Kommunity FK – Tonight – Live On-Air

14 Aug
Kommunity FK – Tonight – Live On-Air

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Our very dear friends at Kommunity FK will be featured as tonight’s guests at The Witching Hour on RockDefRadio^v^ DEATHROCK PA ^v^.  Patrik of Kommunity FK will be giving a live telephone interview from KFK HQ‘s “Vision & The Voice Studios“, where a special appearance may also be made by KFK’s Sherry Rubber.  The show begins at 10 PM Mountain Time (See below for Air Times via Time Zones).

The Deathrock Radio Spain program will premiere TWO new Kommunity FK tracks from their forthcoming LP, “The Image & The Myth“.  And as always, whenever listening to KFK, Play at maximum volume!

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - PosterDETAILS (Via DEATHROCK PA):
It’s time again to TOMB into our weekly CEMETERY shindig right here on the SCAREWAVES!!!!!! We have on the SLAB for you this evening SINISTER selections from the likes of many GHOULED artists, as we promise to you for tonight some CRYPT classics, CORPSE Crushers, COFFIN kickers, and some other FIENDISH featurings from some of our newly DEAD!

Don’t forget we honor your FINAL REQUESTS …sometimes….so of CORPSE get ’em in early under that TOMBSTONE so we can DIG them up later! We’ll be sharing some of your HORRID HAPPENINGS, your PHONE CALLS, your FANGMAIL, a GRIM-ERICK or two plus more things HORRID! HANG out with your FANGS out for this WRETCHED radio BLOODCAST…known to you all as Deathrock PA!!


PST 9 PM | MT 10 PM | 12 AM EST | UK 5 AM | GR 7 AM
Play at maximum volume. Will be a rare occasion, indeed. Kommunity FX extends his eternal thanks to Adian for this fun time.

^v^ DEATHROCK PA ^v^ —> Adian Caine and The Grim’s LIVE internet broadcast on RockDefRadio WRDRDB!

Kommunity FKOfficial Site | Facebook

tribe4mian - Kommunity FK - Deathrock Radio


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