Mayflower Madame – Observed in a Dream

21 May


Mayflower Madame is a psychedelic, dark, shoegaze band founded in 2011 in Oslo, Norway.
Their debut album was released in April 2016 under the title “Observed in A Dream” with the following line-up: Trond Fagernes – Vocals and guitar Rune Øverby – Guitar Petter Gudim Marberg – Bass Ola Jørgen Kyrkjeeide – Drums Additional live members: Kenneth Eknes – Synth.

I first heard of them a couple of years ago when they released their 4 track EP “Into The Haze”.
I was impressed and kept an eye on them.

Late in 2015 they played some gigs in Norway, Denmark and Germany and now they return with eight floating, lysergic and mesmerizing tunes.

Mixing their dark sound with psychedelic elements and shoegaze gives a unique and refreshing air to the album.

“Observed in A Dream” is a highly recommended album, available on vinyl, CD and digital download HERE

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