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The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – June 18

Click HERE to listen to the show.

The playlist:

  1. Swans – Lunacy
  2. Clustersun – Hipgnosis
  3. Red Sun Revival – Four Walls
  4. Grooving In Green – Some Kind of Saviour
  5. The Marionettes – Spirits
  6. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
  7. 23 Skidoo – Freeze Frame
  8. Lunar Twin – Champagne (Ummagma Remix)
  9. IAMX – Music People
  10. Red Sun Revival – The Awakening
  11. Dreamchild – L’Heure Verte
  12. Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
  13. Arts of Erebus – On the Edge of Insanity
  14. Geometric Vision – Black Heaven
  15. New Zero God – Love Means Death (live)
  16. The Underrunners – Joyrider
  17. Panophonic – Served Cold
  18. A Cope for collapse – Waiting For
  19. SPC ECO- Push
  20. Soft Kill – Seven Hundred
  21. Lights That Change – Voices
  22. Malka – Mirame
  23. Blackfield – Glow

Ummagma – Lama


Ummagma is a duo formed when Canadian Shauna McLarnon and Ukranian Alexx Kretov met in Moscow. They reside in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and apart form their love to frozen territories, they share a love to Cocteau Twins, The Sundays and Slowdive. A perfect mix of influences that rightly classifies them under the nugaze movement and earned the praise of  Robin Guthrie, Malcolm Holmes (Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark) and Swervedriver’s Graham Bonnar.

The journey started in 2003 in s DIY manner until they found the way to a proper album, “Antigravity” which was released in 2012 followed by “Ummagma” the same year. In 2013 they released a single called “Rotation/Live and Let Die” followed last year by an ep called “Split” and a mini album with the remixes of the opening track of “Antigravity“, “Lama”.

Lama” does not only come to shake the dancehalls around Europe-where they are highly appreciated-but also to express the band’s admiration to pop musicand reconnect it to their genre. We are talking about 80’s pop (A Copycat remix) and old-school trance (Irregular Disco Workers Acid Feel remix)  with some touches of techno (Alexander Robotnick remix) and Broadcast’s electro (Theatre of Delays remix). Believe it or not it is a remix album that you are listening to to the end, which is a bit unusual not only with remix albums but also with 12” maxi singles.

If you don’t live in Whitehorse you can find them here:

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