Echo and the Bunnymen – Meteorites

09 Nov


Thirty six years later, and only Ian McCulloch and Will Seargeant left to promote the Echo and the Bunnymen legacy. “Meteorites” is their 12th studio album five years after the weak “Fountains“. According to McCulloch, symbolizes what the band is: up in heaven, untouchable, celestial, beautiful and real.

Up in heaven? Maybe “Heaven up Here” is closer to this statement. Echo and the Bunnymen are very down-to-earth and their music has lost the spark and it is limited to the “good pop music” side. Not bad at all, we are talking about experts with the ability to transform a piece of music into an elegy.

Untouchable? Hmm, this applies to McCulloch’s attitude; he thinks he has formed the greatest band on earth which is absolutely acceptable for every band member on this planet but this guy spices it with extra inflated self-confidence and arrogance.

Celestial, beautiful and real? British pop has always been celestial and Echo and the Bunnymen were one of the pioneers. The message has been spread to current bands that know how to handle it to the next generation. Coldplay for instance; sometimes they can remind us Echo and the Bunnymen but it’s sour when this works vice versa.

But yes, they are still capable of writing beautiful and real songs. “Constantinople” is a 5-minute masterpiece, a shaking reminder that they are masters of virtuosity. “Is This a Breakdown?” is a groovy theme, great before a Saturday night out and “Lovers on the Run” with its ethereal guitar, goes back to the good old days nostalgic as ti is meant to be.

It is more likely to stumble on a meteorite than to find good music nowadays. After all “Meteorites” is not bad. And it is a good effort.

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