Remain in Light – Splinters in Arcadia

12 May


(by Fondas SumerSon)

It has been 3 years since Remain in Light‘s debut ep “Introduction to a Dream”, a release that gained many compliments and positive reviews from the media all over the world.
Therefore, I was quite anxious for their next effort, especially since I really enjoyed their ep.

So this is the year that the band’s second ep, “Splinters in Arcadia”, will finally see the light of day. Having listened to it a couple of times already, I can confirm that George Panteleon and his boys have done a great job once again. This release features 6 well-worked tracks with really good production. How does it sound? Imagine some excellent wave-goth guitars accompanied by an 80’s post punk rhythm section and high class vocals by Elder K., quite theatrical and emotional, even reminding me of Nick Cave‘s passionate singing!

Musically Remain in Light are still focused on their post-punk/dark wave roots, while not forgetting to add a goth rock feeling to their songs. Despite their more or less obvious influences, the band manages to maintain a personal trademark in their sound throughout their songs, much like they did in their debut ep.
Pay attention to the opening track “Dead Alaska”, a beautiful song that reminded me a lot of my beloved Sad Lovers and Giants. This one was released as a split 7” with the Moon in June, a few months earlier… a wise decision, since I have the feeling that this particular song has everything it takes to become a club hit!

Burning Stage” and “New North” are also top tunes that will be appreciated by dark wave fans, but I want make a special mention on the 9 minute anthem “Subconscious Lust” which reminded me of another band I really like, the legendary Héroes del Silencio. I never thought that a non-Spanish band could ever sound so close, without coping them… Just brilliant!

Next one is the instrumental “Approaching Troy”, a Joy Division-like tune that easily rekindles the 80’s flame of the good old post punk sound!
The ep ends with “Poem in Sepia”, a song in which the guys are showing their love for the late D. Bowie. A rather fitting tribute to the Duke.

Concluding, I have to admit that Remain in Light actually exceed my expectations and returned with a really interesting release that will satisfy every post punk fan and why not an open-minded goth rocker!
Well done guys and hope to see this album released in cd format sometime. It definitely deserves a proper place in every good record/cd collection. Buy it HERE

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