New Zero God – Short Tales & Tall Shadows

16 Mar

New Zero God - Short Tales & Tall Shadows (2016).jpg

New Zero God’s biography reads like the name-droppers guide to goth. The band’s pedigree is connected to legendary names such as The Mission and The Sisters Of Mercy, and in their present guise they have already scored support slots with Christian Death and The Legendary Pink Dots…”

                                                                                   Terrorizer Magazine – UK

 Two years after the release of their album “MMXIII”, and six after their debut “Fun Is a Four Letter Word”, “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” marks the return of New Zero God with a full length album filled with new music compositions.

During this time, however, New Zero God remained in view with tracks being released on several international compilations as well as having issued the digital EP “Zona Pericolosa” – recorded live in 2015 in Italy.

“…New Zero God though is a beast unto itself, distilling the best elements of these groups and giving them a major overhaul.”

                                                                                   Intravenous Magazine – UK

New Zero God is a Post Punk/Goth band founded in 2006 by former members of The Flowers Of Romance.  With several releases through Greek and English labels, and with their live performances in Greece and abroad, they have created a loyal following.

Made out of a world of light and shadows where Gothic elements merge into a psychedelic mood, “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” draws the listener into a sound with a strong touch of theatricality. Some of the songs were brought out of a nightmarish world, such as the one of “King Pest The First” (from the short E.A. Poe story that was published in 1835).  Others, like “Garden of Mazes”, parallels the view from a paranoid world, while a romantic dreamscape is created in “Down the Rabbit Hole”.  It is obvious that New Zero God is attempting to create a pure atmospheric album and experiment with the guitar sounds of Akis Nikolaidis, the melodies of Mike Pougounas on vocals and keyboards, while the powerful rhythm section of bass player Harri Stavrakas and drummer Babis Efthymiou bring down the house to create an album unlike any of their previous releases.

To sum it all up, “Short Tales & Tall Shadows” delivers an album true to the title… a collection of short stories darkened by the tall shadows which embellish it.

New Zero God Bandcamp

Official Web Site

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