New Breed – Break the Silence (2016)

02 Sep

new breed

(by Fondas SumerSon)

It was the May of 2004 when the mighty Elusive visited Athens for the very first time. I remember hanging out with the guys a few hours before their gig and chatting. At some point their guitarist (Kristian) gave me a cd from a band called New Breed and told me: “ Buddy this is my personal project apart from Elusive. I think you gonna like it.” The next day when I listened to “pleasure & pain”, I knew that New Breed was destined to be one of my favourite Scandinavian goth rock bands!

As time went by, Elusive became more famous and Kristian put New Breed to sleep for a while. After the tragic death of Jan (Elusive), he reformed New Breed and now, 12 years after their debut, the band releases its second full length album, a proper goth rock diamond!

In “Break the Silence” we can find 8 tracks of high class guitar-oriented goth rock with a perfect, crystal-clear production. This is an album of great maturity. The songs bear a feeling of intimacy, paired with the usual Scandinavian melancholy. But do not be mistaken that this is a hypnotic slow-tempo record, as the album also features many uplifting goth rockin’ dynamites. Great guitar riffs and bass lines, along with excellent drums and above all Kristian’s distinctive, rough – yet very melodic -vocals! Atmospheric discreet keyboards and even some beautiful female vocals (on “fragile”) complete the puzzle of this great release, which comes in a nice slim digipack.

In this album a goth fan can find pretty much everything: from Mission-like songs (City of Sin) to mid-tempo melodic goth masterpieces (Outside, Fragile), and from re-worked, upgraded versions of old favourites (Neurotica, Memories) to emotional dynamites with unique melodies (Ghost).

A special mention should be made to “Rain”, the closing track of the album, which is my personal favourite. It reminded me of the dark-desert Elusive tunes that made me love this band so much! We are talking about a sublime song!!

This is what I call an outstanding come back. An album not to be missed!

Buy it from HERE

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