Rob Coffinshaker – Live in Athens-Greece @ GhosΤown (06-07. 03. 2015)

18 Mar


(By Fondas SumerSon)

When I heard that Ashes from Azrael had booked Mr. Rob Coffinshaker for two live shows in Athens , I was quite surprised in any aspect! Rob is one of the few non-goth artists that I really love, as well as his full band, The Coffinshakers. He is combining many different elements in his sound, from dark Americana to Horror Rock and from Gothabilly to Country… but all these under a GOTH veil!
By the way, Rob is a multi talented musician and also participates in a Swedish Thrash metal cult band called Gehennah.

Day I

So, the long awaited Friday night came and all the Greek creatures of the night gathered at GhosTown bar. Around 23:00 o’clock REMI opened the gig, playing a similar style to Rob’s tunes, I would say. He gained the audience playing his own songs and of course some really good covers of classics like “Jolene”, “Hurt” and “Personal Jesus “.He has a really strong and touching voice. I guess he gained a lot of new fans that night. Great performance… No doubt about it!

At the stroke of midnight hour, Mr. Rob Coffinshaker opened his guitar casket and started the haunting… He stayed on stage for about an hour or a little more and performed many of his tunes (In the Pines, Dark and Rolling Skies, Darkness fell quickly) including some Coffinshakers’ classics (No rest for the wicked, Black Sunday, Last night down the grave) and of course many covers including Johnny Cash‘s “13”, Misfits‘ “Skulls”, Neil Diamond‘s “Solitary Man” and many more, without forgetting to play “Ghost Riders in the Sky” which thrilled everyone!
He hadn’t prepared a set list… He communicated with the audience and asked for requests and suggestions on the set list, something that made the gig more vivid I would say!
After the gig, he stayed at the bar and discussed with the fans, took plenty of pics with them, signed cds…. and of course he drunk with us at the after show party! A really down to earth guy!

Day II

Saturday night and GhosTown was the meeting point of all the dark souls of Athens once again. Kostas Pantelios from The Thriller was the opening act for this night. Rockabilly tunes performed in an acoustic way… Interesting!

This time Rob came on stage a few moments before midnight. Along with some great tunes that he had also played the night before (In the pines, Dark and rolling skies, etc), he performed different songs like “Henry Green” and “A night before”. He also played 2 new, unreleased songs from his upcoming full length album. Especially “darkness fell quickly” is an outstanding tune!

This time he tried to play some different covers from last night’s gig, like Ramones‘ “poison heart”, or Lefty Frizzell‘s “Long black veil” among others… Some classic tunes from The Coffinshakers were present once again (No rest for the wicked, Black Sunday, Last night down the grave, etc), but this time after many people’s requests from last night, he performed “Walpugris Night” although he hadn’t played it for a long time. What a great show indeed!

I would like to congratulate Ashes from Azrael for taking the risk to organise such a concert in Athens! It was one really unique experience for all who attended and we will remember these gigs for a long time…… I do hope sometime Rob plays here again, until then….. Evil Never Sleeps!

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