Long Night – Sorrow Returns ep

09 Mar

long night

(by Fondas SumerSon)

I guess that if someone is into goth rock music, the name of Mr. Tommy Olson will sound familiar. This man was responsible for the cult album “There is no Salvation” by the old school goth rockers The Morendoes. Later on, along with Kristian Gundersen and the unforgettable Jan Kenneth Barkved (RIP), he formed the mighty Elusive, Norway’s big guns of goth rock, a band that lasted for about 10 years and attracted numerous people into goth music.

After a long absence and having released just one ep with The River Knows back in 2012, Tommy decided to form a band with a male singer again, doing what he knows best: composing “western goth” tunes and dance-floor anthems! For this purpose, he recruited two great musicians to accompany him on this journey. Osten Bergoy with vocals contributions in Tristania and The Morendoes (during their middle period) and Arni Sorlie, a guitar riff master, ex-member of a various Norwegian underground metal bands.

After a couple of gigs at their homeland and an appearance at Sacrosanct festival in the UK last year, time has finally come for the release of their debut ep, under the title “Sorrow Returns”.

This ep contains 7 songs in total. The opening track “Sorrow Returns” is definitely one of the finest goth n’ roll tunes that Tommy has composed over the years. Catchy riffs, dark lyrics and a powerful refrain, all combined perfect to create an absolute dance-floor hammer! Fans of Elusive and Billy Idol will be blown away.
The atmospheric, Morendoes-like, “Arkham” (totally upgraded in comparison to the old version) is a song of dark moods and even darker passions. Haunting piano melody on this one and great guitar work! Next we have “Ruins”, a slow-tempo song with an epic melody which takes us back in time. I could easily imagine this being a track by The Mission or The Cult . Just brilliant!
Full speed ahead again and “Tell no Tale”. Another dance-floor anthem which reminds me a lot of my beloved Elusive of the “locked doors, drinks and funerals” era! Powerful and sentimental at the same time.
We slow-down again with one of the highlights of the ep according to my opinion, the desert-dusty-acoustic version of “Winter”. Slide guitars create a hypnotic western atmosphere bringing dark americana into a mesmerising goth ballad! Totally addicted to it from the very first time! This is how the desert sounds during a cold winter sundown.

The ep also includes two remixes of “Sorrow Returns” which are quite nice. Nevertheless, I would gladly trade them for another new song of The Long Night.
Credit should also be given to “Eos Designs” for the beautiful artwork and the band logo which portray ideally the feeling of this release!

Can’t wait for the full length album, but this ep is already enough reason to celebrate: Tommy is back!

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