CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE – The Finish Line

15 Aug
CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE – The Finish Line

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The finish line is finally in sight.  The party starts TODAY!  And there’s absolutely no reason for me to touch any of this, I’m just passing on the link for you to find ALL the info in one place.  A perfect wrap-up to two weeks of very hard work by those who wanted to keep a weekend of dreams alive.  Bravo, job VERY well done!

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Look forward to pictures and clips and whatever else anyone would like to send our way for posting.  Have an AWESOME time!  We’ll be there in spirit… 🙂

This is where to go to find the final markings and scribblings for the CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE event.  [ HERE ]

Facebook Event page:  [ HERE ]

I’d also like to extend my own personal thanks to those who kept me updated so that tribe4mian could keep bringing you the latest in planned events.

Don’t forget to check out all the bands participating, as well.  Links have been given on prior tribe4mian postings.  The last updated post can be found… [ HERE ]

Stay safe and don’t forget to spin passionately under the stars!

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CTRL – Alt-Fest – DELETE [Full Schedule – Tumblr Page ]


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