Andi Sex Gang @ MODU club, Athens 27.11.2016

02 Dec


by Nick Drivas
Photos: Angelos Angelopoulos

Maverick musician Andi Sex Gang, mostly known for his work with post punk goth pioneers Sex Gang Children, gave his first live show in Athens Greece on the 27th of November. On that dark Sunday evening, with the rain pouring down hard on the city of Athens, we witnessed one of those rare and intimate performances that Andi Sex Gang gives once in while. Although the turnout was small, the crowd was spread out nicely all around the venue, with some seated at tables and stools, some die-hard fans in front of the stage, giving the feel of a more cozy cabaret atmosphere.

15321581_1167997239904686_398301339_oFirst up on the bill were special guests New Zero God. This local post-punk goth act stepped on the stage and shot out some of their tremendous tracks from their three albums.  This was the first time I saw them with their new line up with Michalis Semertzoglou on bass. Although this was his second appearance with the band they played very well and proved to be a very tight outfit.

He made a very good rhythm section with drummer John Psimopoulos. As always, Mike Pougounas the singer, brought out his best vocals, with a highlight on “Garden Of Mazes“, one of my favourite tracks from their latest album “Short Tales & Tall Shadows“. Their guitarist, Akis Nikolaidis, added the fierce riffs which probably were responsible for the comment made by Andi Sex Gang’s manager LaraSupport band is good! Guns’n’Roses meets The Damned”. The band left the stage after playing a finale with three of their most catchy songs “Bang Bang“, “Shut Up” (another personal favourite) and “Kiss The Witch“.


Dead Inside
My Reaper
Strangest Of Fruits
Garden Of Mazes
King Pest the First
Bang Bang
Shut Up
Kiss The Witch

Next up and greatly anticipated was Andi Sex Gang. He took to the stage with guitarist Matthew James Saw. They had just flown over from Warsaw after they had played a Sex Gang Children gig, part of their latest Jezebel tour. They opened with a great slow version of “Barbarossa” with Matthew picking out 15302311_1167997243238019_153754403_osharp notes from his 12 string electric guitar while Andi, who was standing next to him, was singing and moving majestically, waving his arms, slowly captivating us from the first instant and drawing us into his art. From that first track everyone in the audience knew that we were witnessing something very special. Andi then took his guitar and sat on a stool while they played two Marianne Faithfull covers, “Strange Weather” and “Come And Stay With Me“. Andi was in a good mood, bringing his positive vibe over to the audience. Speaking to us between tracks, telling us some interesting facts about the way the songs where composed and also discussing current world issues. He also spoke the little Greek he knew and entertained us with some of the “dirty words” he still remembered. They continued with a selection of Andi’s solo work and many Sex Gang Children tracks. I was delighted to hear some of personal favourites like “Saraband For Dead Lovers“, “Sunset Of Crow” and “Arms Of Cicero“. All performed superbly semi-acoustic with Andi’s characteristic voice in top shape. They kept entertaining us with every song they preformed, with anthems such as “Sebastiane“, the yet unreleased “Goodbye Berlin“, the beautifully played “Medea” up to the end with “Song And Legend“.

Although many had anticipated a full band Sex Gang Children show, after bearing witness to this live appearance, all agreed that this was a very special show. It’s not often that one gets to see such solo acts. Especially when the artist is someone like Andi Sex Gang who has such a big history and such a great personality. I was thrilled meeting him and Matthew after the gig and seeing how lovable chaps they both are. Hopefully we will see them again and if we’re lucky as Sex Gang Children, as well.


The Messenger
Strange Weather
Come And Stay With Me
Power Waits
Babes In The Wood
Saraband For Dead Lovers
Sunset Of Crow
Belgique Blue
Dead Mans Hill
All American Heart
Arms Of Cicero
Goodbye Berlin
Song And Legend


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