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Merciful Nuns & Aeon Sable live at Death Disco Athens – Greece 14th of November 2015


(By Fondas Sumerson)

Merciful Nuns, one of the most active and successful bands of the German goth rock scene, are returning to Athens for a ceremony of aural and visual delights of the darkest sort.

Following the great history of the occult icons Garden of Delight, the band has forged a new sound that masterfully combines the cold, yet passionate, darkwave/post punk feeling of the 80’s (Joy Division), with the haunting lyricism and power of gothic rock (The Sisters of Mercy).

The band has gigged extensively all over Europe and participated in almost every important festival of the dark alternative scene (even on the other side of the Atlantic), establishing themselves as one of the finest live acts of the genre.

No wonder that Mr. Carl McCoy of Fields of the Nephilim handpicked them as special guests at his 2013 German tour!

Merciful Nuns have honored Greece in the past by choosing Athens for their live premiere back in 2010 (as special guest to the Nephilim again), so expect something really special on their second coming!

Now, the time has come for their Greek fans to experience their new spectacular show, a live performance that consists of a captivating light-show, unique video-wall projections (throughout their show) focusing on the hidden secrets of creation and the exploration of ancient and future worlds and of course the best of the band’s dark anthems.

Another important reason not to miss this gig is Aeon Sable – special guests of the Nuns – in their first ever show in Greece.

Since its first appearance in the scene, the band has instantly captured the attention of both fans and media, as one of the best new dark rock acts. They have become extremely popular over the years and have stormed Europe by playing both small and big festivals.

Having a charismatic frontman/singer and a great guitarist/composer in their ranks, the band has managed to compose club-hits like “tenfifteen”, “dancefloor satellite” and “Visions”, which have quickly become favorites in many goth clubs across Europe.

What makes the band so special is the fact that they can’t be easily categorized: their solid goth rock sound is enriched by many new/dark wave elements, while the band does not hesitate to experiment even with extreme metal, fusing bits of melodic black metal in a few of their songs. Definitely one of the big hopes of dark music!

The 14th of November is going to be a memorable celebration of dark rock music and obscure imagery. Feel free to join in, if you count yourself among the children of the night!

Ticket: 12 euro (presale) 15 euro (at the door)

doors open: 21:30

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