Penny Farthing stunt-man. Beater of skins.
– Amy Teacake Bradford. Key smith and Alchemist.
– Bart ‘Cloud McBuggerballs V’ Chmura. Keeper of the fifth element. Polish Libertine, warrior for freedom and justice, mischief and a recluse on the run from the Okhrana.


tribe4mian - BB BlackDog _Adamx_GoldingBB BLACKDOG

The Darker Side of Steampunk Rock, Comedy Mini Kit set, as well as Main Stage Appearance.

A mix of German and English members with nearly 500 gigs, 5 albums worth of original songs, showcases in Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, London, Birmingham, and tours across two continents.

BB BlackDog have become a live Band not to miss.

Using no overdubs, playing simple catchy music, remaining fiercely independent, and powered by a rapidly growing, loyal band of supporters, BB BlackDog are different, and that’s a good thing!

Official Website | YouTube | Facebook

tribe4mian - Frenchy and the PunkFRENCHY AND THE PUNK

New York
Folk Punk Cabaret
“Top 25 Duos in the US” by Yahoo Music Blog

Nominated “Best Band 2013″ Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers Choice Awards.
Nominated “Best Band 2012″ SteamCon Airship Awards.

“The World’s Greatest Steampunk Duo”.
– Samantha Stephenson – French born chanteuse and percussionist.
– Scott Helland – Guitarist, drummer and purveyor of live looping raucous-ness, punk rock guitarist andfounding member of the legendary `80’s hardcore band Deep Wound with J Mascis of Dinosaur jr.

Frenchy and the Punk have performed all across the US and in Canada, Germany, France, and the UK. They have been featured performers at nearly every Steampunk Convention and Faerie Festival in the US. Think Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Django Reinhardt, Johnny Ramone, Edith Piaff, Gogol Bordello and Dresden Dolls, “like the steampunk cabaret love child of the White Stripes and Sonny and Cher”.

Formed in 2005, 6 CD releases, 1 live DVD.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

tribe4mian - The Dark DesignTHE DARK DESIGN

The Dark Design are possibly best described by the terms Steam Punk or Victoriana.

We come from a world much like yours, but where the romance of discovery and adventure is still aflame.

Electricity is still considered by many akin to witchcraft and the world thrums to the beat of iron, the hiss of steam and the click of clockwork.

We write songs about Airships, Paddle Steamers, Satanic Nannies and Mermaid Queens with thoughtful prose and with infectious melodies. We are currently recording our debut Album Twelve Tall Tales…

Facebook | ReverbNation

tribe4mian - Daniel Malheur (Margit Louise Schwed)DANIEL MALHEUR MONOKELPOP

The Lilly of the Valley, from New York to Europe, from the seniors to the Troubadour founder of MonokelPop …

Accompanied by the famous gramophone orchestra with its own special performance of 20’s pop art.

From a Crackly record sound, come famous dance orchestras, coupled with the warm tone of the Lord of mishap, they flatter themselves into the ears of the illustrious audience.

In his unique 78 rpm accompanied Karaoke Show, he kidnaps his audience in the golden or not quite so golden 20’s and the dawn of the talkies. Original gramophones, stylish accessories, breathtaking wardrobe changes and spontaneous comic repartee, make the charm of an evening with the Lord Saloon tenor.

Far from the “20’s mainstream“, from. Spicy foxtrot, seductive tango, wicked songs, let the perfect illusion of the 5 o’clock tea in the saloon style of the 20’s rise.

Daniel Malheur Impressum | Facebook

tribe4mian - The Mysterious FreakshowTHE MYSTERIOUS FREAKSHOW

As a a more mature collective (ah hum) … we have all had many musical adventures throughout the years and all work on other projects still.

Miss Pinkski works closely with her producer KIKI in France to create weird electronic wonders. The SteamPUNK Animal (aka Con Harries) is a multi-instrumentalist and our drummer. She plays trombone for the award winning SKA/reggae band Melosa and Skaper too. Phineas Gauge lives with his head in a bass amp listening to the heaviest & loudest of music and has a number of bands under his belt including The Toretz and The Two Hats – He is also one half of the anarchic radio show Revolutionary Radio. Mr Thomas Rosenbloom is another multi-instrumentalist who plays drums with Skaper and a number of other bands. This is his first venture into the world of guitar – and we welcome him with open arms!!!

Facebook | Soundcloud

tribe4mian - Jezebel SteeleJEZEBEL STEELE

MC and Burlesque Performances

Jezebel Steele is the inner performer of a mild mannered woman from Sheffield (although nobody would believe that), and anyway nowadays she lives on the other side of the Pennines.

She made her burlesque debut in 2010, and although she believes that it wasn’t very good it did make her determined to improve and get back on stage again.

Her style has never been described as graceful, but audiences seem to like her comedic take on burlesque and that’s just how she likes it; “if an audience laughs in the first minute, you know you’ve got them on side”.
After realising that it’s not easy to get stage time when you’re new, she followed some good advice and set up her own night; for some reason, it turned out to be successful and she is currently working towards her ambition of “taking over the world… one tassel at a time!”

She teaches burlesque and organises other charity events, and just sometimes she can be found at her day job.


THE ASH MANDRAKE ACTtribe4mian - Ash Mandrake

Incorporates music, loop machines, stories and comedy. He designed the double necked guitar, hats and costumes. This is folk rock, but many styles are used. He has been described as imaginative; an incredibly skilled musician and songwriter; unique, brave, and completely naturalistic.

Message from Ash:  Let there be no pretences: I’m unsigned and I’ve built a tiny business from doing things that come naturally. I live on the road in vehicles and tour constantly. I started touring in 2008. I took three seats out of my Nissan Micra, put a futon in; and managed to do 137 gigs all over the UK, before driving it into the ground (I’m on vehicle number 5 now). I moved out of bricks and mortar in Feb 2012. This is the antithesis of X Factor. This approach involves putting one foot in front of the other; bare foot if necessary. If you really mean it, you’ll find shoes along the way.

Official Website

tribe4mian - Needle PoppetsNEEDLE POPPETS

The stripped sound delivers both power and intrigue, drawing inspiration from the likes of The Dresden Dolls, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Divine Comedy. Mixing theatre and punk, the music is risqué and often refuses to behave.

They have just released their debut album, Fame to the Nation, and are gigging around the Midlands and beyond – hopefully at a venue near you soon!

Facebook | Soundcloud

tribe4mian - The King BainsTHE KING BAINS

Deep in the dank tangled shadows of the durge nebula our hope was born.

When the rising dawn sun pressed her searing lips upon the fallen corkstone, and the wind set sail the sweet leaf of our stolen youth, the Leviathan was seen lurching from the depths with two warriors atop the mighty beast.

Bathed in steam and fuelled by fuzz they wielded high their beacon to lead the charge.


RED RUFFtribe4mian - Red Ruff

Red Ruff are an a capella harmony trio. Expect a multi-coloured mix of songs about everything from cats to car engines Red Ruff are Jen Aitken, Sue Devine and Nansy Ferrett.

We write and perform our own three-part harmonies, covering tragedy to comedy, sublime to ridiculous, cats, and car parts.

We made our debut public appearance at Wirksworth festival in 2011, and are now singing at venues & festivals all over the UK.

Official Website | Facebook

tribe4mian - The WattingersTHE WATTINGERS

Slaughterhouse Steampunk Blues

With influences from:
Nick Cave
Tom Waits
Gallon Drunk
Butthole Surfers
Jaw Hawkins
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
and general inbred backwoodsman dysfunctionalism

Facebook | Sound Awesome


Classic Origional Accoustic rock n roll blues, Comedy punk rock which is comically obscene, like putting Roy chubby Brown with The Mac Lads! But it’s all in good humor and just a laugh really.

No subject matter is safe from the recent Spate of High profile related convictions to Obama and His Lama.

Not for the easily offended, you have been warned.


Powerful synth rhythms combine with the dark and gloomy sound of the hurdy-gurdy, the sweet crystal clear tone of the bandura and unusual vocals (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) that are sometimes sung, sometimes spoken, and other times chanted. Honest, inspired and experimental to the core, Dark Patrick’s songs explore themes of anti-fascism, feminism, anarchism, social injustice, exploitation, harsh realities & mental phenomena. The duet was formed in Kiev in 2008, since then they have produced 5 albums, performed on big and small stages in U.K, Ukraine and Russia and have carefully honed their own unique style that is hard to compare with anything else at all.

With great prizes, and a showcase Final.
Registration forms will be available nearer the time of the event.

TEA DUELING:  Throughout the Event, Tea duels will take place using “Street Rules” so whilst actual contact is not allowed, Barricking and slating “all in the best possible Taste” is allowed.

The Highlight of Saturday Afternoon.
Nomination and Voting will commence nearer the Date of the Festival.
With Categories to include.
– Best Dressed Steampunk
– Best Hat
– Best Goggles
– Best steampunk Contraption.
– Best Steampunk Book of the year
– Best Steampunk Song of the year
– Best Steampunk Video of the Year.
– And person who has done the most to promote steampunk in the last year

With a team of professional Photographers and a full green screen room
Attendee’s will be able to have the day captured forever, and placed in a variety of Steampunk Backgrounds, only limited by Imagination.

Throughout the weekend, there will be heats, and a grand final, Racing Clockwork Mice 4 at a time, on a purpose built track. With fantastic prizes for the winners.

With Workshops for everything from Leather Work, Tailoring, Dance, Nerf Gun Mods and much more throughout the weekend.

Again throughout the weekend, there will be heats and a Grand final with wonderful Prizes, for the best Duelist.
Rules and registration form will follow closer to the event, but no Electric of repeater Guns and no hard Projectiles! This is a one shot 10 paces Gentleman’s (or Ladies) duel!

With everything from Croquet to skittles and horseshoes, a wonderful celebration of our old English Pubs and Garden Games

The Artisan Market is delighted to feature the following traders:-

Amy’s Steampunk Emporium – Steampunk jewellery and Curios

Baron Von Krackenhunter’s Goggle Emporium – Goggles and Clothing

BB Blackdog and the Merch Bitch – Band merchandise, clothes, crazy stuff

Jacklyn Hyde – Inspired, handcrafted leatherwork – her only limit is your imagination!

There will also be a range of Full Steam Metal Racket merchandise available, along with a selection of official S.O.P.H.I.E. merchandise.

Places are still available for traders – either indoors or outdoors – at just £50 for the weekend (which includes 2 weekend admission tickets but you must arrange your own accommodation).

If you would like to join our marketplace, please contact Market Manager, Silver.



The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1129689)
Sophie Lancaster was a 20 year old when she was brutally murdered in 2007 just because of the way she looked. She was repeatedly kicked in the head by a group of 5 youths aged between 14 and 16. Sophie never recovered from her injuries and died 13 days later.
The judge recognized her death as a hate crime.
Following the horrific murder of Sophie Lancaster, her family wanted to ensure a lasting legacy to their beautiful, bright creative daughter and so The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was established and became a registered charity in 2009.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up in her memory to create respect and understanding of subcultures.

The Charity has three main aims and objectives:

  • To create a lasting legacy to Sophie.
  • To provide educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures.
  • To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or Lifestyle and Dress.
Sylvia Lancaster, Sophie’s Mum, has been awarded an OBE for her work in the Hate Crime field and for Community Cohesion.
Their inspiring work to promote inclusion, tolerance and understanding – especially but not exclusively towards those who identify themselves as part of the ”alternative” subculture – strikes a strong chord with all of our community and we are proud to support them though this event.
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation are not involved in the organisation of this event.



Here’s a few interesting things for the steampunk visitor to the Llanfyllin area (Thanks Andy):


PRIOR NOTABLE POST – Posted at Facebook Event Page for:

Full Steam Metal Racket PLAN B
(Posted 01 August 2014)


“As most of you know, we and a team of good people were running the Steampunk Experience as an independent stage/area as part of alt-fest. Now that the main event has been cancelled, I can announce there will still be an event hosted by ourselves. We’re talking to 2 venues, have backers, and another of the stages are on-board.

As the headliners have already been paid by myself, we will be running another event, and full details will be announced Monday Night. As you can imagine, there are a lot of t’s to cross and I’s to dot, so bear with me, but there will be an event on the same dates, and it will be fantastic.

Full refunds for Altfest tickets should be available from the ticket agents, and the new event will be much cheaper, (would like to make it free or donation) Although something of this size will have costs, rest assured we will keep our costings and budgets realistic, as we have all along. WATCH THIS SPACE, Refunds for traders not wanting to trade at the new event will also be processed Monday, as will applications for new stalls at the new event, ( as the new event will be cheaper to trade at, the difference will be refunded too
Thanks for all the support, Dale.”

For complete details of scheduled events through FULL STEAM METAL RACKET (formerly known as The Steampunk Experience), please be sure to check back on their Official Facebook Event Page or new Official Website. You will also find pricing information and transportation options listed there. Have a great time!


Facebook Event Page -  Full Steam Metal Racket -The Festival Formerly Known As 'The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest'

[ FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE ] Full Steam Metal Racket – The Festival Formerly Known As ‘The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest’


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