New Zero God – Live in Italy – A Diary

12 May

Luca Agente Morgeo Foto e Video3

The time we had in Italy was great. The whole trip was an experience, thanks to Grotesque, Ekidna, and Ascension Magazine

Friday morning we left Athens around 12:00 to drive to the port of Patras.

After seeing a few weird signs on the highway, indicating that “Deadly accidents can happen in the next 2 kilometers” we reached the port of Patras.

11169876_10203860714500826_9025260053489249371_nThe ship sailed around 17:00 while Mike and Aki had a couple of beers to celebrate the departure.

To be honest, the beers were kinda expensive but an idea was thrown on the table to get some whiskey just for the kick of it…

The sea was very calm and there were dozens of Italian and French school kids on board returning from their vacations (?) along with their teachers.

Jabbar was watching movies on his laptop while Harri challenged his luck by spinning the wheel at the casino of the ship.

Arriving at the port of Ancona at 14:30 local time, New Zero God found rainy weather.

The band needed to be at Ekidna by 19:30 for the sound check and, to be honest, the GPS that our friend, Tasos, gave us, saved the day.

307 kilometers from Ancona to Modena.

Through fog and rain, driving is always difficult but it gets even more difficult when the driver asks “where is the next turn” and three people come up with three different directions.

11188367_10203860713740807_6494727664609837027_nBack then it was irritating but now that everything is over, I find it funny…

35 kilometers to destination” the lady from the GPS said. “In 40 meters turn right”… “you are off the road – calculating new route…
In 200 meters take a right turn… you are off the road – calculating new route…” FUCK YOU LADYYYY Akis shouted at the GPS…

Nico from Grotesque called on the mobile “we are waiting for you at Ekidna…

Yes, we are almost there” – more rain and lightning – (“In 150 meters turn right”… “you are off the road – calculating new route…”)
It was so funny…

Finally,we were at the hotel at 20:00 and Nico, along with Emanuele Bacchelli (the bass player of Dead Inside), picked us up.

Ekidna is placed in the woods and I think it was build in the early 20th century.

While the rain kept falling (it is the New Zero God luck – our Greek friends are well aware that every time we play it is raining…) everyone helped us carry our stuff inside and we rushed to introduce ourselves to the good people of Dead Inside, Ekidna, Nico, the sound engineer… and finally the soundcheck…

We had a wonderful dinner all together in the basement of Ekidna, making jokes and exchanging information about common friends in the goth scene and politics…

We were so flattered that Dead Inside took their name from one of our songs.

11187336_1445061649120425_6252062208154852559_oGianfranco is a wonderful person, and along with Nico (who cooked for us Ham and Cheese rolled Rosetti and a cherry pie – that never saw again the light of day), had everything in order.

The hospitality of the Ekidna people was great and everyone was very friendly.

People came from Milan, Pisa, and Florence and among them were old friends that I haven’t met for years, such as Ilaria and Paolo, as well as Vanni, who we are often speaking with on Facebook but have never met in person.

Dead Inside are a great band who will soon record their material and you should keep an eye on them.

During the 80’s, Josef and Gianfranco were members of the band Thanatos and had opened for Trev Bamford’s band, Every New Dead Ghost.  They also did a Killing Joke cover.

Despite being tired, the atmosphere was great and we enjoyed it very much.

A party followed with Gianfranco, DJ Kyra and Ave Imago on the decks.

11111038_947642691947524_5037165547287495566_nWhile Ilaria and Paolo left cause it was very late (they were 200 kilometers away from home), me and Vanni rocked the house. (He had a room at a hotel nearby so he wouldn’t drive back…)

People were dancing and drinking and we took about 1 million photos…

I realized that the Italians are playing a lot of local bands from the 80’s just like the Greeks do with the Greek bands of the 80’s. Would be great if all these bands had that following back in those days huh?

A guy from Ekidna was kind enough to take us back to our hotel around 5 in the morning.

We felt awful that we didn’t have the time to at least have a coffee with Gianfranco and Nico… Unfortunately we had to be back in Ancona to board the ship at 17:30

We woke up at 10 in the morning with our heads ready to explode.

Of course it was a sunny day… the New Zero God gig was over and the weather could be in place again…

The hotel manager was instructed to take us to the main road of Modena in order to find the autostrada. To be honest, we used the GPS for a while just for a laugh (“you are off the road – calculating new route…”). Akis told the GPS lady to fuck off and we reached Ancona around 16:30

Different school kids on the ship, calm sea, no whiskey this time. No booze in general…

If you happen to be on board and you want to have some serious drinking, the cost of a glass of whiskey is 6.50 euros at the bar while you can buy a whole bottle from the market of the ship (at deck 10) for 22 euros.

We should make this an annual event. We would happily go back. We met fantastic people and spent quality time.

Thank you all! Hope to see you again soon…

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