The CureHeads Charity Ball at Electrowerkz

08 Aug

The Cureheads Charity Ball 2014

We’ve had a lot to write about and keep updated for next weekend’s alternate festivity plans.

But what about THIS weekend?

This weekend would be an ideal time to raise funds for those who need a little bit of a helping hand in life’s everyday activities.  What you and I may take for granted is not always the same for others.  There may be obstacles, or there may be full-on inabilities due to limitations.  You’d be quite surprised at how many battle, on a daily basis, just to do the simplest of tasks.

Have you ever counted how many steps and movements are required to get out of bed and make your way to those first sips of coffee?  Many have.  Step by step and movement by movement. Now imagine doing that with almost every activity in the course of one day.  Now imagine being a kid having to do this daily.

tribe4mian - PHAB-KIDS

And that’s where PHAB-KIDS comes into the picture.  They have over 200 clubs through England and Wales for all age ranges… where activities and holidays become less isolated. Where you join together … because … well, let’s face it.  It’s a lonely world when you can’t just jump out of bed and run down the hallway to the coffeemaker.  (In this case, the refrigerator for milk or juice.  Kids shouldn’t drink coffee.)  When every day tasks take three.. .ten… times longer to complete.

So this weekend, if you’re in the UK and are so inclined… please join us as we cheer on our very own Gary Clarke of The Cureheads in his Pre-Race Charity Ball! Support will be provided by Arcane Winter and Stereo Juggernaut.  It all takes place at the Electrowerkz (Slimelight).

Here’s more details directly from The Cureheads Charity Ball Facebook Event:


TIME:  7:00 PM – 7:30 AM

LOCATION:  The Islington Metal Works aka The Electrowerkz, London, UK

– Members Ticket On Sale £5.00
– Guest Ticket On Sale £8.00


The Cureheads Charity Ball
Gary, the singer of The Cureheads will be riding in the Prudential Olympic Legacy 100 mile ride Surrey in aid of the very worthy PHAB-KIDS charity on Sunday 10th August….on the 9th Gary’s band The Cureheads will play a full length show in London to raise funds for the ride as a pre-Club show for Slimelight.

Support from Stereo Juggernaut and Arcane Winter

Advance tickets £5 for Slimelight members. £8 non-members.
Doors 7 PM and includes free admission into Slime after the show.

DONATE:  Can’t make it out to either event but still care enough to brighten a child’s day?  Please visit the GARY CLARKE PHAB-KIDS DONATION PAGE, HERE! 🙂


tribe4mian - The CureheadsTHE CUREHEADS
The original Tribute to The Cure since 1990.  Played all over the world having post-show beers with as many fellow Cure fans as possible.  We are the Quentin Crisps of Cure world…

Vocals/Guitar – Gary Clarke
Bass- Sean Flude
Guitar – Itay Bluebird
Keyboard – Roi Robertson
Drums – Belle Star

Official Website | Facebook

tribe4mian - Arcane WinterARCANE WINTER
With Midnight Configuration on hiatus, Arcane Winter is a back-to-basics band, that traditional guitar-vocal-bass-drums organic sound, a deliberate step away from programmed beats and industrial guitars.

Guitars: Trev Bamford
Vocals: Piers Sixx
Bass: Nick Hopkinson
Drums: Charley Perkins

Official Site | Soundcloud | Facebook

tribe4mian - Stereo JuggernautSTEREO JUGGERNAUT
GABBAGRUNGE! North London’s freshest noise available in an overpriced dinge near you…

Vocals/Guitar – Ben Main
Guitar/Backing vocals – Phil Roadkill
Bass/Backing Vocals – Dom Winchester
Drums/Backing Vocals – Reuben O’Donoghue

Bandcamp | Facebook

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