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Victorient and the tragic fall of Anne Boleyn

victorientpromophotoVictorient is the two piece band of Sam and Tansy Dunham-Carter, one with a doom metal background the other learning and experimenting with ethereal sounds…

The idea behind this, is to make a band that sounds almost as if it was a strange record found in a pub in it’s heyday of eighties.

With alot of trad goth, doom metal, 80’s synth with a bit of good old fashioned rock the first album will be an introduction to fantasy stories and dark reality.

It is expected to be released February 2016.

A free download can be found HERE in order to give you an idea…


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Blue Movies – s/t (CMM)

Blue MoviesBlue Movies have been conjuring their seductive sound from years spent playing and working together in the Eastern realms of London, England.

Both execute their confessions, pains and tales through the darkened shrouds they adorn as Blue Movies.

This first release, produced and mixed by Ball at his homebuilt studio, channels a sentimental, nostalgic sound, carved from the very wooden walls that surround Blue Movies in their inner city sanctum.

Open roads, big sky, Zabriskie Point meets Wim Wenders, welcome to the Blue Movies…”

Blue Movies S/T E.P. is released as a limited edition cassette through CMM.

Pick yours up at Rough Trade online or in-store, through Bandcamp or send a mail at

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Genre Peak – Fix Me Deeper

fixMartin Birke is an electronic percussionist and composer of electronic/experimental and ambient music who started out as a gifted drummer at age 7 playing in talent shows, church bands and eventually his own bands. In his mid-twenties, Martin’s instrumentals began appearing on several CD samplers from labels Ladd-Frith, The Music Independent, Priority, and AP. In the mid-90’s Martin (with recording partner Aaron Kinney) was hired by The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre to score several pieces for the company and at the same time both his original and experimental bands Sandbox Trio and Casualty Park were signed to the Frank Mark Arts label in Germany. With that label he toured and recorded with both bands yielding several well received albums including many one-off and side projects with various artists. Sandbox Trio did many unique live shows and independent film scores and industrial TV commercials. The band utilized artfully handcrafted instruments combined with the latest in electronic and acoustic drums and has been Martin’s favorite project through out his career. Sandbox Trio continued until the sudden tragic death of Chuck Ehlis in 2000 who was vital to the trio’s sound creation and performance capabilities. Casualty Park was the duo of Aaron and Martin who created three albums, performed many live shows and together scored director Joe Carnahan‘s first feature film, “Blood Guts Bullets and Octane” in 1998. Casualty Park’s electro-pop/rock music was also featured on the Oxygen Network with their video “West Texas” directed by Emmy Award winner Michael Maas. Martin and Aaron also scored original pieces for Complextions Dance Company directed by former Alvin Ailey choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. The bands both received very good press reviews and even the praise of Martin’s idol, former Depeche Mode music director, Alan Wilder.

In 2005, Genre Peak was born as a trio including longtime bandmates Daniel Panasenko and Stephen Sullivan, with co-producer and recording engineer Christopher Scott Cooper.

The trio embarked on many live performances around northern California and San Francisco featuring Martin on lead vocals and electronic percussion, Daniel on Chapman Stick and Stephen Sullivan on guitar-synths and backing vocals. Ends of the Earth was Genre Peak’s first album in 2006, but fell short of Martin’s expectations receiving mixed reviews. While GP was a tight professional trio doing excellent recordings and gigs they disbanded in late 2006.

In 2007-2008 Martin, not wanting to sing lead vocals anymore and being the songwriter and director of the project, realized that Genre Peak would work better as a total collaborative project using guest musicians and singers including former Japan bassist Mick Karn, Canadian singer Tara C. Taylor, violinist Benito Cortez and bassist Gustaf Fjelstrom. Along with Stephen Sullivan and producer/guitarist Christopher Scott Cooper, with wonderful remixes from Spanish band Stereoskop and French band Kiss & Fly, Genre Peak’s second album Preternatural was a much more well received album garnishing good press reviews. A video for the album track Hell on the Surface was showcased at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival.

In 2010, established prog-rock singer Percy Howard (Meridiem, NUS) joined Martin to form the project Hardboiled Wonderland. The duo’s debut trip-hop album, As Small As A World And Large As Alone was released on Rob Ayling‘s Gonzo MultiMedia UK label with several live performances in their hometown of Sacramento. The record received mixed reviews for its electronica and beautifully soulful vocals, winning praise from most and confusion by others in the music press. This album remains a triumph in its brilliant structure and realization. Howard went on to appear on Genre Peak’s 2012 release Redux singing on tracks Words Surround Us and a remix of Blue Filter. Redux was released by Gonzo MultiMedia UK and featured Martin’s favorite tracks off Ends of the Earth and Preternatural. 2013 saw the release Genre Peaks’s 9 Microspheres, a completely ambient album composed by Stephen Sullivan and Martin. The album received very good reviews and despite the absence of vocalists and percussion was GP’s most successful record to date. A limited edition CD was made available at the official GP website and the digital version released through Gonzo.

In 2013 Martin approached former Japan multi-instrumentalist and drummer Steve Jansen to remix Preternatural’s Mick Karn track Wear it Well. Steve did an entire re-working of the track and with Fast Arrow vocalist Lesley Braden, the track kicked-off the making of Genre Peak’s record “Your Sleekest Engine“. Over the three year writing and tracking of GP’s fourth studio album, Martin collaborated with vocalist Charlie Woodward on several songs. Charlie incorporated German and English, writing all the lyrics for the tracks he collaborated on. Legendary trumpet player Jon Hassell agreed to co-writing the track “Metanoia“, and Counting Crows bassist Matt Malley added bass on two new tracks. Ryuichi Sakamoto had agreed to a remix but personal issues got in the way. Christopher Scott Cooper has recorded, mixed and added guitar on several tracks.

Martin  scored naturalist Dell Cullum‘s short film Cleaning The Sands Of Time in 2014 and he is also involved with film score and industrial commercials.

A few days ago we received the 4 song CD/Digital single “Fix Me Deeper” by Genre Peak, released fall 2015.

This is a teaser release for forthcoming Genre Peak album “Your Sleekest Engine”  but this Maxi-Single  contains extra tracks not appearing on the new album.

Electronic middle eastern tones, a wonderful remix by Richard Barbieri and lyrics sung by Martin Birke, a collaboration of mixed media art and music by Genre Peak and Palestinian-American artist Manal Deeb  whose artwork is the CD cover and title.

Looks like “Your Sleekest Engine” will be the most involved and difficult album so far and is a completely collaborative project.

You can purchase the CD through i-Tunes or Amazon and you can check Genre Peak’s website HERE

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U.K. Subs/T&M honor Jez Keefe


T&M are proud to announce their sixth consecutive U.K. Subs official calendar.

Photographs featured throughout the calendar are by Jez Keefe, who sadly passed away on the 28th of July of this year.  ALL proceeds will go to one of Jez’s and Charlie Harper‘s favourite charitable causes – the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

The use of Jez’s photos are courtesy of his sister Jo, and the calendar is limited to 150 hand numbered copies consisting of 28 pages, A4 Landscape style with an extremely reasonable price of only £7.50 plus postage. Quantities are VERY limited now, with the supply reaching nearly sold-out status.

The calendar also includes tributes to Jez written by all four of the Subs; Charlie, Jet, Alvin and Jamie

U.K. Subs (©Jez Keefe | March 2011 tribe4mian)

As you know, Jez was a contributor to the tribe4mian blog and posted many of his photos as he pogo’d around the UK with another of our contributors, Dave Alucard.  We’ll certainly miss his postings and his keen eye for snapping the perfect photo at just the right moment.  We already miss his laughter and friendship and hope he’s found the ultimate gig in the sky.

You can get your copy, HERE:

U.K. SUBS Official, HERE:

Jez Keefe Photography, HERE:

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Blackout Wednesday at Death Disco

This coming Wednesday, Mike Pougounas will take the decks of Death Disco for a night only for new Post Punk, Goth and Shoegaze releases. Blackout Wednesday will be a night full of the latest songs of Peter Murphy, Killing Joke, Andi Sex Gang, A Place to Bury Strangers, Chelsea Wolfe, Echo & the Bunnymen, Pop Group, UK Decay, P.I.L. , Spear of Destiny, Paradise Lost, Mayflower Madame, The Eden House, March Violets, Savages, Red Sun Revival, Kommunity FK, Grooving In Green, New Zero God, P.I.L., Sleaford Mods, Cold In Berlin, Zola Jesus, Acey Slade & the Dark Party, Aeon Sable, Angels of Liberty, Berlin Black & the Grey Shade, Die Krupps, Danse Society, Ed Harcourt, Eagulls, Hamsas xiii, New Model Army, Ummagma, Lights That Change, NFD, Rhombus, The Last Cry, Soror Dolorosa, Terminal Gods, and many more…

death disco vert

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Semana Gotica de Madrid festival (SGM VII) – ( 23 – 24.10.2015 )


(by Fondas SumerSon)

On my last visit to Madrid for SGM VI a year ago, I experienced unforgettable moments of goth-fun during both days of the fest, as well as at the outstanding after-show parties. That’s why I promised myself that I would definitely come back, if the festival would take place next year. Needless to say, the wisely chosen line up -courtesy of BillyPhobia– encouraged me to actually make another trip to Madrid, the land of great art, architecture, soccer and -why not- goth festivals!

Day I – Friday 23.10.2015

ASCETIC: from Australia (Berlin is their hometown now) was the opening act, a band that can’t be easily categorized. They mix a lot of styles in their sound, which is mainly based on dark wave and post punk. They remind me a little bit of Swans or Einstürzende Neubauten, while occasionally they even approach the sound of early 4AD releases. The band appeared as a trio with one guitar, electronic drums and August Skipper on vocals and bass. They played songs from their excellent debut album, as well as from their upcoming release.

ASCETIC: appealed more to the open minded dark wave/goth fans as they are not an “easy” band to follow, if you are listening to their tunes for the first time. I was already a fan of the band and I knew what to expect, so I was quite amazed by their performance. A great start for the festival!


Their setlist:

From the Outset
The Clearing
I Burn
We Are Not All Dead

The UK Trad-Goth heroes Grooving in Green was the second band of the fest. That seemed a bit odd, because we all thought that they would be the headliners of the evening. Anyway, they started their Groove-Goth show passionately and made the Spanish audience warm up. Stephen Carrey couldn’t follow the band this time, so Pete was the only guitarist on stage but he managed quite fine. He turned his GOTH ROCK engines on and seemed unstoppable!!!

Simon (drums) and Eleonora (bass) were great as usually and Torn on vocals was completely out of this world. An excellent frontman! I can admit that he was more energetic on stage than he was at Sacrosanct a few weeks ago…He even threw the microphone down at some point in an ecstatic state!

They played exactly the same setlist like one month earlier at Reading and they totally gained the love of the audience! Top performance, no doubt!!!

Groovin In Green

Their setlist:

Ninth Circle
Some Kind of Saviour
Escape myself
King Mediocre
Post Traumatic Stress
Fat Cats

The third band of day I was the Italians Christine Plays Viola. I never had the chance to properly listen to their tunes in the past, except from a couple of songs. Therefore I was really curious to see if they would attract my interest with their show. The guys are playing an obscure type of new wave, blended with some goth rock elements. According to my opinion their sound is reminiscent of the “non commercial” early days of the Cure. Their talented singer (Massimo Ciampan) is giving them a great push! All band members performed great and I bet Christine Plays Viola gained a lot of new fans that evening. I was one of them. Well done guys!

Christine Plays Viola

Their setlist:

Rejecting the Limitations of Fate
Failed to Connect to Heart (Endline)
Swallowed Cold Insanity
I was Wrong
The Stars Can’t Frighten (part I)
The Stars Can’t Frighten (part II)
Slaughter of the Black Swan
Witch of Silence
Apocryphal Supremacy

After a small break the Italians punk-goth rockers Horror Vacui were ready to “kill” again, this time on Spanish ground! Koppa and his gang made us mosh once again… These guys know what to do in order to make the audience dance! Very few bands unleash such raw energy on stage nowadays. The crowd embraced them and bought a lot of their stuff after the gig.

Horror Vacui

Their setlist:

Return of the Empire
Black Rivers
The Right Cure
Light of Darkness
Desperate Adelia
Till the Last Drop
On the Other Side
In Darkness you will Feel Alright

So the day ended with a fantastic aftershow party and great expectations for day II…

Day II – Saturday 24.10.2015

After a long day of sight-seeing (as you can never have enough of Madrid) and only a few hours of rest, we headed to Sala We Rock for the second day of the fest…

Ash Code, the electronic dark wave trio from Italy, was the first band of the day. Normally I am not into these kind of tunes, but when I first listened to these guys I actually liked them a lot for a strange reason. I can assure you that their debut album played a lot in my cd player! Their melancholic synths mix perfectly with their dark wave guitars, creating a unique dark atmosphere for the listener. Their video wall projections were enriching the songs visually, while Claudia, Alessandro and Adriano gave their best on stage. They definitely succeeded to warm up the crowd, including me! They played almost their whole debut album, plus some new songs and a special cover version of “I can’t escape myself” by The Sound! Excellent performance in every aspect!

Ash Code

Their setlist:

Self Destruction
Waves with no Shores
Empty Rooms
Unnecessary songs
In the Night
I Can’t Escape myself (The Sound cover)
North Bahnhof
Challenge the Sea
Dry your Eyes

The lights went off and a banner with astrological and occult symbols was placed on the back of the stage… It was the time for Portuguese goth rockers NU:N to spread their tunes at Sala We Rock. I had seen these guys a month before at Sacrosanct fest and I experienced one of the best live performances of the current year. Now it was the time for the Spanish Goths to understand that “nothing unveils nothing” and to become part of their Goth Rock revolution!

The guys gave a hell of a gig once again, playing the complete debut album plus a couple of new songs and of course their latest single “Revenge”, during which their loyal fans raised a human “tower”!! As the band had promised, they had prepared a special surprise for their Spanish fans: They performed an outstanding cover version of “Gotas”, a song from the band Remembrance, possibly the best Spanish Goth Rock act. As expected, the audience went mad and was delighted by this good old goth tune with a Spanish flavor. Absolutely stunning Performance!

Their setlist:

Panoramic (intro)
In April of 1984
Elysium for the Weak
It’s a Goth Revolution
Soft Parade (a cappella)
Romeo without Juliet
Scorpio Rising
Under your Stars
Dance to the Sun
Seeds of Absence
Gotas (Remembrance cover)

After the Portuguese goth rock attack, the journey through the occult realms was about to continue with Aeon Sable as the masters of the ceremony this time. I have to admit that this band was one of the main reasons for my second (in a row) visit to SGM fest. I consider them one of the best bands of the new era of Goth rock. Aeon Sable have developed a totally personal sound that artfully “invades” many musical styles, bearing elements from Goth rock to new/dark wave and from prog rock to black metal. Despite their few years of existence, the band has reached a cult status and is gaining more fans with every new release.

As you might have guessed, I can’t really be objective about them. While I was talking with a lot of my Spanish friends, I figured out that I was not the only one that was really looking forward to see them on stage (that would be my second time actually).

So through thick smoke, red lights and with a spinning pentagram on the video wall behind them, the dark cult collectively known as Aeon Sable came on stage. Nino, last one as always, with his head covered by a hood, started singing the lyrics of “Aequinoctium”… That was it… Their “Aeons” flooded the place with dark emotion. Nino is such a great performer… dancing , screaming, head-banging, then turning mellow and sensitive, only to get lost again in rivers of darkness that the band creates with their songs. I consider him one of the top frontmen of the goth scene. Of course the rest of the band deserves an honorary mention as Din‘s and Jo‘s guitars along with Quoth‘s bass produced a melodious sound of obscure beauty and power. Since their music is characterized by great variety in tempo and intensity, they played all kinds of songs: from goth rock anthems like “Visions” and “Dancefloor satellite” to mid-tempo masterpieces like “Fabulous Land” and “Secret Flower” and then to dark goth-metal tunes like “Quaalude Tango” and “A Serpente e o Andarilho” (epic tune that I never expected to listen to at a live performance).

When they finished their set, the crowd would not stop asking for more “spells”… Aeon Sable came back on stage to conclude their Iberian ceremony by playing the mysterious and soul ripping “Praying Mantis”, a song that was the perfect closer for this memorable gig!!

I just feel so lucky to have seen them on stage for a second time, as I can never have enough of these guys. The good thing is that in few days they will be in Athens for their first show in Greece.

Aeon Sable
Their setlist:

Quaalude Tango
Dancefloor Satellite
Fabulous Land
Secret Flower
A Serpente e o Andarilho
Praying Mantis

While the night was heading to an end, the headliners of the evening, Frank The Baptist, were ready to hit the stage and close this magnificent festival in a haunting way! This is a band that has been around for over 15 years and has created its own legacy! Their sound is mainly post-punk, but unlike most bands of this genre, they have an “epic” feeling and grandiose melodies in their songs. This is mostly because of the melodic vocals of Frank Vollmann, the band’s mastermind.

Although I always liked their goth-post-punk style, I never had the chance to see them perform, so I was longing for their show. The guys graciously appeared on stage dressed in “goth” outfits and played a long set with songs coming from almost all their releases, even from their very early days. Of course they played for us some songs from their latest album (“As the Camp Burns”), which -according to my opinion- deserves a place among the best releases of 2015. Frank was very talkative on stage, he even started singing the lyrics of Marionettes‘ “Ave Dementia” (btw the dj was spinning killer tunes on the breaks between the bands), while his guys were preparing their instruments.

All the people were singing and dancing throughout the band’s performance and thus gave me the feeling that they had been waiting for Frank and his boys for a long time in Spain!! I definitely feel quite satisfied that I managed to see them on stage after all these years. After the gig I talked a lot with Frank and he surprised me with his politeness and willingness to discuss anything about the band. Great guy, no doubt! And one last thing… The legendary Fields of the Nephilim have chosen them as the opening act at their forthcoming German tour on March 2016. This has got to count for something, right?

Frank the Baptist
Their setlist:

Silver is her Color
Ashes Ashes
Folded Flags
Diogenes Travels
Letters to Earth
Falling Stars
Bleeding in my Arms
Sealegs on the Train
Hold Fast
How Low are We
Forever Yes
If I Speak

After the gig all the crazy goths, including some band members (Aeon Sable & NU:N) enjoyed themselves at the aftershow party as Billy and Nico were spinning killer tunes, keeping us in the dancefloor for many hours! There you go, that was the Gothic Festival of Madrid for 2015, in all its splendor or rather darkness…
I would like to give credit to Billy, Marjorie and all people involved in Semana Gotica de Madrid for offering us sensational musical excitements in a very successful goth festival that deserves to draw the attention of all lovers of dark music across Europe. I assure you guys that next year we will do our best to attend this “goth” celebration once more…. Until then GOTH ON !

pics by Oliver Krapp

videos by Oliver Krapp & Fondas SumerSon

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Angels of Liberty – Telepathine

3 years after their debut album, Angels of Liberty return with a new album.


After their debut, “Pinnacle of the Draco” (Secret Sin Records – 2012) and the EPs “Monster in Me” (Secret Sin Records – 2011), “The Black Madonna EP” (Secret Sin Records – 2011), “Complicated” (Secret Sin Records – 2012) and “Touch the Daemon” (Secret Sin Records – 2014), British Goth band Angels of Liberty return with their second full length album, titled “Telepathine”.

Just like their compilation “Angels of Liberty” (which came out in 2013), “Telepathine” is released through Finnish record label Gothic Music Records.

Apart from the tracks, “Touch the Daemon” and “Sophia” that were released on the EP “Touch the Daemon”, Voe Saint-Clare and Scarlet Powers offer us some powerful new compositions that will drive you straight to the dance floor.

From the instrumental “Return of Empire” which opens the album, “The Glorious Shining Initiation Of The Head” that follows treating the listener with 6 minutes of symmetry of chemistry, the hymn to love “Love Still Remains”, to the right dance measures of “Anaesthesia” the album is an unexpected sonic surprise .

Two tracks follow: “Touch the Deamon” and back to the new tracks we return: “Leda” has a taste of Greek mythology as Leda and the Swan is a story and subject in ancient art and source of inspiration in the post-classical arts. “Death to Wake Up” is a fast paced Goth track made for dance, while “Gear of the Atom Man” leaves a taste of 70’s glam rock in my mouth (which is something I like…)

True Hallucinations” is a slow mesmerizing 7 minute track about hallucinations, that allows Voe and Scarlet experiment with the sound effects.
The album closes with the beautiful track “Telepathine”. A track about the dark angel we all have inside us.

“Telepathine” proves that Angels of Liberty are taking their unique music style a step further.

This one is a must

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Stella Diana – Alhena

Stella Diana - Alhena cover

Italy’s Stella Diana have confirmed details for the UK release of their vast, compelling EP ‘Alhena’, which will be available through British-Canadian label Raphalite Records in November, freshly mixed and mastered by Marc Joy of Lights That Change and Alexander Kretov of Ummagma.

Hailing from a city more known for pizza and opera than shoegaze and new wave addicts, Stella Diana possess not only the spirit of late 80s/early 90s British bands like Catherine Wheel and Ride, but also the dark wave seeds of Joy Division and the stylistic underpinnings of new wave artists like Psychedelic Furs and The Chameleons, all of whom number among the band’s influences. Others include Pale Saints, Lush, The Stone Roses, Codeine, Christian Death, and Talk Talk.

Since their inception in 1998, Stella Diana has gradually become recognized by the Italian press as one of the best shoegaze bands in the country with their intricate, brooding and textured mix of shoegaze, post-punk, dreampop and new wave. They have managed to grow a sizeable international following despite singing entirely in Italian – an unprecedented achievement for an Italian indie band in these respective genres.

According to Italian portal, Stella Diana produces music “that sounds like shoegaze no one has ever made in Italy“. Italian tastemaker sees Stella Diana as trailblazers “not only because it is very difficult to find another shoegaze band in Italy so compelling, but also because they manage to perfectly blend the dreampop concept with walls of distortion and the Italian language“, noting that “it is virtually impossible to find another band like this in Italy“.

In 2014, Stella Diana released ’41 61 93‘ to critical acclaim, finally achieving a perfect synthesis of distorted guitars and dilated sounds. After working exclusively with Spanish and Italian labels, their track featured on the compilation ‘REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival’, touted by Creation RecordsJoe Foster as a stunning and unprecedented collection of the best new wave of shoegaze bands, and released on UK label Raphalite Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif. Brazil’s TBTCI Records also commissioned them to play “Leave Them All Behind” for a Ride Tribute album and they also participated in the Slowdive tribute ‘Souvlaki Reheated‘ (Seashell Records). They gained further recognition through this and generated a nice buzz in the blogosphere, which led to them signing with Raphalite Records to release their forthcoming ‘Alhena’ EP.

The first single ‘Shohet’ is indicative of a release full of melodic gems. Tracks spirit you into a state of bliss, underpinned with a harmonic complexity that both beguiles and entrances. Welcome to your new favourite Italian band.

Stella Diana are Dario Torre (vocals and guitar), Giacomo Salzano (bass guitar), Roberto Amato (guitar), Raffaele Bocchetti (guitar), and Davide Fusco (drums).

You can purchase the album HERE


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