Rhombus & The Last Cry – Live in Athens @ Death Disco (08.05.2015)

18 May

last rhombus

(by Fondas SumerSon)

When the Ashes from Azrael team announced the coming of Rhombus in Greece 2 years ago, everybody thought it was a great chance to see on stage a band that was in the front line of European goth rock!

Although I like to travel abroad to attend goth gigs & festivals, I never had the chance see Rhombus on stage anywhere… until then…. That gig was a great success and left me asking for more. Who would have thought that I would get to see my second Rhombus gig, here in Athens again!

Indeed, Rhombus were booked to play a gig in Athens for a second time, along with The Last Cry (another outstanding band from the UK), probably the most popular wave/goth act in the underground UK goth scene. A band that has giged all over Europe and has even played in US. In just a few words, the perfect UK goth duo!

Rhombus are in love with Greece and the Greek audience since their first concert here. They honoured us by making Greek merch items through the years. They even named one of their latest songs after the Greek beer “Mythos”, which is quite popular with the band (ask Rob or Ed ). Last but not least, they decided that the official release of their brand new ep, would take place at their gig at death disco, here in Athens!

So the long awaited day arrived and local fans plus a team of old-school British Goths that travelled to Athens for the show, were ready for a gig that would probably be one of the best of the current year.
Since it was a co-headlining gig, both bands would play for about an hour.

The band that started the fire was The Last Cry. I had seen these guys once before, in a festival abroad, so I knew what to expect. High class wave/goth tunes, performed vividly by a charismatic vocalist, the outstanding Andrew Birch, along with Tim (guitars) and Chris (bass), who gave their best on stage. Their songs are full of power and melody. You can definitely find the best of 80’s new wave and UK goth rock in their tunes. This is a band not to be missed by anyone who is into dark alternative music. Everyone who attended their show was impressed and visited their merch stand, right after their amazing performance. Since it was their first ever show in Greece, they tried to include a little bit of everything in their playlist. As a result, we listened to songs from their debut album, as long as songs from the brilliant “Living in Grey” album and of course their singles, like the excellent “This Future has no Face” for instance, which is one of their best tunes.

The highlight of their gig according to my opinion was when they played my favourite tune (“nowhere”) from their debut album, which they kindly dedicated to me!! Totally addicted to this song for years!

Their setlist:

Falling Away
Truth and Lies
Song About
This Future has no Face
Life of Lies
No Resistance
To Dream Next to You
Living in Grey
Cross of Hope
Walking to the Edge

A small break and my beloved Rhombus were ready to guide us into their unique Trad goth world. I can’t be objective when I am writing or talking about this band, since I am very devoted to their work and I guess that I am one of the few non British fans who has been following them from their early days…. (and YES their debut “Rat City” is a great album!!)

The guys started around 23:30. Rob came on stage first holding a Greek flag and then, one by one, the rest of the band followed. After the “King of Rome” intro, their goth storm hit us for good, with “One Day More” being the opening track!

Since they had a new ep out, they performed a couple of songs from it, all of which blew my mind away! To be honest, I didn’t expect anything less from these guys. Special mention must be made to “A Moment Today” which is one of the best songs they have ever composed, if you ask me.

The band played a hell of a show! Rob being highly energetic on stage with his guitar, made us dance and follow his tunes. Mya, great as always, gave a special touch to the songs with her beautiful “siren” vocals. Ed is an amazing singer with a unique voice, taking the songs to a higher level and last but not least Andy, the newcomer, who was playing the guitar just like he was a part of the band all along. He fits just perfect.
I couldn’t forget to mention the moment when Andrew Birch joined them on stage and “helped” Mya on the chorus of “What you Wanted”… A memorable moment, no doubt about it!

Last Rhombus 1

The band played songs from almost every release of theirs and they left everybody totally satisfied in every aspect. I wish they could play a bit longer, but there was a tight time schedule. I need not say much more, just that when the gig ended, I had a big smile on my face for a long time!
Their setlist:

King of Rome (intro)
One Day More
Turn Around
Remembrance Day
Lightning Strikes Twice
A Moment Today
Here Be Dragons
What You Wanted
Into the Rain
Open the Sky
Timeless & Elegant

After the gig an outstanding after show party took place at death disco with excellent music selections from Kostas, George, Maria and the guest dj of the evening, the well known Martin Oldgoth who came to dj just for this event and made us dance like hell with his marvellous selections.
Both bands stayed at the party and talked with their fans, signed autographs, danced and left the club at dawn, like we all did.

As I mentioned before, Rhombus have strong relations with their Greek fans. That’s why, the very next day, they arranged a special acoustic secret show at GhosTown bar with no fee. They wanted to give us something more… They wanted the party to continue… And they are the perfect guys to MAKE A BETTER PARTY!

rhombus 2

Saturday night then…. GhostTown was our meeting point this time. Even if they announced this “secret show” after last night’s gig and there was no time for promoting, people didn’t miss the opportunity to be there and see them on stage again. The Last Cry were there as well and Andrew joined them on stage once more, for the chorus of the acoustic version of “What you Wanted”.

The guys were communicating with the audience and they kept asking for song suggestions from the crowd. Ed was teasing us as usually and we were teasing him back and generally there was a “party mood” on!
I am really glad that I was the first one to request a song and “Love you till Closing Time” came up next! One of my personal favourites.

One of the things that made me very happy was the fact that they stayed on stage for over one hour and a half. They managed to play many songs that were not included in last night’s play list, like “Shove it up Sideways”, “Denied” or “4472”. These were songs that the band hadn’t played for a long time, like the title track of their debut album “Rat City” for instance.

After the end of the show, none left the bar even if some of the bands had an early morning flight. They got drunk with us and chatted a lot with almost every person attending.

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Maria for all her effort in organizing a gig like this and for doing everything to make us spend an unforgettable weekend with 2 bands that are so unique in what they are doing!

Hope to see you all soon somewhere!
Photos by Marilia Fotopoulou

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