Hexthrower – Mythos Tragoedia

16 Oct


Mythos Tragoedia, the new album of the Los Angeles-based proto-metal rockers Hexthrower is finally unleashed in 2015.

Mixing the mystical and subversive spirit of ‘60s psychedelia (ala Cream, Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat) with the raw heavy metal and blues rock madness of the early 70s (Mountain, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Black Oak Arkansas, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond, Hawkwind, Judas Priest) this band has embarked on a zealous mission to baptize the current riff-deprived generation of listeners with a massive dose of the true rock ’n’ roll sacrament.

Hexthrower vocalist/guitarist Rahne Pistor started out in the late ‘90s backing up Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele in his band The Undead gigging at CBGBs and around the NY/NJ area. He then moved to California and founded The Sixth Chamber, a band that regularly haunted Los Angeles venues from 2002-2009 and was mentored and managed by Mountain/Jack Bruce/Megadeth manager Bud Prager (R.I.P.) up until his death. During this time Pistor began to learn a heavily Iommic Black Sabbath and dark blues rock influenced style of guitar playing years before it became a popular thing to do so. The Mythos Tragoedia album introduces some new material as well as recently completed gems that date back to The Sixth Chamber days but were never finished.

Pistor teamed up with drummer Erik Peterson (The Sixth Chamber, Boy Hits Car) and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Bobby Parker to complete the Mythos Tragoedia album. The album also features musical performances by vocalist Sevan Kand, drummer Michael Ferrara, blues harpist Eugene Pereiaslavtsev and others. Multi-platinum producer and underground music legend Geza X (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Meredith Brooks, Primus) recorded and co-produced the album at the Vortex and Ultrasound Studios in Downtown LA.

A satirical and absurdist music video spoof on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 cult masterpiece The Holy Mountain, directed by Kevin Schofield and starring Ron Jeremy, was filmed in 2015 to accompany the album.

A staunch defender of the rock faith, Hexthrower is here to proselytize, agitate and advocate for the under-appreciated and endangered species that is rock ’n’ roll. May the gods of the riff accept Mythos Tragoedia, the product of years of perseverance, sweat and toil, offered up as our sacrifice to thee.

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