Peter Murphy – Lion

16 Nov


It is ten solo albums since the godfather of goth departed Bauhaus and the music world has gained a lyrical persona missing, after David Bowie killed Ziggy Stardust. Every recording attempt was brilliant and “Lion” does not escape the point.

Murphy walks hand by hand with Martin Glover aka Youth, the Killing Joke bassist who has been transformed into a multi-producer. Although it was recorded within days, the production sets high standards and elevates Murphy’s vocal abilities to the stars.

Hang Up” introduces the new trend far from his experimentation with bleeps and eastern music. It goes close to the roots utilizing industrial sharpness and power pop intensity (luckily, not the arena way).

I am my Own Name” is not a hymn to his ego, it’s a song that travels from the symphonic orchestras to the haunting industrial chills, enough to be credited as the most theatrical track of this release.

Low tempos of “Compression” incorporate dandy attitude and somber soundscapes and end up to a dramatic guitar crescendo, while in “Eliza” he sings like there is no tomorrow reminding us his Bauhaus era and his gothic coronation.

With the maturity of the 57 years he stands on this planet, Peter Murphy can now feel that pleased with his accomplishments. He has defined his art, he has painstakingly handled his talent and built his career gracefully. For these reasons, “Lion” should be considered as an excellent album.

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