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The Last Cry – Chance / Truth and Lies (single) 2015

last cry

 (by Fondas SumerSon)

The Last Cry, one of the finest bands in the UK goth/wave scene (being around for 30 years now), are back with a new 2-track single, called “Chance / Truth and Lies“. One year after their brilliant “This Future has no Face – life of Lies“ single, they return with another masterpiece!
Let’s have a short preview of the songs featured on the single:

“Chance” is a high class new wave song in which all the typical The Last Cry elements are present. Great melody, beautiful chorus, powerful rhythm section, catchy lyrics and above all the magnificent vocals of Andrew Birch.

In “Truth and Lies” they speed up a little more. According to my opinion, this one is a mega hit. The song features a killer refrain and it’s made for the dance floor. This one is quite reminiscent of the good old days of The Chameleons, without coping them of course. The band is adding its personal touch to the great New Wave sound of the 80’s. Splendid!

Concluding, I can easily say that the guys are back with a great release, which will definitely meet the expectations of their followers as well as all the fans of good wave /goth music. Can’t wait for their first live gig in Athens-Greece on the 8th of May 2015.

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Hapax – Stream of Conciousness


With a voice that can lead legions of troops to war, synths that have not changed settings since 1986,and a guitar always discreet and switched to the ethereal mode, you’re in the halfway to the goth awareness. Hapax continue the central European tradition which does not allow any major digressions off the minimal dark style that reigned in the mid 80’s.

Hapax are coming from Italy and “Stream of Consciousness” is their debut album released by SwissDarkNights two days before the dawn of 2014. Dotted with nostalgic electronic bass lines, extensive orchestral backgrounds and under the sleepless eye of a strict rhythm box this album performs well on the composition section but it seems to meet the needs of a forward-looking effort. Nevertheless, we are talking about a debut and this band has all the credentials to climb higher until they feel the breath of the Editors.

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