Angels of Liberty – Telepathine

03 Nov

3 years after their debut album, Angels of Liberty return with a new album.


After their debut, “Pinnacle of the Draco” (Secret Sin Records – 2012) and the EPs “Monster in Me” (Secret Sin Records – 2011), “The Black Madonna EP” (Secret Sin Records – 2011), “Complicated” (Secret Sin Records – 2012) and “Touch the Daemon” (Secret Sin Records – 2014), British Goth band Angels of Liberty return with their second full length album, titled “Telepathine”.

Just like their compilation “Angels of Liberty” (which came out in 2013), “Telepathine” is released through Finnish record label Gothic Music Records.

Apart from the tracks, “Touch the Daemon” and “Sophia” that were released on the EP “Touch the Daemon”, Voe Saint-Clare and Scarlet Powers offer us some powerful new compositions that will drive you straight to the dance floor.

From the instrumental “Return of Empire” which opens the album, “The Glorious Shining Initiation Of The Head” that follows treating the listener with 6 minutes of symmetry of chemistry, the hymn to love “Love Still Remains”, to the right dance measures of “Anaesthesia” the album is an unexpected sonic surprise .

Two tracks follow: “Touch the Deamon” and back to the new tracks we return: “Leda” has a taste of Greek mythology as Leda and the Swan is a story and subject in ancient art and source of inspiration in the post-classical arts. “Death to Wake Up” is a fast paced Goth track made for dance, while “Gear of the Atom Man” leaves a taste of 70’s glam rock in my mouth (which is something I like…)

True Hallucinations” is a slow mesmerizing 7 minute track about hallucinations, that allows Voe and Scarlet experiment with the sound effects.
The album closes with the beautiful track “Telepathine”. A track about the dark angel we all have inside us.

“Telepathine” proves that Angels of Liberty are taking their unique music style a step further.

This one is a must

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