Merciful Nuns & Aeon Sable Athens-Greece 14.11.2015

02 Dec


(by Fondas SumerSon)

Artaud Seth (mastermind of M.NUNS) has built strong bonds with Athens over the years. He has performed in our city 5 times with various incarnations of his musical visions (Garden of Delight, Lutherion, Merciful Nuns). But although he had picked Athens for the NUNS’ live debut 5 years ago, he had not returned for a second show…until now.

Finally, the time had come for the Greek goth rock fans to experience the NUNS’ renewed spectacular show, supported by a captivating light-show and featuring some of the best songs they have made.

To make this event even more special, Aeon Sable – a band that instantly captured the attention of both fans and media, since its first appearance in the scene – would appear as special guests of the Nuns in this night of dark celebration. Needless to say the anticipation was sky-high, since this gig was destined to be the goth rock event of the year. And it really proved so!

Aeon Sable hit the stage quite early,around 22:00 o’clock.

Surprisingly, the Greek audience accustomed to late starts for live gigs in Athens, did not risk losing the band’s opening tracks and had already gathered impatiently to welcome Aeon Sable at their first concert in Athens.

So the stage curtains opened to reveal the band’s enigmatic front man Nino Sable. With his head covered by a hood, he started singing the mesmerising lyrics of “Aequinoctium”.

His singing gradually involved into an incantation and this is how the Greek goth fans were introduced to the seducing dark art of Aeon Sable.

As I have mentioned before, I consider Nino one of the top frontmen of the goth scene. He is the kind of artist that exposes the depths of his soul in every single performance!!

Of course the rest of the band, led by Din-Tah Aeon who is responsible for many of the band’s beautiful songs, are excellent musicians, distinguished for their soulful and accurate playing. The band focused mainly on 2 of their albums, namely “Visonaers” and “Saturn Return”, a wise decision since these are their best releases, including a great variety of songs, from dark ballads to dance floor hits.

One of these brilliant songs (and highlight of the show for many of us) was their bittersweer, haunting tune “Praying Mantis”. “Algorithm of None” was also a surprise, since they hadn’t played this one for a long time, although it is one of their most loved songs . Frank‘s light show was exactly what the band needed and helped the audience get lost in a flood of light, smoke and sound. A truly excellent show!

After the gig I chatted with lots of people and everybody was telling me that they just HAVE to see Aeon Sable again soon. One thing is for sure… The band left its mark to the Greek goth fans that night!

Their setlist:
Quaalude Tango
Dancefloor Satellite
Secret Flower
Algorithm of None
Praying Mantis
A Serpente e o Andarilho

After a short break, the Nuns logo appeared on the drawn curtains of the stage and layers of dark sound filled the space…

The time had come for the mighty Merciful Nuns!

This is a band that has gigged extensively all over Europe and participated in almost every important festival of the dark alternative scene (even on the other side of the Atlantic), establishing themselves as one of the finest live acts of the genre.

Through thick smoke and strobo-lights, the Nuns unleashed their obscure force, with “Speed of Light” being the opening track. “Κarma Ιnn” and “Body of Light” followed and that was it…their fans went crazy!

Artaud is one of a kind. Trying to find a single word to describe him as a performer, I would say “megalithic”. He is utterly imposing and dour, making it clear that he is not a mere entertainer, but a vessel of thoughts and hidden truths, who uses art as a medium.

The Nuns can be envisioned as a pyramid. If Artaud is the top of such an ancient and mystical structure, Jon (guitars) and Jawa (bass) are the solid base. They altogether led us into a supersonic, ultra-black journey to unexplored realms!

As expected, the band dominated the stage playing for an one hour and a half. Their set included many of their hits -new and old- both slow, hypnotizing songs, as well as aggressive, fast paced anthems.

Frank, the Nuns’ “light-bringer”, helped the band transport us in their hidden dimension of ancient visitors, with a spectacular light-show that makes the Nun’s live performance a unique experience.

God/Aeon” is always a captivating part of their show, with Artaud’s famous “light beams” scanning the audience.

Another highlight was definitely the encore, when they played “Zero G”. What a powerful song!!! I really can’t remember when they last played it live… But Artaud was keeping the big surprise for the end.

The guys chose to close their second ceremony in Athens with a song that they had played in their first ever gig in Greece 5 years ago, when they were the opening act to a Fields of the Nephilim‘s show.

They performed one of Garden of Delight’s classics, the occult anthem “The Seal”, a song that holds a very special part in the hearts of all of Artaud’s old fans. We will cherish that moment. Thank you for honouring us by playing this one!!!

Their setlist:
Speed of Light
Karma Inn
Body of Light
Genesis Revealed
Black Body/Ultraviolet
The Maelstrom
Ancient Astronauts
Zero G
The Seal (Garden of Delight classic)


No doubt, the NUNS proved once more why they are currently considered the spearhead of gothic rock. Sarru Mass.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Leo for his initiative and also extend my gratitude to Merciful Nuns and Aeon Sale who helped in their own way to make this event possible.

The Greek Lodge will never forget what you did in order to be with us and celebrate together!

Bands’ Pics by Marilia Fotopoulou
Videos by Fondas SumerSon

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