The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas – 20 August (UK) + 22 August (USA)

20 Aug

The Blackout

Tonight on the Blackout Radio Show, Mike is playing numerous tracks from the compilation of underground artists from Australia & New Zealand, S.I.N.G.E.D vol. 2. Konqistador, Noveaux, Blackbreaks, The Dark Shadows and This Gentle Flow + Mike Pougounas. You can download this album for free. Click HERE for details.

Lots of Sacred Bones Records artists are also featured on this week’s show, such as: 13th Chime, Blank Dogs, Nice Face, Religious Knives, Slug Guts, and Led Es Est.

Old stuff from the 80’s: Cuddly Toys, Fay Ray, Shock Headed Peters, Mo-dettes, Get Smart!, 17 Pygmies, and many others…

The show goes on air on Wicked Spins Radio at 9 PM GR | 7 PM UK | 2 PM EST/USA.

Each weekly show gets replayed Sat 8.00 am and Tuesday 11.00 pm UK GMT.

It goes on air, every Saturday night at 10 (Pacific time) through KOWS 107.3 FM California, USA

If you’s like to listen to last week’s show please click HERE

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