14 May

Codename Lola2

A new musical project has been undertaken and a special cover track will be released as a FREE download in celebration of World Goth Day on 22 May 2016.

DJ Cruel Britannia, the renowned resident Goth DJ of danceable dark tunes in several UK clubs, program scheduler and radio host of The Haunted Wardrobe on Nightbreed Radio (Mixcloud Podcast), Goth DJ and presenter of Fadeout on Phoenix Radio (Fadeout Podcast), past DJ at Second Life’s now closed Club Gothika, co-founder of World Goth Day, and naturally witty (and quite intelligent) Mr. Nice Guy has teamed up with Carnival Star‘s Mark D to create CODENAME : LOLA.

Mark D, who is based in Scotland, is also quite the accomplished musician, broadcaster, publisher, and promoter.  In addition to composing and recording the music of Carnival Star, he provided the vocals, guitars, synths, and programming for Carnival Star’s project.  You can also catch Mark at The Indie Show Radio Station on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through OnAir Tunes.

tribe4mian - World Goth Day

CODENAME : LOLA:  “Released especially to mark the arrival of WORLD GOTH DAY in 2016, ‘NEW DARK AGE’ is a rarely heard, rarely covered but much loved & catchy-as-hell song by legendary post punk band The Sound.

This release is both a labour of love and a fitting contribution to the ever-growing phenomenon that is World Goth Day, an event that has grown from nothing but embraced by so many all over the globe.

And for that reason, it’s entirely free to download, play to your friends, share, whatever.”

A video has also been created for your visual enjoyment:

You can read more about the various international World Goth Day events, HERE.

You can also browse through prior tribe4mian World Goth Day postings, HERE.

Release Date:  22 May 2016
Written by Adrian Borland.
Synths and Programming by Lee M
Vocals and Guitar by Mark D
Recorded, Produced, and Mastered by CODENAME : LOLA


World Goth Day - May 22



Sidenote from me:  Although the track is being offered for free download, please keep in mind that you can always make a donation to the project when placing your online order at Bandcamp.  When the popup shows with the amount of 0.00, just fill in whatever you’d like to donate.

Keeping the underground alive, one track at a time! 🙂

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