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Remain In Light & The Moon In June – Dead Alaska / Grey Skies April Skies 7” split single (Ars Nocturna – AN 1005)

Remain In Light & The Moon In June (2016)

What we have here is a double A side limited edition 7″ vinyl split single featuring the bands Remain In Light and The Moon In June.

Remain In Light is a post-punk/goth band based in the second major Greek city, Thessaloniki.

Consisted by members that served in the lines of local punk rock (the Grimes) and post-punk (Fear Condition) bands in the past, they released a 6 track mini album in 2013 under the title “Introduction to a Dream” and participated in international compilation albums such as “For The Bats vol. II” alongside The Danse Society, Pretentious, Moi?, Spiritual Bats, New Zero God and others.

Remain In LightDead Alaska” has an atmosphere that derives from the band’s stage experience.

Starts with a creepy keyboard sound and pulls the listener in a dark and cold environment, right where the passionate vocals of Elder K do the rest of the work.
This is post-punk at its best.

The single would be a good introduction to the band’s forthcoming second mini-LP “Splinters in Arcadia” due to be released sometime in 2016.

The line up of the band:
Y (bass/lyrics/music)
Elder K (vocals)
Constantine (synth bass)
Ghoul (drums)
Johnny Jazz (guitar)
Y is the only remaining founding member of the current band.

Contact pages: HERE and HERE

The Moon In June is something completely different.

This is a new project from Athens formed by Nick Drivas (previously of the darkwave/gothic band Distorted Image) and Marily Kitsiona on vocals. The duet had previously worked together in the indie bands Starblind and Soho 6.

Grey Skies April Skies” is a dark ethereal tune whirling like a little dervish.

The Moon In JuneMarily’s warm voice is singing a dreamy melody on Nick’s mesmerizing guitar line while a drum machine holds the rhythm.

Many liken them to Collection D’Arnell-Andrea.

Although this track was recorded in 2014, it was written by Nick way back in 1988.


Nick Drivas is also the author of the very successful book “Release the Bats”.

It is a guide to the Greek “dark” underground music scene which covers the chronological period 1982-2010.

The book was published by Ars Nocturna which happens to appear as the label that released this very single.

So, if you are interested in having this jewel in your possession, you better hurry up because it is limited.

You can place your order to Ars Nocturna HERE

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Blessed Child Opera – The Devil & the Ghosts Disolved

Blessed Child Opera is a band hailing from Napoli, Italy by former singer/guitar player of post rock band Silken Barb (they released a s/t album through Free Land Records in 1997) Paolo Messere . A little later, he joined the lines of French band Ulan Bator for three promotional tours of their album “Ego Echo”.

blessed-child-opera-DDATGD-225x225Armed with his experience, Paolo Messere decided to form Blessed Child Opera in 2001 and be productive.

Since then, Blessed Child Opera released the albums:  “Blessed Child Opera” (2001), “Looking After The Child” (2004), “Happy Ark” (2006), “Soldiers and Faith” (2008), “Fifth” (2011) and “The Darkest Sea” (2013).

The project returned in 2015 with the album “The Devil & the Ghosts Disolved” and started touring Italy.

I wrote these songs without even thinking somebody would hear them” says Messere. “Not even those who have been following my music for a long time. From the composition to the realization and production of the songs I worked on the sound day by day, with no pressure and with a smoothness I had almost forgot. The result was a collection of 17 songs. Too many. This was a difficult stage: what to choose, what to leave for the sake of an official release. This decision took longer than the very same making of the songs. After six albums I feel this is the time to reinvent myself and I feel this is as a very natural and not a difficult task. 
It’s just my seventh record under Blessed Child Opera moniker and it contains the long nights spent writing the songs, before falling asleep exhausted.The album contains images of “maremma” countryside, the place where I lived for 2 years. There’s the usual solitary mood that underlies my music, there’s the desire to lead my life within the path of songs that are as straight as crafted with an obsessive care for the sound.

Paolo Messere (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, electronics) Carlo Natoli (Bass) Salvo Ladduca (guitars) and Matteo Anelli (Drums) succeeded to create a beautiful 11 track album by blending post rock, folk and dark wave elements.

Try not to miss this band…

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David Bowie, 69

I don’t want to write this post.  There hasn’t even been enough time to fully mourn the passing of the last legend taken away in a heartbeat.

I am writing this with the heaviest of hearts… once again having been bitch-slapped as I heard the words whispered from across the hall… “David Bowie has died”.

Bowie - 2016-0110 RIP

Born 08 January, 1947, Bowie was taken from us just two days after the celebration of his 69th birthday, on Sunday, 10 January 2016.

I’m completely crushed.  I haven’t read any news stories yet… I’ve done nothing but sit in silence.  Opening tabs with the intention of reading, of listening, of watching a video.  But nothing will fill that deep hole that was ripped into me an hour and a half ago.  So I’ll end this post here, with a few links for you to follow through if you’d like.

Rest in Peace, dearest Sir… and thank you for the lifetime of entertainment you have provided to our souls. Here’s our two cents for the ferryman… May your journey be swift and peaceful.

… and we’ll all raise a glass in honor of you when we come out of our shellshocked awakening …

David Bowie – Official

David Bowie – Wikipedia

David Bowie – BBC Obituary


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