Perpacity – 9725 (2016)

02 Aug

British-Danish synth pop duo Perpacity tease new LP with smooth lead single ‘9725’

9725 cover

British-Danish synth pop duo Perpacity are releasing ‘9725‘, the lead single from their forthcoming second album ‘Arise’, Comprised of 14 tracks, it is scheduled for release in early October, the 14 tracks on this release complement each other well and create a special ambience. ‘Eternal ft. Nordik Fire’, a track that brings the Celtic element of a violin-charged melody into electronic territory, is being offered as the b-side.

Perpacity is a duo comprised of Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup, who reside in Bristol (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark) respectively. Their music exhibits a strong command of melody and texture, characterized by unique dark moving electronic soundscapes and vocals to set your heart alight. This is genuine, unconditional love for synthpop or dance-pop.

Martin Nyrup started to craft music back in the days of the Commodore 64. Progressing to other synth and computer-related instruments and gradually mastering recording technologies, he fairly quickly got involved in writing music for the gaming industry. After moving onto the PC, he worked for various game studios creating music, game effects and conversions for the many soundcards of that era.

It was through involvement in the gaming industry that he met Perpacity vocalist Ian Harling, Originally from the Isle of Man, Ian started playing guitar and writing music at 14, first as part of a country and western duo and then a rock band by the time he was 18. After some time working together, Martin mentioned some instrumental tracks he was working on, not knowing that Ian had been in several bands at that point – Ian said he wanted to try add vocals over one of them. Thus Perpacity was born some eight years ago.

Perpacity released their debut album ‘The Sinner Inclination’ in early 2015, showcasing their back-catalogue of earlier material. Since then, Perpacity have released several well-received singles such as ‘Obscene’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Volatile Cohesion’.

When we set out to write the new album we agreed to not try to go for a specific mood, theme or atmosphere – that whether a song or a track made the initial cut depended purely on whether we like it and whether it speaks to us. We purposely allowed other genres to influence what came out of each song,” explains Martin Nyrup. “We get a bit blues-ish here and there, and even go a bit Celtic in one track with an amazing collaboration we had with violinist Bethany Borg of Nordik Fire. We like to think there is something for everybody here.”

Martin’s musical influences include Depeche Mode, Yazoo, New Order, and Kraftwerk, differing strikingly from Ian’s, who include numerous Irish bands, both indie and folk, such as Clannad, The Cranberries and Plague Monkeys, as well as Elsiane, and Sarah McLachlan.

One of the reasons that Martin and I work well together is that we don’t have the same tastes in music, often quite the opposite,” says Ian Harling. “The song ‘9725’ was very much like that; it started out as a really gritty instrumental, but every time I listened to it I could hear lyrics and a melody within it. When you work on tracks like that, there’s a feeling that the song is writing itself, and you simply have to help it come out. On the surface it’s a standard love song, but there is also a second level of meaning there.”

The ‘Arise’ LP was mastered by Alexander Kretov from renowned dreampop band Ummagma. As of October 7, ‘Arise’ will be released on CD and digital download via the duo’s Bandcamp, Amazon, and elsewhere. It is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp, with immediate download of ‘9725’ and ‘Eternal ft. Nordik Fire’).

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